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  1. Its a minigame and instead of an opponent you have a wall at the other side. The problem is that you have to hit the ball enough to reach the wall after it touches the table. Hit too hard or too weak and its game over. Given that the game has strange and difficult controls its very tough.
  2. I couldn't find the game by typing in the title either on ps4, but when I went int the "free to play" section it was the first game. Weird. But it was in the US store, maybe it's the same issue there.
  3. Thanks for the answer but someone already answered it in private message that day. The solution was somewhat different but similiar, I throwed the console on the top of the arm.
  4. Could you tell me about the "Ahh Push it..." level objective on one of the lab stages please? Its the only thing I miss for the plat. Couldn't figure it out.
  5. Local co-op up to 4 players. This is the new Overcooked. I loved it till the end. The trophies are easy and enjoyable. You can play alone if you want.
  6. I think it was a big help that i did the online trophies when people started playing, so a lots of new player didnt even know how to utilize the demon skills properly. I skipped the multi tutorial too, so my first demon match went bad also.
  7. With the defensive lodaout and the heal ability it can be done very fast, also the other heal ability that you can choose after the second round helps too. As for the original question, the 200 kills doesnt take more than a few hours with the slayer without boosting. When I got 2 not so good demon player as opponents, killing them only after respawning I had rounds with 20 kills. But worst case scenario you get 5-6 kills if they are good and doing teamwork.
  8. It wasnt unlocking for me too. First I counted what weapons I used, after that I tried doing the kills in the same match, killed with every weapon and nothing. After that it just randomly popped in the next matches after a weapon kill. The first tought I had that maybe mods doesnt count for some weapons, or the demon died due to enviromental or fire damage maybe. But Im curious too what causes the glitch.
  9. 50+ Extra Life left.
  10. So many players already own a game, cause the preorder. So it's legit now. The embargo is over.
  11. It's not true, the servers are on. I played a few match.
  12. Anybody up for the online trophies today? Add me: Onimushaman_HUN
  13. It's like playing with finite lifes, you can collect extra life tokens thats used upon dying like in retro games, if you run out of those its game over. But you can adjust the difficulty for the mode so it's not hard on the easiest setting. It is a cheat code that prevents hp and armor drops from hurting and killing enemies, Basically you have what you start the stage with and you can pick up the ones scattered on the stage. By "cheat code" I mean a collectibe "cheat code" you pick up ingame and can be activated in mission select.
  14. Yup, had to do the 3 characters in one sitting for me too.
  15. Sadly it is quite dead. You need 8 player for both to start, I don't know if there was an update for that since october. But it was pain and sweat to get 8 players available at the same time with time zones/worktimes and such, and of course when we had the full team suddenly random players were found and joined the lobby. There is no bots for team balancing, you have to find 7 people who are interested in getting the platinum trophy.