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  1. Played a lot of good stuff this year, but the top would be: 1. Hitman 2 2. Prey: Mooncrash 3. God of War 4. Tacoma 5. Chime Sharp
  2. Finished up Hitman 2 trophies, and despite the huuuuuuge amount of game in that package, I’m still sad to be finished!


    Can’t wait for the next Elusive Target, and being on the DLC!

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    2. PermaFox


      Congrats on the game!  Not that I'm under a rock or anything, but I never knew the game was so highly rated.  

    3. DrBloodmoney


      @PermaFox - In my opinion, it’s one of the best games on the system, and certainly one of the most replayable. I’ll certainly be going back to it often, regardless of having finished the trophies.


      Highly recommended!

    4. PermaFox


      @DrBloodmoney  Thx for the info!  I'll take a look at it!

  3. Top 5: 1. Rogue Legacy 2. The Surge 3. Dark Souls Remastered 4. Life is Strange: Before the Storm 5. Cosmic Star Heroine *Special honour* - Hitman 2 (no platinum, but the best game for sure) Didn’t hate any game I played this year, so I’ll decline doing a worst list.
  4. Isn’t the actual definition of ‘toxicity’ actions that are not simply bad or annoying, but specifically ones that spread? i.e. behavior that goes unchecked, and propegate like a virus? for example, the use of homophobic slurs is nasty and wrong, but not necessarily toxic, if the community as a whole rejects it. If, however, the use of the terms become widespread in the community - even if the actual meaning becomes somewhat detached from the use within the specific community- that would be considered toxic, as new players enter the fray, see that it is the accepted terminology, and begin to use it too? One incident I can recall was in Bioshock 2 multiplayer - there was one player who continually referred to any player who they deemed to be winning by camping as ‘jewing’ them, or them being a ‘jew’. Now, obviously, that is unacceptable, and a lot of the people I played with knew this guy was always doing that. No one really called him out on it and he was never banned or anything, but crucially, I never heard anyone else start using the same terminology. As such, I’d consider that to be bad behaviour, and it’s certainly not a good thing that he was never called out on it, but I can’t really consider it ‘toxic’ as it didn’t spread to the wider community. On the other hand, CoD multiplayer used to use the term ‘fag’ constantly. You could barely get through a game without someone calling someone it at some point - that was clearly toxic, as it had spread to the point of becoming common vernacular for large swathes of the playerbase - a far higher percentage than I can imagine would have used homophobic slurs in ‘real life’. Just some thoughts...
  5. 😂 saw this topic and thought “jeez, what angry douchebag started this...” d’oh! man, I barely even remember playing Sly 2 now, so I guess i can add ‘forgettable’ to the list of complaints!
  6. If you would be embarrassed for your mother to hear/see what is being said
  7. Hitman 2, by a country mile
  8. ... Am I being dense here? 😳 What will the controversy be? Are they meant to look like someone specific?
  9. Accidentally loading the xmb while about to start a multiplayer match, and having to sit watching your character die 6 times in a row while you wait for the damn thing to stop load-spinning!
  10. They aren’t empowered to ban anything. They are simply not allowing it on their system. Sony can’t tell a developer what to put in their game - if they want to fill it with pseudo-paedophilic nonsense, anime sexual-harrassment simulators and peeping-tom fantasies, they can. They can make that game and sell it anywhere they want - they just can no longer sell it on Sony’s platform. The whole ‘think of the kids’ arguement is applicable in a sense, but the interpretation that some an this site have of Sony’s position is not what these kind of standards are about. It’s far less personal, and - ironically - far more cynical than than that. Sony aren’t trying to play parent to a bunch of people’s children, or mollycoddling or infantalising their user base with a ‘we-know-best’ approach. Sony doesn’t give a fuck about that. What they do give a fuck about, is keeping their nose clean from a legal and PR prespective. Sony as a corporation doesn’t care if your kid sees some inappropriate stuff. They also don’t care if your kid gets molested by a pervert who is obsessed with anime porn. (I mean, I’m sure most people in the organisation sincerely hope that doesn’t happen, but as a corporation, that isn’t their problem.) What they do care about, is ensuring that when some guy does rape a child and get’s put on trial, that a bunch of stories don’t end up in the news cycle about “Pervert Obsessed with Sony Playstation Animated Rape Fantasies” - which is exactly how sensationalist media would frame it. The damage that kind of thing does far outweighs the relatively minor hit they take from weebo’s for banning that stuff from their platform. Banning some content from a single platform that your company owns isn’t censorship. As a consumer, you don’t have to like it, but it’s not censorship. It’s just business.
  11. The lack of sales of Hitman 2. Watching it get outsold by Fallout 76 was incredibly depressing.
  12. Hitman 2 is So. Much. Game.

  13. I won’t be buying it, but I also won’t be reviewing or rating it. I think giving terrible scores on metacritic and posting all sorts of hatered online is a silly, childish overreaction. This is the internet though, the internet being famously, basically a silly-overreaction machine. I will say that the whole concept of the game (taking out the story stuff that people love, and adding in a bunch of multiplayer stuff no one wanted) seems a very flawed idea. One that, it certainly appears, Bethesda will come to regret when the sales figures come out. If a Fallout game is getting outsold by a Spyro game, something has clearly gone a bit sideways! (no offence Spyro. You have your place, but even you would concede that point!) Certainly it has ensured that I personally have no interest in the game. (Im a huge Fallout 3, 4 and New Vegas Fan), My response is simply to decline purchasing it, and play something else though, not to go on some internet tirade, or to rate it as 0/10 just because it isn’t what I wanted from a Fallout game. For all I know, it might be a perfectly good example of the type of game that it is. (I’m hearing otherwise, but that’s not for me to say) I think I should leave it to the people who like that kind of game to review it and rate it, rather than try to judge it for not being the kind of game I want. I don’t go on Metacritic and rate Fifa 18 as 0/10 because I wish it was a driving game, so I don’t think I should rate Fallout 76 as 0/10 just because i wish it was a story-based game, when that clearly wasn’t the intention. But then, I’m a reasonable human being, not a ridiculous internet cliche.
  14. Aw, Jebus 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️, it’s this topic? I was wondering why I was getting notifications despite not posting in a long time. What fool said “Dumb Nonsense” into a mirror three times and resurrected this abomination?
  15. Platinum #350 SUPERHOT good game - cool idea, and hopefully something that will get a proper sequel down the road sometime.