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  1. turns out this game did spark some thoughts for me - which are here if anyone cares
  2. Well, it’s Sunday, it’s still Lock-down, and it’s time for another 'DrBloodmoney Lengthly Musing' that most people won’t read. 😜 I have been thinking recently about the future of Trophy Hunting, in the wake of some of the general prevailing trends across the hobby as a whole. Now - I preface this by saying - I am not a trophy elitist. My Ratalaika-defending credentials are readily available on this site, and my view that a good game is a good game, regardless of the difficulty of the trophy list is self-evident in my trophy list. What I am saying here is not a dig, or an admonishment, or an attack on anyone. I am musing on the future of a pastime I love, that is all. Please do not think I am taking aim at you, or sermonising to anyone. Also - I use the term cataclysm in the ‘upheaval and change’ context, not the ‘total destruction’ context - that’s important to note! Anyway… More and more, I have been starting to feel the inevitability of some sort of existential reckoning, or cataclysmic change, with regards to the leaderboard philosophies and the Trophy Hunting websites that cater to them and set them, PSNProfiles included. There was a time, back in the days of the PS3, when an ‘easy platinum’ (or a ‘trash-plat’ or ‘junk-plat’, whatever term you favour) meant a few well known, yet still somewhat lengthly games. Hannah Montana, Terminator Salvation, some of the Pixar Tie-In games, some of the later Telltale games etc. The fact that I can specifically name them speaks volumes about the relatively minor effect they had on the general leaderboards at the time. Over the course of the PS4 era, however, that relatively small contingent exploded exponentially. What began with the Arcade Archives games (a mix of quality, for sure - there are some great games in there, but trophy-wise, they are extremely easy and quick), and the occasional one-off ‘trophy-for-cash’ games (My Name is Mayo / Slyde/ 1000 Top Rated etc.) was followed by the explosion of EastAsia Studio and Ratalaika games. (I myself have defended those many times in terms of the quality of some of the games, but I cannot in any way defend their policy on trophies, adding up to 8 ‘stacks’ for every release.) Now, the latest low in the trophy hunting race to the bottom is upon us, in the form of the ‘Breakthrough Gaming Arcade’ games - a set of platinums so hopelessly devoid of quality, effort and value that I truly believe they will be the looked back upon as the final catalyst for the impending changes I now see as inevitable. While there was once a time when I rolled my eyes at statements by ‘Elitist’ Trophy Hunters claiming that “anyone could amass 300-odd platinums in a few months” and dismissed them as over-wrought hyperbole and sniffy-nosed elitism, now, I have to finally admit that, while that may have been exaggerated then, it is literally true now. I feel like the whole community - in most aspects a conglomerate, a loose assembly of plethora of small sub-groups - is beginning to fracture into 2 distinct overarching groups with regards to these types of games - those for, and those against them. Even people like me, who once fell broadly in-between - are being slowly pulled into one camp or the other, as the permeation of the gaming landscape with these easy, stackable platinums grows and grows in size. It is becoming impossible not to be forced to pick a side, even if one feels that it is simply a case of choosing the lesser of two evils. Even on PSNP, (historically the most egalitarian and non-elitist of the trophy sites,) the push from what was once a small portion of the user base for more tailored leaderboards, catering to hunters who focus specifically on rarity, or completionism, or scarcity, as opposed to the pure, raw, numbers game has steadily grown over the years from a bubbling undercurrent - easily dismissed or ignored by the majority - to a roaring, churning sea has been slow, but has been gaining pace and volume all the time, and is - I feel - beginning to reach a critical mass. I feel like I see pretty much the same number of post decrying these games, and calling for their exclusion from the leaderboards, as I do of threads proclaiming the virtues of the next 1-hour platinum, and filled with positive comments and elation at the number of stacks and the ease of trophies. It really feels like this is becoming an unsustainable dichotomy. Once, not terribly long ago, I would play any game I felt like, and if it was a Ratalaika game where the platinum came in the first hour, or an Artifex Mundi or Telltale game, where the Platinum is a guarantee, it felt fine. More recently, playing those games began to feel a little different - still fine, but more and more I felt that there was a sense of tut-tutting and poo-poo-ing from some aspects of the community, and I felt more and more the need to justify playing these game - both to myself, and to others. That the common understanding was that I would have only played these games for quick trophies, and that any argument that I might have actually enjoyed them was ludicrous. I tried hard to avoid those kind of feelings ever affecting what I played, and for the most part that worked fine, however - and now I come to the crux of my point - now, playing such games is giving me pause for a different reason: I'm beginning to worry that having too many ‘easy’ games on my profile may affect the longevity and viability of my profile. I’m beginning to feel that soon, there will be changes to the way these sites actually cater to trophy hunting. It feels inevitable that the way in which profiles are tracked will begin to change dramatically in the next few years, and I am starting to worry that having too many ‘easy’ games will end up with my profile being excluded from whatever leaderboards exist in the future entirely. Whether it happens on the existing sites, as a result of the crescendoing push for alterations to the leaderboards, or if the existing sites stagnate, and some new player enters the scene, I do not know, but I feel like - based on the number of threads requesting change - if some new site did pop up, that offered the same levels of service as the current ones, but excluded anyone with too high a percentage of easy games, or discounted stacks, or required a certain rarity percentage for inclusion, it would immediately siphon off users from the existing sites at an alarming rate. If that were the case, I’m almost worried that playing too many Ratalaika games, or EastAsiaSoft games or the likes, may be potentially precluding my inclusion in the hobby I love, somewhere down the road. Maybe I’m just getting Covid-crazy and seeing patterns where there aren’t any - always a possibility! 😂- but I’d be interested if anyone else has been feeling the same? Like maybe we are closer to the end of trophy hunting as a raw-numbers game than to the start of it, and that maybe the winds of change are starting to blow?
