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  1. See, here’s the real crux of why this all became a problem. the issue isn’t the ‘snowflakes’ or the parents calling and complaining etc - that’s just people getting offended by things - which they have the right to do - and exercising their own freedom of speech - which they also have a right to do. I have absolutely no issue with people getting offended by whatever they get offended by, or with them basing their purchasing power on those issues, or telling whoever they want to tell just how offended they are. the problem, is that we, as a society, seem to have decided that when people are offended by something, they have a right to expect something to be done about it. When someone says “I’m offended by that” the answer should be *shug* “okay, sucks to be you I guess.” instead, now the answer seems to have become “oh, well, let me remove it. You’re offence is more important than the artistic intention of the originator.” that’s the kind of logic that, had it existed for the past two thousand years, would have resulted in there being nothing but bland, boring, uninteresting or religious art, and nothing else. Let people be offended. Let them be however they are. But please, people, companies, artists, publishers - stop trying to make them happy.
  2. Exactly. Americans think it’s fine for kids to see violence, gun crime, murder etc. in films (all things that in real life are bad), but slap an NC-17 on anything that shows sex (which in real life is fun and nice.)
  3. Don’t uninstall it anyway - there’s been new content every week since it was released. also, it’s the best game on PS4! Bank and Resort both sound like great ideas for locations. Cannae wait.
  4. Stop trying to hunt in area’s that still have enemy outposts. Hunt once you have cleared all camps in the area if you have a slinced rifle, then you have all you need to take over any camp in the game. No need to get anywhere near them, just pick them off one at a time
  5. I never understood people loving Metal Gear games. The stories are terrible, and told mostly in poor-man’s Michael Bay style cut scrnes or interminably long codex conversations, the characters all ridiculous - but not ridiculous enough to be fun, the shooting doesn’t work, the stealth is ropey at best. the first one was a pretty okay game, but by the time Metal Gear Solid came along the whole series just dissapeared up it’s own arse.
  6. 1. Hitman 2 2. Prey 3. The Witness 4. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture 5. Life is Strange Honourable mentions: Dead Cells Dishonored 2 Horizon: Zero Dawn Wolfenstein The New Collosus Dark Souls 3 Bloodborne The Surge Rogue Legacy Tacoma Rise of the Tomb Raider God of War Nier: Automata Uncharted 4
  7. Yes. All pursuits for pleasure are a waste of time - in fact, all pursuits whether for pleasure or not are a waste of time for the 99.99% of people who are not smart enough or brave enough or special enough to be advancing the cause of the human race. We are cursed with awareness of our own mortality, and our own insignificance in the universe. In the first world countries, we no longer have to spend the majority of our energies simply staying alive, and so destracting ourselves from the bleak hopelessness of our meaningless lives is all most of us can hope for. Entertainment provides that. As do hobbies. As do collecting useless things. Want all three of those things in one? *ding* *ding* *ding*
  8. Well, sure. it means about as much as you make of it I suppose. I will say this though - your ranking means about as much as this opinion does... ...but most folks don’t go making threads with inflammatory titles to showcase their ranking...
  9. I’ve never played a single Splinter Cell game - not really sure why, but I somehow have just missed them all!
  10. Lol - I suppose it does!
  11. Someone actually did send me a psn asking me to earn him a platinum and offered a £25 psn voucher for it. it was a long time ago - I can’t remember what game it was... i want to say maybe Dead Space? It was something in that region anyways, like a 20-30 hour platinum (for me anyways, I’m no hero, and I’m not a speedy player.) I remember feeling fucking insulted - not that they thought I would do it at all, I mean, as I don’t really care about the whole ‘this will debase the sanctity of the trophy system blah blah blah’ stuff - but at the pittence he/she was offering. Money is replacable, but my time isn’t. I don’t work for less than what I’m worth, so I just sent a polite message back with what I saw as an acceptable rate: 30hours @ £40/hour = £1,200. Oddly enough, I never heard back. I think that offering a service, which is what it would be in that case, is fine, for acceptable recompence, but in my view, the kind of person who places so little value on trophies that they would be happy to simply buy them is the same kind of person who vastly undervalues the efforts of other people, and thinks lowballing people is acceptable. i don’t want to mess with those kind of people.
  12. I still regularly jump into Hitman 2 despite having got all the trophies a while ago. i also have done a few ‘just for fun’ plays of the Bioshock games and Prey, as there is a ton of new fun to be had beyond the trophy requirements
  13. Chime Sharp, Trine 2, Nex Machina & Rogue Legacy are all challenging and fun
  14. It’s been a long while since I dipped my toe in any competetive multiplayer, especially FPS, but ho-boy...


    either I remember it wrong, or Far Cry 5 is a really terrible multiplayer...

    1. starcrunch061


      You "should of" just left it alone...

    2. PooPooBlast


      I kinda liked MP in far cry 5. It was just tedious going for the trophies though. 


      At least the soundtrack gets my head banging and makes up for everything. They nailed it!

    3. DrBloodmoney