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  1. I used to be good at Lumines! What the hell happened to my reaction times!! Damn you middle-aged brain!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. fabmorais_2011


      Your post me lead me to this page to test my reaction time lol. I'm clocking like 237.0ms.

    3. DrBloodmoney


      Never seen that before - tried and I clocked at 258ms average, but I bet that after an hour of play, it gets waaaaay worse!

    4. fabmorais_2011


      I laughed at myself when I found myself spacing out on the first try. I'm guessing getting older makes you more prone to that as well hahaha

  2. If the experience of playing a game, watching a movie or reading a book can be ‘spoiled’ by knowing aspects of it prior to engaging with it, then surely it was never worth engaging with in the first place?
  3. Lol, well, if I could have one person narrate them my first instinct is to say Tom Waits - but then, the phonebook would feel like an amazing narrative if it was narrated by Tom Waits! Thinking about it though, the majority of my main characters are female (both heroes and villains), so I suspect it would be only fitting to have a strong female voice as the narrator. I’d go with Brodie Dalle - her voice is intense!
  4. Bloodborne is the only Souls game by From that doesn’t have a Gothic setting.
  5. Lol - Did I break the record? “least shits given about an interviewee” 😳 🤦‍♂️ 🤘
  6. You need to load up Hitman, not Hitman 2. There will be an ‘unlock Legacy in Hitman 2’ option that is not paid. Then, load up Hitman 2, and the levels will be available to you it’s an odd way to do it, but I suppose it was the best they could manage, given that the teo games are published by different companies.
  7. Interested to see reviews, but it doesn’t seem like my kind of game.
  8. Chime Sharp is an excellent and tricky puzzle game with a doable platinum, decent music, addictive gameplay, and only 503 owners!
  9. Cool questions so far, I’ll do my best
  10. I liked them - there is a fairly significant ramp up in terms of the hideout difficulties, but doing them will put you in good stead for doing newgame+ on Ultimate
  11. Or just make it for the 31173th trophy - that way it would actually sort of spell what it is meant to spell and stop people asking, for at least a few more years...
  12. Sure, that’s true - but the ranking system is only one of many facets of trophy hunting, and you only get out of it the information you go looking for. You can use it to see positives as well as negatives: For example, you are looking at the people above you in the rankings who got there by playing things like Mayo and Slyde, and taking that as a sign that it isn’t worth competing. But conversely, why not look at all the people below you, who played those kind of games and still can’t reach your level?
  13. Yes, they are certainly harder - best bet is to fully upgrade the anti-gravity gadgets to full level - that way they will lift the minigun guys along with everyone else. Then just fire up the web-blossom and watch the walls get sand-blasted with dudes
  14. I was firmly of the opinion, pre-release, that making a Spider-Man game was a boneheaded misuse of a studio of the calibre of Insomniac’s time.


    Having now played it (cheers Santa) I’m happy to have been proven quite wrong :) 

    1. Lorajet


      I was talked out of buying the PS4 Slim with Spiderman last Black Friday.  I am regretting it. -_-

  15. It’s not really a game that requires a guide, since most of the trophies are for ‘mastering’ the levels - all that means is getting around 50%ish of the challenges done - and almost all the challenges tell you what to do in the descriptions. Certainly a roadmap would be virtually useless, since you can do the levels in any order, and do whichever challanges you feel comfortable doing to achieve the trophies - tbh, just playing the way you naturally find yourself playing based on your own prefences will get you 70% of the way there, and by the time you’re that far, you will be able to try some of the more complicated challenges easily. Also, it’s the best game on PS4, and you should get it