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  1. Haha - I agree, except for one thing.... I actually liked Hobo with a Shotgun! 😂
  2. Hey, got an Orange one done!
  3. A waste of a good name
  4. Hades
  5. Need a judicial ruling for this one guys! What you think? Probably pushing it to class as Orange, but figured I’d check! 😇
  6. New one for me: Resistance Achievers: 4
  7. Welcome mate! 👋
  8. Makes perfect sense. I mean, we all know how few Resident Evil games there have been, since the first 2002 movie was successful....
  9. + That's a sugar rush that will carry you through any game 😂
  10. Well, most of my ranking is a matter of public scientific record 😉, and yours is obvious ridiculous, as Best Souls is not on the far right... but I think that just means your ADP stat is simply too low to realise your folly! .... I guess if you are looking for a semi-souls-like to fill out the EXTREME left had side of that list, and make Lords of the Fallen look downright sexy by comparison, I suggest a little Star-Wars flavoured turdlet.... 😂 I've also heard rumblings that Hellpoint is a sort of a Souls-lite? Though I've yet to sample it myself, so that might be scurrilous rumour! EDIT - I'll also point out - I'll be genuinely shocked if Mortal Shell doesn't end up out-lefthandsiding LotF. Maybe that dlc will help it - but it would have to be something else... Also - people often mention Blasphemous as a Souls-like?
  11. I think it was this one - I wasn't a launch period guy for the PSOne - had to save up to get my console!
  12. I saw you were playing that one! I must admit - I do have it, but have just never got around to it yet - co-op gaming has become a lot more difficult to find the time for in the past couple of years (as the anaemic progress we have made in It Takes Two is testament to! 😂) but it's been sitting there in the 'possible' pile for so long - curse you, now it has to go back to the top of the pile! 😜
  13. its-time-to-celebrate.jpg


    It's finally happened!




    🇬🇧I have finally dropped to 200th in the UK Leaderboard rank! 🇬🇧


    I have not had a Country Leaderboard Ranking position this low since 2013!


    From a high of around 60th in 2015, the long defeat had been raging, but it wouldn't be worth anything if I didn't take a moment to pause and celebrate the milestones!


    After sliding to around 100th in 2016, that position, admittedly, stagnated for quite a few years all the way through 2019, but it was in 2020 that I really hunkered down, and stepped up my game, sliding a full 100 places in less than two years! 😊




    Of course, an achievement like this cannot be accomplished alone, and I would like to thank so many people for this honour!


    Firstly, I'd like to thank region stacking - you are the engine that drives others, and keeps them whizzing past me! 🏁


    I'd like to thank Breakthrough Gaming - for consistently being the lead above my wings - you have done more for me than I could have imagined in your short time at bat! 💪


    I'd like to thank all the great games I've enjoyed, which were far too good for me to waste my time on stacking 30 minute plats - Arkane, IOI, Crystal Dynamics, Klei - where are you? There you are! I See you! - Square, Deck Nine, DotNod, Supergiant and so many others - you are my peeps, and I love you! ❤️❤️


    And finally, I'd like to thank my own obsessive tendency to write massive reviews of all the games I play - you are the personal defect that has forced me to consider each game on its merits, and, as such, have pulled me away from playing games without any!

    You have kept me grounded more than anyone else - Take a Bow! 😚😍


    ⭐⭐Thank you all - and roll on 300th place!⭐⭐






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    2. zizimonster


      Leaderboards are like real life. They have their ups and downs. :lol:

    3. Honor_Hand


      Lmao, I love this status. 😂


      Keep up the good work, man. Buckle up and you'll be reaching the bottom of the leaderboard in no time. What with the awful crap that gets released these days, and the people that play it. Like really...  😅


      Stick to playing the good stuff and writing about it. That's definitely far more worthwhile and enjoyable. ;)

    4. DoctorComplete


      You descend the rankings 

      WITH HONOR.  😄

  14. Dude! Spoilers!
  15. I’m 99% sure the skits count if viewed as ‘reminiscing’ from the campfires. I had never played a Tales game before this one, and didn’t actually realise I had to look out for the L1 prompts at first, so in the early game, I missed a bunch of them - I watched like 40 via campfire for the first time, and still got the trophy just fine. Since there is only 320 total, I have to assume that me getting the trophy for 300 means the campfire is fine for the count