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  1. That's reasuring! And maybe in the future the devs could make the crossplay with pc player possible, so... maaaaybe I'll try it!!!
  2. My biggest concern is not the time sink for leveling every dwarf... what really is making me hesitant about going for the platinum are the multiplayer trophies which require a lot of coordination and team work, those are usually impossible to get in a PUG, and I don't know if there will be people interested or available by the time I get to play and achieve a level high enough to try them...
  3. I recently got the trophy, and helped another player to get theirs. It took me six times to get it and four times for the other player, so sometimes even if you do it right the game will simply refuse to give the trophy. In our case, the non-host person opened the chest, grabbed the gun, and killed the host shooting at their leg. After they are dead, the non-host should keep shooting over and over and the trophy should poop (and if that isn’t the case, then restart and try again) We also didn’t die at all (we finished with our three lives). Some guides recommend to delete your legendary skills just as you finish the last trial, but we didn’t do that and it worked just fine. just keep trying until the game decides that you earned it, luckily the dlc is short, and it’s not hard at all once you finish it the first time and get the bow. You will get it if you keep trying!
  4. To not go off topic there on the platinum topic, Yes had fun mostly with the soundtrack, also did appreciate the character design, it was worth the 20 sgd :)

  5. Hey Nelson, did you have fun with that game? It's been in my wish list for years now, since it was released for the vita, but I never decided on playing it...
  6. As soon as I get the platinum in another game I'm currently playing, , I'll join you guys in the mines!!
  7. Same for me! The more gameplays I see, the more I'm considering it. Maybe I'll never get the platinum, but it seems so fun!
  8. I just got this trophy yesterday; keep in mind that you can check how many encounters are left for the trophy in the "extra" option in the main menu of the game. For a encounter to be added to the trophy count, you must collect the reward and let the game autosave (that little square animation in the botton right corner of the screen).
  9. That one was oceans for me too, so I know how you feel 😁
  10. Got it, thanks a lot! I'll let you know how I'm progressing with the game 😊
  11. If this is true, January is going to be AMAZING 😍
  12. After kingdom come deliverance and skyrim I was looking for a quick platinum for a change, but after that one I'll definitely try to platinum this one 😊 thanks a lot for the info! would you recommend any guide specially?
  13. You can obtain every trophy with just a normal playthrough and then a hardcore one. I would advice some things - DON'T do anything related to "A woman's lot" DLC. This DLC brings a few quest and the use of a dog as a companion, but don't even use the dog, I didn't do any quest from this DLC but encountered that infinite loading screen just because I used the dog. - Don't learn how to read until you do the Pribyslavitz DLC, as one trophy ask you to complete the dlc without being able to read. - Read the description of the trophies for "A woman's lot" DLC, as two of them require to do certain things in the quests of the main game. Just write a list of those things and be careful to complete them. - In your normal playthrough, do the merciful trophy, as hardcore is easier if you can kill the enemies. Also, leave the virgin trophy for your hardcore playthrough, as some optional quest/trophies require you to... be intimate with a woman, and these are easily avoided if you focus on the main quests in your hardcore run. - After completing the normal playthrough, do every trophy available, DLCs included, so you hopefully only need to do the 3 trophies from the hardcore DLC and virgin. Hardcore isn't that difficult, but it disables fast travelling and your location in the map, so try to do the trophies in the normal run for your own sanity :P. And don't hesitate to ask for help if you have any doubt, and have fun!!!
  14. Thank you!!! Then I can play without worries 😊
  15. I can confirm this, as that is exactly what I did to get my trophy (I don’t have the ohgma infinium yet, and I got both the saviors hide and the ring of hircine).