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  1. Ah crap. The guy died? now I feel bad. Juat looked him up. Well, that’s a massive bummer.
  2. Do you definetly have the stat requirement to use them?
  3. Ah - never saw that! Picked it up on a whim in one of the recent sales, based on just feeling like it had been a long time since I played a rhythm game and hadn’t heard anything about it. Guess I should have done that research, though, in fairness, I still wouldn’t have known who they were!
  4. Ah, I’m only teesing - hell, we all push our opinions out there, that’s why we’re here - it’s all good natured (I hope!)
  5. Lol 👏🏼 😂😂 Kudos - true that - that was funny 😁 Hey man, we all got our opinions (already said mine above) but I don’t think the post you quoted meant the dictionary definition of “Think about it objectively.” The dictionary definition would be someting like “devoid yourself of emotional bias.” I think they were going more for the ‘internet forum’ definition of “Think about it objectively,” which would be something more like “Shut up about your stupid thoughts and have my opinion!” 😉
  6. Thank you for that - this is something I care quite a bit about, not least because in December this year I will be 10 years sober. There there is nothing more simultaneously unhelpful and mind-numbingly stupid as the kind of people who are drinkers, but argue against things like alcohol dependancy units or medical treatment centres, simply because they are uncomfortable with admitting the idea that the thing that they enjoy could be detrimental if they fall into it too hard. It almost always stems from weakness too - the people who yell the hardest about how “it’s not a real problem”, “why don’t they just stop” etc. are almost always the ones who are closest to falling down that slippery slope themselves - they don’t want to admit anyone elses problems are legitimate, because to do so would be to acknowledge how close they are joining them... There will be plenty of non-gaming, judgemental assholes who tell these poor sods who are playing Fortnight for 36 hours straight binges and blowing their life savings on microtransactions in Clash Royale “It’s not a real addiction, get over it.” That sucks, but at least that stems from a lack of knowledge of games. It will double suck for the people who are deep in their addiction if gamers (who should understand how it can happen) start ganging up and telling them the same shit too, just because they don’t want to admit they also probably play a little bit too much and don’t want to feel they have to justify it. There is a big difference between ‘Playing too much’ and ‘Having an addiction.’ The first one is just between you and your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend. The second one needs to be between you and your doctor.
  7. Man, I’m so conflicted - i really like the mechanics and the look of this game, - it has a slick style and an interesting little mechanic with some story cutscenes to vary the rhythm of play - but the music is bad. The songs are all by the same person, and all a kind of euro-pop 90’s style squeak-clubhouse. Just a warning to anyone looking to pick the game up - it’s the same songs on all diffculty paths, so you will be hearing a lot of repetition if you go for the plat. looks nice though!
  8. Hey - someone who really liked Nier here btw, before you assume I’m just here to troll or something - I thought the story was phenomenally well put together and executed - but I have a question: If Nier: Automata had a really dull, uninteresting story, but everything else was the same, do you think you would be posting on forums saying that it is ‘beautiful’ and ‘extremely damn close to perfect, except for the story’? I’m not asking to be contrarian - but I do feel like the story is the best part of the game, and kind of felt that it was so good, that it elevated, in a lot of gamers minds, other aspects which were pretty mediocre. I thought the visuals were very rote and the enviroments flat and uninteresting - the lower budget of the title really showed a lot in these areas - as well as in the constant ‘invisible walls’ boxing you into small areas. The ‘sexy-maid’ costume was a bit much, (and I know for a fact it put off more than a few female gamers from even trying the game out) and the combat, while servicable, was not on the level of other platinum games like Bayonetta. Don’t get me wrong, the story was easily enough to propel me along, and I regularly and heartily reccomend the game to others based on it (as well as the brilliant soundtrack), but I don’t do so by saying it was great in all aspects - that would be setting people up to be disappointed in my eyes. I tell them to play it in spite of those things, push past the duller stuff, because the story is so rewarding. I love Nier, but I think that the praise has bled over from the areas where it is well deserved, into areas where it isn’t. That has directly resulted in the let-down feeling of many newer players - which is a damn shame, because the story alone should be more than enough to insist people give it a go! Nier: Automata doesn’t need extra praise added on wantonly - it already has one of the best stories of this generation of games. It doesn’t need to have anything more - story is what it does best, and it does it brilliantly.
  9. I don’t actually think you’re in a minority in thinking the actual minute-to-minute play of Nier is pretty weak - I liked the game, but the worst part about it is the part where you play it! The strength is the story and the thematic language, but, as you said, you played it once it already had the reputation- I think a lot of what was most appealing was the way the heavier stuff slowly snuck up on you - if you knew the reputation ahead of time then a lot of the impact would be lost. i still think the game deserves a lot of credit for it’s story, but I can see being a bit let down, given the almost evangelical praise heaped on it by those who played it early and experienced the twists blind.
  10. I think someone needs to classify “arguing against a body of experts despite having no training yourself” as a disorder. They could call it “Arogantitus”. The WHO has to base it’s conclusion on the opinions of medical professionals. We base our conclusions on our own half-arsed, uninformed opinions. I think they probably have more of a leg to stand on than we do... Yeah, games are addictive. They are designed to be, in the same way as gambling is designed to be. Hell, the free-to-play models and microtransaction based games learned their psychological manipulation directly from the gambling industry - is anyone seriously gonna argue that gambling addiction isn’t a disorder? Take a look at any casino bar late in a midweek evening and you’ll reevaluate pretty quick. This story doesn’t mean everyone is gonna get suckered into destroying their lives, and it doesn’t mean that the big bad government overlords are going to try and take your games away - it just means having a professional body acknowledge that the people who get seriously addicted could do with some organised, structured and peer-reviewed help. Classifying the disorder allows the methods that help to be more easily shared and allows peer-to-peer research to spread good ideas faster and weed out bad ones. It is insane to me to hear self-identified ‘gamers’ claim this is stupid, or shouldn’t be done, especially when we all know games are addictive. Why wouldn’t you want to help out other gamers who get the bug too bad? Here’s an experiment - open any random game discussion thread on this forum and scan down the posts - I bet you dollars to doughnuts that you find the word ‘addictive’ or ‘addicting’ in the first few pages. Sure, sometimes we are exaggerating for effect, but it’s only an exaggeration. It’s not an outright lie, and if you find it ‘addicting’ but don’t have a serious problem, great, but there will always be someone else out there who gets bitten way harder. What’s wrong with classifying that side of the addiction under an umbrella term, to help people help them?
  11. Hey, just completed Beyond Good and Evil HD to 100%, so think this is my first top-stop in a Project Platinum? (yay!). Also, I liked the game - really reminded me that there was a time during the PS2 era that every game seemed to share a common aesthetic - R&C, J&D, Sly Cooper, this, Prince of Persia - almost every big franchise had that very specific, Nickelodeon-Saturday-morning cartoon-esque look and feel. Good game - stealth and camera are pretty ropey (par for the course for the era), but I could tell it was ambitious for the time, and playing it certainly put me in a good mood for the sequel when it comes, so cheers for the recommendation!
  12. Hey, sign me up for ‘Heartless Armed Angel’ - I have the Persona 4 Golden Plat
  13. Hey, sign me up for sargeant, I have: Battlefield Bad Company 2 - 100%