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  1. Good to know. Wondering how hard a no hit run is going to be?
  2. Is this an easy plat, or are there any tricky trophies to watch out for?
  3. Anyone had any luck with a remote play macro for this?
  4. Anyone know if v-bucks/Show-bucks count as purchases for the Levels, I assume they earn reward points still.
  5. Drastically, yes.
  6. Really? its gone from 50 for a sp win and 100 for a mp win, to 525 and 725? thats GREAT!
  7. Anyone know if the starter pack cosmetics count to fashionista (50 items)?
  8. Anyone know how long 100% this DLC will take?
  9. Trophies confirmed:
  10. Spikes still count if you bounce them off the floor thats how I got most of my 50
  11. So is Destiny 2 still 100% able for a player starting from scratch now?
  12. I’ve got ~37 games ready to pop 100% in, once I finish Assassin’s Creed 3. Anyone interested in me streaming the session? Will have to pop the PS3/VITA game/s either off cam or just shakily pointed at the screen.
  13. The weather, season, and time of day do not.
  14. The ones for “Defender Training - Stage 2” etc
  15. A detailed and massively helpful response! Maybe I’ll boost with another player then, seems worth it (6-7 hours is nothing compared to what a lot of us just went through for shadowfall)