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  1. Well... it depends on how you look at it. if it was released officially, by square as a true sequel to Chronotrigger - one of the greatest rpgs of the era, and some (myself included) would argue, genuine contender for greatest game of all time - then it would be ridiculed for having all reused assets, and not moving the tech forward and being very derivative - of course it would, and rightly so. if you go in looking at it that way, then no, it’s not a patch on the real Chonotrigger. However, if you go in knowing what it is (a fan made sequel using the original assets to make a new story) and approach it from that point of view, I think it’s remarkable - and lets not kid around, a very derivative sequel reusing assets and mechanics from one of the greatest games of all time, is still going to be better than a lot of wholly original, mediocre games.
  2. there is Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes, if you have a SNES emulator
  3. If you find you can enjoy a game based on the ‘tone’ (not the story exactly, but the feel of the story - the world building based on the visuals and mechanics) then yes. if you find you are easily bored or put off by esoterica or lack of clear narratives, I’d say maybe give this one a miss, or at least wait for a deeper sale? I love the game - for whatever that’s worth
  4. Because some of us only game when our kids are in bed, and keeping the noise down is necessary.
  5. Platinum #400 Final Fantasy VII Remake Phenomenal game - everything I wanted and more from the remake. Couldn’t be happier with the treatment of the old classic, and already hankering for more!
  6. Aireth - Barrier + Magnify Ice + MP Absorb Prayer Transference Module Barret - Element + Lightning Prayer Fire + Hp Absorb Wind + Hp Absorb Fill up the rest of the slots with Magic/HP/Luck/MP up as you need. Job done 👍
  7. Prey the trophies force playthroughs with different builds, which totally change the way you have to play, and make the entire thing feel fresh even through third and forth playthroughs - and force you to explore the world in such different ways.
  8. All the entitled, gross, whiney, rich friends at the end of Far Cry 3
  9. I think there are only ‘Elite’ for game specific stuff really. Just having a high psn number is pretty achievable without being good at any games. Elite players are the guys who probably have a psn level of, like, 2... but have mastered whatever game they love, be it a fighting game, an FPS, or whatever. I’m not just being a contrarian here - I am never particularly impressed by high psn level, but seeing awesome play by a master player - even in games I don’t personally like - is always impressive to me. Those guys are the Elite.
  10. I got this - it’s tough, no question. Only real advice I can give is that after the first rapid tap happens, and the indicator fades for the second time, you don’t need to worry about the pace at all - just go as fast as your fingers will go, only stopping for the rapid taps. i got it with 44-43, so by no means a great win, but I’ll take it
  11. 🙄🙄🙄 You have over 30 plats less rare than this one - over a quarter of your total plat count, so, let me be the next one to say “oh please...” I’ll admit, the topic is a somewhat creative humblebrag, but it’s a humblebrag nonetheless. Getting a plat, then complaining it was soooooo easy, is gauche. all it does is undermine people who are currently trying or having a hard time getting it. A cross-game equivalent of “git gud”. The very definition of punching down. Enjoy your plat, and for a harder experience, enjoy the game adding your own restrictions if you feel like it.
  12. The real rarity is all that matters - i.e the one on psn. the rarities on this site are not real - they are just the result of formulae that have been changed over the years, so of little value - and are so skewed for dlc that they are rendered actively misleading. A game like RE5 remake - for example - comes with all dlc pre-installed for every player, yet for some reason this site still insists that you only ‘own’ it if you haVe earned a trophy from that specific set.... also, the requirement for a player to earn 1 trophy in a dlc list to count as ‘owning’ it, means all dlcs with 1 trophy should have 100% common value, right? wrong! oh, okay, so the site must be counting all players who own the main game as dlc owners then, right? wrong! oh.... so, wait... is it all just based on an arbitrary formula that renders the rarity value obsolete? you betcha! 🙄
  13. I replayed the original a month ago so I’d be prepared to compare, and, frankly, I cannot imagine a better job being done than they have. So far, it has exceeded my expectations. i’m only on chapter 3 - several hours in, but - for my money - it’s the perfect balance between faithfulness and modernisation. It looks great, sounds great, and knows exactly which little moments from the original to keep the same, which to flesh out and where to deviate. Early hours now, but if it keeps this up, I think it will be something really special. two thumbs up.
  14. I still play Prey a couple times a year, and always jump into the new Hitman 2 content