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  1. Can anyone confirm the grounded ng+ cheat thing still works?
  2. San Andreas is on 2, 3 and 4
  3. I thought that was only for Vita
  4. Now we know Vita games wont be getting patches as of June (or July I can't remember), is our only hope a PS3 patch?
  5. I cant find the buy button on the ps3 store for any of the titles i want, wth
  6. Don’t bother with Fortnite, it is a horrendously long grind.
  7. I got this in two ~2 hour sittings, I had my 2nd PS3 but I barely ever found it so I ditched it on the 2nd session. Once I got into someones pod I would immediately go to chat and using predictive text I’d say “Hi let’s play a level”, this worked at least 75% of the time. Once we had played about 1 minute of a level I would leave back to my pod, they would often ask to follow me and I’d jump into my P4P level to get a free 1/50 unique plays.
  8. The background of the trophy tiles is the same as the OG, but the actual trophy card looks like an afterthought. Dissapointing, but I’m still going to enjoy every second!
  9. Is that a placeholder icon? Its awful.
  10. Will this still work using PS5 and latest patch?
  11. Do the trophies only auto-pop once you open STW? I’d like to play on ps5 without adding the new list as a stack
  12. Does fornite STW autopop? I’d prefer if it didn’t, and would actively choose to download only BR to avoid the 2nd list if possible.
  13. All help appreciated, if you dm me i can play you level tonight
  14. Bump please try my p4p level I have a feeling my account is bugged or im doing something wrong, the plays on my level dont increase and its not counting as played when i other peoples levels. Maybe its my crappy 4G SIM internet?
  15. Maybe i’m wrong, but I interpret “non-seeded” as you haven’t entered a code at the beginning to gain an advantage (similar to v1 of the binding of isaac), or chosen the daily run (where everyone shares the same seed for that day).