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  1. Prey God of War The Witness Sekiro All the souls games
  2. In fairness, Jesus definitely used cheats and exploits. you think it was just an in-game glitch when that water turned to wine? you think he wasn’t using a dupe-exploit with those fish and bread to feed the masses? you really believe he didn’t use a cheatcode to walk on water, or a /noclip to get out from behind that boulder? c’mon. plus, y’know, I heard he uses God mode, like all the time now.
  3. I haven’t played Stardew, but I think this is a good point about games in general - and actually can be applied to boss battles too. Always seemed weird to me that devs put so much effort into their game mechanics, only to force the player to complete a boss at the end that doesn’t use any of the main game’s mechanics. Deus Ex 3 was a bit like that - and recently the Resident Evil 3 remake had that problem. I can definitely think of a few games with this minigame issue keeping the platinum out of reach or just plain irritating too - Red Dead with it’s card games, Judgement with it’s Mah Jong, 3D Game Heroes with the absurdly difficult race mazes. I remember the Quest of Dungeons plat required you to do pretty well at snake in addition to actually playing the real game. Even one of the Call of Duties required playing Zork to get the plat. seems there is a long history of this!
  4. Hitman 3
  5. That’s a shame - Ghost mode was an interesting and well made 1v1 game - but I can understand it disappearing. It became quite difficult to find any randoms who would actually finish a game, rather than simply leave as soon as they fell a kill or two behind. I had a lot of fun playing with people I know, but pretty frustrating time with randoms. At least I managed to get that beautiful Phantom Suit before it disappeared. As far as sniper mode goes, I never really understood why coop was included in those. Always felt odd, since the sniper maps are so dependent on doing specific objectives, and having 2 ppl pretty much just guaranteed a chaotic mess of a time. in the end, the true ‘multiplayer’ in Hitman is the creation of contracts and seeing others try to beat them, and that won’t be going anywhere.
  6. There is no NG++ in these games, just NG+, so by starting a second NG+ you are starting the NG+ over, not continuing the previous NG+. you therefore will have the upgrades you had at the start of NG+ the first time, not at the end of it.
  7. This sounds like you were being lied to - getting a hold of a replacement disc drive is easy online, usually for around $40-$60, and can be replaced at home for the cost of a couple of screwdrivers and an hour of your time.
  8. For me? Rest Mode. the ability to put game on standby rather than closing it, has changed a lot more than you would think it would about my gaming habits. It means I play different games - Games where in precious generations I would need to find a save point to stop can now be played without issue, games with ‘limited saves’ trophies are far more approachable, and more importantly, I can load up and be in the game for a quick 5 mins instantly, without having to boot the game etc.
  9. Yup, I’m with you. Hell of a game. It’s basically the antidote to any sort of argument that the bigger the open world, the better the game. Naysayer: “A space exploration game with only 7 or 8 planets? How can that be any good?”... Outer Wilds: “Hold my beer...” Something like No Man’s Sky is huge, but beyond the size of the games universe, there is nothing to it. It’s a mile wide, but an inch deep. Outer Wilds may only be an inch wide, but it’s depths are incredible, intricate, intriguing and vast.
  10. @BlackSnake1435 8/10 A Mila Kunas of a list - small, but perfectly formed You have a very impressive perseverance with getting 100%’s after plat is done (Uncharted Brutal trophies are impressive!) No filler or easy stacks to pad it out, though you do seem to lack much in the way of indie games - they’re not all My Name is Mayo and easy peasy stacks - there are some true greats with tough plata out there from the small studios too!
  11. Based on those two, seems like Hidden Agenda might be right up your alley? basically Until Dawn like, but made for 4 person party - with phone inputs (so 4 controllers not needed)
  12. i’m gonna say Assassin’s Creed - I guess ‘The Ezio Trilogy’, as there are aspects of AC2 & ACRevelations in there? An ageing mass murderer steals a package he is charged with delivering, betrays his employers, kills their soldiers, kills their boss, then kills everyone on the planet.
  13. Of all the non-2020 games I played this year, so far none can hold a candle to Outer Wilds.
  14. 1. Prey 2. Hitman 2 3. The Witness 4. Dead Cells 5. The Last of Us Part II 6. Final Fantasy VII Remake 7. Dishonoured 2 8. Dark Souls 3 9. Outer Wilds 10. Sekiro and the Best of the rest (only just missed the cut!): Salt and Sanctuary Spiderman God of War Bloodbourne Life is Strange Horizon Zero Dawn