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  1. I’ll take that - that’d be dope too 😂
  2. I haven’t played a Tennis game in decades - anyone played this one who can illuminate as to how good an example it is? Is this a decent one to dip ones toe back into the genre?
  3. 1. Separate Country Leaderboards Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England 2. Highlighting users you ‘follow’ as well as yourself 3. A nice picture of a smiling owl at the top, or maybe a cat hiding in a box or something
  4. Seconded - I had never heard so much as a whiff about this game - but is now firmly in my wishlist 👍
  5. We need to wait for the science to confirm this... 🤓 *removes lab-coat for a moment* Hell yeah it was! 😁 *puts lab-coat back on* ...ahem... ...sorry, I don't know what just came over me. ...What were we talking about?
  6. -😳
  7. I'll say Snakeybus because I've never heard of it, and the game image made me laugh
  8. 😂 Oh man, this one made me laugh. You gotta follow this up by playing something you know you're gonna enjoy, mate! You sound like your souls was crushed by that one! 😂
  9. Done
  10. I think it will - not doing so is simply leaving money on the table - I might be being naively optimistic, but I genuinely do think that one day were will have a platinum trophy in our lists for both Chronotrigger, and FFVI. (I'd personally like Illusion of Gaia too - but that one I have no hope for!)
  11. Corrected 🙃
  12. But Chronotrigger doesn't have trophies... 😜
  13. Nice variety - lots of Final Fantasy and Ratchet & Clank (both great series!), mix of genres, (Character Action / jpg / a few fighting games / some FPS) Not much in the way of indies, but some more esoteric of the bigger games - good taste in games across the board though 👍 Nice list ☺️
  14. Nice write up man 👍- and congrats! Have to admit, definitely not my kind of game, and if anything, after reading your write up, I am more sure than ever of that 😂, but a game with so few players having completed it needs a good write up somewhere on the site, so you're doing Gods work😉
  15. Putty Squad maybe? That was the first one that sprand to mind, though I think Bionic Commando Rearmed could be argued as one too - the original was fondly remembered, but hardly a cult classic. Also Earthworm Jim - that game was never particularly praised or loved, but it got a remake at one point.