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  1. Jack like penises

  2. Yeah, really sorry guys. I've not been active here whatsoever, and I don't see myself being all too active here. I'll hand the thread over to Steelsammy if he would like to take it.
  3. I think the only non-trophy game I have is Assassin's Creed, which I found extremely frustrating anyway.
  4. Erm like less than a week ago.
  5. Not at all. .com is still a site that we've devoted time to. Just because everything will be gone doesn't mean I never knew guys like Lee or yourself.
  6. Nice new information. I've yet to play an Elder Scrolls game myself, but I've already got this one pre-ordered. I wasn't a big fan of Fallout 3, but I've been loving Action-RPGs more and more as of recent, and this game looks like a gem. ... Looks like I'm gonna have to clear out a few weekends for this one, though.
  7. Yeah, I'm JackAttack on .com. jackattack1398 used to be my name there until I switched it about 4-6 months back. Still very active over there, more active then ever, actually. However, I like to spread the love around to other sites.
  8. Some nice entries this round! I apologize for not being here to keep track of the game previously, I've been pretty busy with some things lately, but I'll try my best to keep updating it. Anyway, time to vote, guys!
  9. Nice to see you working on some themes. The forums look quite bland as of now, in my honest opinion. The second theme looks pretty fantastic and is definitely something I would use. The first is OK, but a bit tasteless as well. I hope to see some more options in the future, but for now this is a great start.
  10. Sorry, guys. Azakos is the winner of this round. Your turn to post a new picture!
  11. Looks kinda ugly to me, IMO. But then again I always prefer a black or graphite color when it comes to technology and such.
  12. I'm only 13, will be turning 14 in January.