  3. plus the upfront costs of certification etc - presumably the reason this stuff isn’t available in every region. I’d be surprised if they actually make a profit overall on these games, even without considering any (marginal) development costs. It’s perfectly likely they are costing the creators money - but that they see that as the price for ‘spreading the good news that He Is Risen’
  4. I suspect that even the God they worship would roll Her mighty eyes at profiles with all of these games on them. And She knows gaming. I mean, they literally named God Modes after Her.
  5. Hi Yuna 👋 I’ll add a few questions: 1. What was the first jrpg you really fell in love with, and why? 2. Have you delved back into the older jrpgs of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras, and if so, as a younger gamer (younger than me anyways 😂) how do you feel about how they compare to the more modern ones? 3. You are heading out on a long journey to save the world - and you are the main character! Which 3 Final Fantasy characters (from any of the games) will you choose to be in your party... and what role will you take? Healer? Tank? Support? Also - these next questions are only for if you are comfortable answering them, of course, but as you have a more unique perspective, I’d certainly be interested if you are - 1. Do you see any progress in the industry with regards to accommodating any additional challenges your CP throws up, in regards to gaming? 2. Do you find such assist modes etc. beneficial / necessary? 3. Have you found there to be particular developers or games publishers that are particularly good, or bad, at implementing accommodations for players with additional physical challenges in their games?
  6. Whoever buys it should also buy IO Interactive, and then rename Square to IO, just to stick it to them 😂
  7. hmmm - I usually see that - might be more invisibility nonsense though - hopefully if you manage to get it added to your cart, you can at least see it there!
  8. Yeah - it's really weird. The whole store seems to be held together with angel's breath and hope at this point. Just kind of move the section around until nothing visible on the screen is highlighted - hopefully, your on the correct invisible button, and press X 😂
  9. I never see the buy button - it's there, and selectable, but invisible. Still works though.
  10. I largely agree, but I've seen you say that about Skype before - what exactly 'happened' to Skype after MS bought it? . I feel like I've been using it exactly the same since it's inception... Edit: this is a genuine question BTW, I'm actually asking - and it's open to anyone who has the inclination to explain it to me, as I'm relatively sure @AJ_Radio has me blocked 😂
  11. I'm not sure of the nitty-gritty details of the laws in different countries, but I suspect that if MS buy up any more large developers, there will be likely be significant Anti-Trust considerations to take in to account They could end up in a situation where they are legally required to have the games come out on other platforms - or at least, to not mandate platform exclusivity - even if they do own them - or be blocked from purchasing at all.
  12. *yawn* A swipe at people who got the Super Meat Boy platinum? Really? Because... they got a platinum for their effort, and didn't just do it for the 'fun'? Jesus... that's a fucking stretch. 🙄 Like you did for the 243 of your platinums that come from 1 hour, single-sitting games and stacks above 80% commonality, you mean, right? They were all super fun, yeah? You'd have played all of them, even if the trophies wouldn't sync?
  13. That would mess up my ‘secret’ messages even more 😞
  14. Here is my honest suggestion for guides: The guide writer assigns the difficulty, but, in every guide, they put two examples of the same genre in it, for context. ie: BLOODBORNE: Difficulty - 6/10 Harder than - Dark Souls 2 Easier than - Sekiro or TITANFALL 2: Difficulty - 7/10 Harder than - Call of Duty Modern Warfare Easier than - Wolfenstein 2 (Those are totally off-the-cuff examples to show a format - please don’t come at me about whether the actual values are right) That way, even if the writer obviously found the game much easier than the reader would (or much harder), the reader can still gauge how hard they would find it personally, based on how difficult they found the sample games. 🤷‍♂️ Obviously, it would still be contingent upon the guide writer to select appropriate games for the samples - games of the same genre and of reasonably similar brackets to avoid this: LITERALLY ANY GAME: Difficulty - WHATEVER/10 Harder than - My Name is Mayo Easier than - Crypt of the Necrodancer 😂 but if that was a requirement in the guide format, I think it would go a long way to helping readers to contextualise the assigned values.
  15. Just general musings really - and seeing how others feel about it I had found myself getting a bit burned out always replaying games as many times as needed for the 100% all in a row, and it was often giving me a bit of ‘repetition fatigue.’ Recently, I had noticed that some games where a requirement for additional playthroughs had been added after I finished (Spiderman was one, and Horizon Zero Dawn another) weren’t doing that. I actually found that going back after a year or two was a really great time! It gave me a good excuse / encouragement to go back and replay, but the long gap had really removed any fatigue, and let me enjoy the game as much as I had the first time round all over again I made a decision to try and do that when I could - if I really like a game, and it required multiple playthroughs, to just play until I’ve had my fill, and trust that at some point I’ll want to come back, and when I do, it will be a much more fun time than if I ‘hunkered down’ and powered through all at once. It’s why I haven’t gone back and done grounded mode in The Last of Us 2, for example - yet I’m not really in the business of judging other people’s playing habits - but I like to hear how others feel about them 🤷‍♂️