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  1. So incredibly happy that this received a Trophy List. Big middle school 90's PS1 nostalgia for sure. Really good news for PS1 classic enjoyers.
  2. I went to one Best Buy and they said they had it in stock online but when I arrived they claimed not to have it. Apparently there was only a SINGLE copy sent to the store for PS5. Ordered it online to a neighboring town's Best Buy for pick up, finally got a copy. Doesn't seem like they printed many of these, at least I've never seen such a low stock of them at BB before.
  3. It's exciting to see old 90's Point N Click Adventures being brought to the PSN ecosystem. These will be Day 1 Purchases for sure, I appreciate them taking old classics from my DOS-era childhood and letting us try them again; but this time with trophies! These all seem to be the Point N Clicks geared towards a younger audience, but it's a step in the right direction, and hopefully means more old adventure game ports coming over (Legend of Kyrandia, Leisure Suit Larry, King's Quest, Quest for the Orb, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, etc!)
  4. So glad NightDive brought this to consoles. Game is a whole lot of fun to play. Everything is so clear and visible and pixelated. It's like Egyptian-themed Doom/Hexen basically, though I find the enemies less imaginative than Doom. Unlocked the Ring of Ra weapon and have been having a ton of fun with it. All the upgrades to your jumping and other things are fun as well. This was my era of FPS but I never played it back in the day. Could do with some Subtitles though, voices are super hard to hear.
  5. Hoping more than anything that they add the ability to put Trophies onto the Trophy Cabinet. Would look pretty cool.
  6. I know a few people were talking about trying Firewatch, it is now $5.49 in the US PSN store for the bundle that comes with the theme. Just a few days ago I checked and it was $19.99. Picked it up and will be the next one on the list to try out. Great recommendations so far, thanks everyone. Neat little stories contained within.
  7. Finally, a decent reason to finish this Platinum off. Thanks for the info. With the PS+ drop our multiplayer lobbies are sure to be more full than before as well.
  8. Anyone else experience this? I was helping Ariel with a quest. I was to get some items to Wall-E, toy train, etc. Then Wall-E is supposed to scoot down to the shore/water to talk to Ariel. Problem is that she isn't there when he goes to talk to her, so he kinda like stays there and doesn't do anything. Then I try to have Wall-E follow me, go to Ariel, talk to Wall-E and tell him to continue the quest, but he doesn't do it. Anyone know a work around? I've pretty much stopped playing since hitting this bug.
  9. Really glad Hot Wheels finally came to PS+. It could use an infusion of players, I got in regretfully on Day 1 with the Ultimate Version. Fun gameplay but your cars flip over a lot for a racing game...
  10. MILTON?! NO WAY!! Wondered where he went when he went through the door 😂 Very cool, will add to the list [EDIT: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is on PS+ so I'm starting there since I don't have to shell out extra $$.]
  11. Wow, did not expect so many replies! Really appreciate everyone's input, I will most likely be trying out EVERY GAME YOU'VE LISTED! Don't need a Platinum necessarily, at the moment I'm heavily invested in games with story telling and mystery. Inscryption was another recent one I played, though it's a card game, the story telling had me riveted. Thanks again everyone. Very excited to try these, especially the ones that have been mentioned several times.
  12. This game was amazing. What a story! Kept me surprised almost the entire time. An incredible way to tell a tale, and trophies not in any way frustrating. Can anyone recommend similar games for PS4/PS5? Truly a little masterpiece. PS+ has been one of the best decisions of the year so far.
  13. How are you supposed to build 30 houses if there's only 17 friends? Potentially an unobtainable platinum? ^ Yeah, when he gets mad he gets hellla loud! There's also a bug where my camera will randomly begin flying through the sky towards another area, like someone threw the camera like a baseball. I thought maybe it was some kind of hint but I haven't seen any logic to when it occurs.
  14. Is there a way to find out where you got accolades from? When I bought my PS5 I already had about 4~ of them, but I don't remember joining any online games 😂
  15. Thanks Mushu. That makes sense. Logged in last night and suddenly there was a bunch of random plants on his plot. Looks like he even plants stuff you don't have seeds for (like, he planted a Potato, but I've never seen a Potato seed).