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  1. Didn't realize there was a trophy for No Deaths 😕 Brutal. Will have to start a new game sometime then, will save my first play through for no walkthrough / mystery play.
  2. I see it in the PSN Store on West Coast US / $19.99! 5.9 GB download 👍 Happy adventuring!
  3. Super excited! Day one purchase! Remember them saying something about remastering this game but glad it finally trickled to PS4! Played it 20+ years ago for Dreamcast, a real N64-era platformer treat! Not available in store yet as far as I can see.
  4. I went in straight lines across the map, starting all the way from the West I then headed East until I hit the wall, then moved North or South a little, then made a new line from East to West. Rinsed and repeated. Worked out better this way than trying to follow mountain lines or river lines where I'd mostly end up retracing my steps. More systematic. I also made sure this particular trophy was done while I was multi-tasking, like we were watching Naruto or I was on the phone or something. It's pretty mindless, just gotta keep your eyes peeled. I never used the MAP Sound thing, as my hearing isn't so good.
  5. To confirm: I used Jumbo Bike and made sure to always finish races as much as I could -- argh to those moments when the timer runs out and you're 2 seconds from the gate! Didn't have any issues with the trophies popping.
  6. Just discovered The Crew 2 after platinuming Riders Republic. Needed more Ubisoft-flavored racing and vehicles... So far I am *SO HAPPY* with Crew 2, it's so much fun! Been focusing a lot on the Motorbikes and Monster Trucks. I love how you get points/rewards even in Free Mode for doing simple things like Low Altitude and Jumps, feels like I'm always entertained! Hoping for a Crew 3 for sure; and gonna maybe even try Crew 1! I also like how the trophies aren't too difficult but take some work.
  7. Have you checked under Statistics in the Ubisoft Interface/Overlay? I grinded the heck out of these with the Jumbo Bike, always made sure I finished (no AFK). Hope you get your trophy!
  8. I am at the tail end of getting the Platinum -- just need 2 more Mass Races and I think 9 more Versus Matches. In order to get into most Multiplayer Matches quickly I have to turn on Cross-Platform Sessions in the Settings. I also noticed an influx of new players around Christmas time (lower level than the usual bracket of people). Last night I even discovered that PS4 players can group with PC players. I was standing around waiting for a Mass Race to start when I got a PC-player invite, we even got one Versus Match done! We got credit for a 1 vs 1 Versus Match but when I queued for Mass Race we didn't get any Versus credit, unfortunately. Great game that is a lot of fun; just wish there were more Store options as well as better Backtracking... Sometimes you go off course then get stuck behind a tree or some signs and it just ruins your run 🤓
  9. I'd never heard of this game, but the idea of a nice PS1 era "anti-RPG" with trophies that had never officially been translated to English before sounded like fun! Glad I picked this up. It's very chill and very weird. I like weird games! Picked the game up after reading OP's post. Relaxing after a few hours of Riders Republic racing 🙂
  10. Got it to pop. I shoulda guessed -- it looks to me like it has to be 8 //different// big/boss events? Not repeating a few of the same ones over and over for first places. Unique events.
  11. Same issue here. I swear I've done so many snow events (big/boss) and gotten first place but it just is not popping...
  12. They released some cool new content yesterday, and upgraded a lot of the interfaces like the Sponsor page! Now you can ride this bike that has huuuuge tires called the Jumbo Bike, with new events appearing on the map. Christmas stuff is also now appearing on the map. It was a nice surprise to log into yesterday! Hope everyone enjoys!
  13. Hey... It looks like they synced. I see the 3 Batman trophies on my PSN Profile now 🙂👍
  14. Thanks for the heads up. Been really diving into this game past few days and will make sure to quit to Main Menu. Lots of games seem to have that type of issue with Sleep Mode (like Children of Morta won't wake up properly if you have 2 controllers hooked in for co-op and the console goes to sleep).
  15. I've had this issue with a few other games, and when I let the devs know about the issue they put out a patch to fix it. They said it had to do with Timestamps and Time Zones or something. Hopefully Hot Wheels Unleashed fixes the trophy syncing problem too. The new content is actually pretty fun. 🙂