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    Digging holes, pissing off creepers, yelling at Fumblemore: So pretty much watching the Yogscast. :P Minecraft, Minecraft, and more Minecraft. Video games, sports, reading, writing, and sig making.

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I'm Jack, your average 13 year-old gamer who is pretty much the most awesome guy you will ever meet. (Not really) I wub video games, Minecraft, sports, reading, writing, and Kiwi.

For fun, enjoyment, and as a way to give back to the community, I make signatures and I have a shop where anyone who would like a sig can request one from me. Just go to The Studio and check out my shop or showcase if you're interested.

If you ever have any of the same games as me and would like to boost, feel free to send me a message saying so and I'll probably be up for it. I'm a relatively avid gamer, so if I'm in the mood for playing online, then I'll be sure to hit you up.

Happy trophy hunting (or whoring for that matter) and remember: Kiwi will destroy you with his almighty words of rape.