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  1. Gonna pick this up as soon as I get paid! 😂 Point N Click Adventures are pretty chill, and Westwood made some really solid ones back in the day (like Legend of Kyrandia). Definitely want to support it at full price in hopes of them bringing even more old Westwood / PNCA games to modern consoles with trophies.
  2. I eat my words! Just signed up for Premium 😂 We are going to play Toy Story 2 first 😁 Then going to try the fabled Ape Escape!
  3. Was so excited for this subscription package but not seeing much of a difference between this and what was being offered by PS Now a few months ago. I'm old; my main interest is in the PS Classics (we didn't have trophies back then!). That list'll have to get a bit bigger before I throw money down. The Classics are a real game changer -- too bad Jumping Flash doesn't have any trophies, that was my #1 reason to get this! Looks promising though. Sony will hopefully step up their game with the XBox Pass getting so much attention -- Persona 3+?! Yeesh.
  4. Very happy about the trophy list. Nice to see they're all very straight forward. Now I don't have to turn on my PS3 for Wonder Boy. Also I'm glad it includes the original pixelated WB not the Remaster graphics. Excited to grab this.
  5. Seems like a good idea -- security-wise -- to have less points of entry for account creation. I mean, we all probably have accounts already, and if someone wants to make one just log in on the PC or another system. As long as I can still play the games I purchased and sync the trophies of them, don't see this as too much of a big deal.
  6. On my first run I accidentally finished Volcano Manor before finishing all the quests from the NPCs there, so I missed out on the Magma Whip and the Bull Goat Armor and some Rya dialogue. Taking down the boss of VM cancels any remaining "red dot invasion" quests. Luckily still got the Bernahl invasion in Crumbling FA (and his legendary weapon). But yeah, you'll need NG+ to pick that stuff up.
  7. Oooh, so that's why suddenly the Godskin Duo died hella fast (health draining rapidly?) when it felt like they shouldn't have... [EDIT: Rotten Breath works pretty well too during first phase though I had a hard time applying it in second phase.]
  8. Yeah, I ended up leveling a new weapon (Great Mace) to +25 on second character to beat Elden Beast, then on first character I used Greataxe +25, both with War Cry. Blasphemous Blade (Fire/Physical) and my Great Stars (Holy/Bleed/Physical) were no-gos. Switching to those weapon types definitely helped.
  9. Depends on which endings you are going for. Don't kill Hyetta if you want the ending she leads to. Don't kill Rya or you'll miss out on a whole quest line in Volcano Manor. Don't kill Goldmask or Brother Corhyn so you can get the items at the end of their quest line... Don't kill anyone on Ranni's team Don't kill Patches OK I could probably list tons of NPCs. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum I'm nice to all the NPCs so maybe someone else has a better answer. I see very little benefit to killing any of them until the end of the game.
  10. Would highly recommend this game. The story was incredibly intriguing my first play through. Reminds me a bit of Agatha Knife but easier. It's nice to play an adventure game that doesn't have you attempting to try every item on every node point in order to solve a puzzle. Love the creepiness and the vibes. Lots of little pop culture easter eggs too that are too cool not to like. UI feels a lot more polished and easier to navigate than other point n click adventures normally ported to PS4. Glad to see the trophies are now syncing! Will try to sync 'em tonight.
  11. This. There's one particular Crucible Knight that just destroyed me over and over. Think they were on a walkway that went to a circular hub room that you jump down into in Nok'Place. Dude messed me up so much, but eventually flew off a cliff. Hardest fight in the game, Melania was cake (first tried her) 😂
  12. The cutscenes in this fight absolutely blew my mind. If I ever try a Sorcerer, I'll try this strategy!
  13. This is how I felt until I got to the Dragon-Feeding Mini-Quest. I dunno if it was in the original game or not but it feels like there's input lag when I'm trying to pick up food and move to feed the dragons. I might try Classic Mode with Zero Zoom for this one to see if it helps.
  14. I was able to down Malenia on my first try, though I think I got lucky and I was probably heavily over-leveled! Mimic Tear Ashes +10 Sacred Great Stars +25 (I forgot to switch it to Quality) War Cry as L2 (changes your R2 to a Charged R2) Level 168 Wretch Armor: Lionel's Set Talismans: Blessed Dew (regen HP) Dragoncrest Greatshield (physical damage reduction) Great-Jar's Arsenal (wear silly heavy armor) Immunizing Horn Charm +1 (raise immunity) Spells: Golden Vow Flame Grant Me Strength Flame Cleanse Me Elden Heal (for my Mimic to cast) Lots of dodging. Lots of jumping R2s. Stay out of the Rot Flower. Vigor: 42 Mind: 25 Endurance: 30 Strength: 40 Dexterity: 40 Intelligence: 10 Faith: 50 Arcane: 10
  15. Noticing the Patch Changes big time since starting a new game a few days ago! As a low level Wretch in my original play through I used to summon Sorcerer Rogier and then walk backwards down the tunnel to farm the knights. Now when you walk him backwards out the tunnel he will instead de-summon 😂 Also, when I got to a certain room at Royal Lucaria I was given a "shoot your bow" tutorial and then attacked by a Carian Knight -- definitely don't remember that happening on my first play through -- also who is about to use a bow anyway on a Carian Knight that is all up in their face? 😂 Weird place for that particular tutorial.