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  1. Lol, it’s been a while aince I got those trophies, I guess the passage of time may have smoothed off my memories of them. I remember a particularly tricky jumping through random appearing rings part, for sure - but my abiding memory was really positive on that whole dlc. i have the remaster for PS4 sitting yet to be begun, so maybe when I do that the frustration will all come flooding back 😂
  2. Why ‘even’ the Trials? the trials were awesome, man! So much good stuff in such a small package! were they not well received? Did people not like them? I’m genuinely curious, cause I’ve never really heard anyone talk either way about them, but assumed they would be well loved, given how much I enjoyed them 🤔🤔🤔
  3. Prey - Mooncrash Bioshock 2 - Minerva’s Den Dishonoured - Trials Hitman/ Hitman 2 - Elusive Targets The Last of Us - Left Behind
  4. You complain it’s unrealistic, but I’d argue that if a game told from the point of view of an overly-sensitive young girl with a penchant for art and photography had the political leanings of a grumpy, right-wing old man, that would be even more unrealistic. Also, not for nothing - and incidentally, since I genuinely don’t think you should play more of this great game - but you don’t know what you’re talking about. The game spends a lot of time in ep.1 setting up the world as very politically ‘black and white’ specifically so it can have layers by going against those archetypes later. Regardless, Life is Strange seems to me, to be a game made from the hearts of people at a talented studio, working the medium to tell the tale they want to tell. If you want a game made that has your politics, then why not make one? I’m sure Rootin’-Tootin’-Deer-Huntin’- Hipster-Bashin’-Security-Squad Versus the Nasty Drug-Youths will do big business. Not, y’know, with the general public. But you’ll sell some copies. At Klan rallies, Fox News events, on Reddit and the likes.
  5. I like a lot of them - including VII (I’m not some douchy hipster who pretends it wasn’t great at the time!) - but for me it’s an easy choice. FFVI all the way. The perfect blend of funny, cool, sad, good story, great set pieces, great characters etc, plus, the 16–bit graphics stand the test of time better than the early PSOne stuff. Great game! One of the oddest orders of preference I’ve seen for an FF fan! Respect!
  6. Not sure if this is same issue you’re having, but this is a fix I found for my dlc issues
  7. I won’t recommend anything that has been remastered on PS4, as they are almost alway the better way to play them, but I think these are all gems: Syndicate 3D Dot Game Heroes Remember Me Singularity Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Portal 2 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
  8. Casual Gamer. -Noun. “a pejorative, meaningless buzzword, used by gamers to describe other gamers when they want to belittle them or their tastes” Examples: 1. ”I like Battlefield, CoD is for casuals” 2. “I like CoD, Battlefield is for casuals” 3. “Derpy derpy derpy derp, Casual derp.” Synonyms: Noob, Filthy Casual, Console Peasant, etc.
  9. I see this as less about detente, and more a case of a pact against a common enemy. To be honest, I think it shows that both major gaming companies recognise the threat from Google. Google has the money and the infrastructure to decimate the industry with their Stadia stuff in a matter of a few years, which both Sony and Microsoft know, but they also know the Google are fickle. They tend to abandon initiatives that do not succeed right away - Google have abandoned more expensive initiatives than most companies have begun. My guess is that both Sony and Microsoft know that a limited partnership for a few years to keep Google from killing them both should be enough to make Google give up their gaming ambitions and move on - leaving them both to carry on fighting down the road.
  10. Once I forgot to mute everyone in a game of CoD Multiplayer...
  11. Here’s my review: Buy The Surge! It’s great!
  12. Another Dark Souls 2 fan! It’s my favourite too, seems an unpopular opinion though! Not played Salt and Sanctuary? It’s the best Dark Souls that isn’t a Dark Souls
  13. I’m not a trophy hunter per se, I’m just someone who can’t be presented with a percentage statistic and not want to make the number go up. Personally, I believe that if a person can look at a progress bar - measuring any aspect of their life - and not feel compelled to strive to do better, they are - at least partially - broken inside.
  14. Pandemonium Rogue Legacy Trine 2
  15. @I need more BIOSHOCK Would kindly obey...