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  1. I can second this
  2. I haven't started either yet how does this affect DOOM 1/2? What has changed
  3. I think OP is asking how to get the quest in your log, not how to complete it
  4. Shrine of the mountain during loop 2 (stages 5-8) is your best bet. They can appear earlier or later too but you may be underpowered.
  5. Which trophy do you need money for?
  6. I think the sewers yeti method is fastest for levelling all plants. Not sure the fastest way to level up zombies. EDIT: Doesn't seem like you can grind bitey bros for tacos any more.
  7. Trying to read up on RDR:O so any help is appreciated, am I right in thinking every day there are 164 collectibles to pick up, which as you have said will get you about 60K XP. Meaning three days of collecting these items (3x60K=180K XP) to hit rank 50? If its 7 hours per day thats 21 hours to rank 50?
  8. A few of the zombie town centre medals auto unlock because they are shared with plants town centre (tacos collected and gnomes collected)
  9. How much xp does it take to reach rank 50? I cant find an xp chart anywhere
  10. Anyone who doesn’t have VR hmu
  11. Should work, it updated my milestone progress for it. Last night I managed to pop the Vanguard trophy so I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  12. Do trophies and unlocks work in local coop?
  13. Someone let me know if any of the trophies are broken seeing as this is (form what I understand) an unfinished/early access game
  14. How would this rank me up fast? Which races or modes are best?
  15. You get a bounty placed on you in deathmatches if you perform well enough, would a 1hr deathmatch be possible, giving you at least 48 mins (1 full in-game day) to survive with the bounty?