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  1. Same here, the latest patch has done nothing. Still missing the trophies for evolutions and landmarks but everything is at 100% completion
  2. No, I can't explain the strange time stamps because up until just now I never knew there was an issue. Like I said, I was just speculating as to the reason. It was years ago and I've completed many games since then. I've read of instances of this buggy game glitching on people. Did it glitch on me? I really have no idea as I don't remember really playing this game, other than the fact it was obviously rubbish as looking at when I started it up until finishing it, there was a couple of years gap. I don't recall why I left it so long before returning but probably the same reason I have many unfinished games is because I get bored with them if I'm not enjoying them. Some I return to, many I don't. I certainly don't agree with your statement " only way for the times to be out of sync is if they're hacked". So no one has ever had legitimate time stamp discrepancies in any game ever? I personally have no idea but it sounds a very flippant statement.
  3. Citizen-Keyne Terminator Salvation The time stamps are strangely out of order, which I can't explain. My only thoughts are that I had changed the internal clock (possibly to speed the acquisition of daily challenge trophies for another game) and it was during this time the trophies for this game were synced. I'm 100% adamant I obtained the trophies for this game legitimately, especially as it's a known easy platinum title so would have no reason to cheat.