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  1. My suspicion is that GOW is better (as seems to be the general consensus here), but the very fact that this question has been raised at all makes me more likely to check out Spiderman at some point.
  2. This isn’t a Sony forum
  3. Ah, yes - that was meant to be a simplified way of conveying the idea of how bad it can be, but you’re right, out of context, that seems bad too. fair cop, my bad.
  4. Lol, well thank you - yes, I’ve often mused that people who game the system to ensure specific trophies appear as milestones are cheating themselves (what’s the point in seeing your stats if you stroke the system to show you the stats you want) - but the odd wierd boob shot in your milestones is the collateral damage that opinion results in I guess! 😳
  5. I think what people are missing when thinking about critics - and why I don’t much care about Metacritic - is that you aren’t supposed to take a random assortment of reviews as gospel - you are meant to find certain critics you respect and see what they have to say. In film, for example, I regularly listen to Mark Kermode, and I value his reviews, even though I probably agree with 50% of his opinions at most. What’s important is that I know what he likes, what he doesn’t, and where our tastes allign and deviate. For games, I tend to go to Giant Bomb - there are guys there I know have very different tastes to me, and some who I know have some similar tastes. I know that if this guy likes X game in X genre, that means I might like it, but this other guy is way more into Y genre than me, so I should consider that when listeing to his opinion on X game, etc etc etc. Sure, if a game has a metacritic score below 40 it is most likely objectively bad is probably true, but the idea that there is a game out there that will hit 100% on metacritic and is therefore the perfect game for everyone is just silly.
  6. Because it isn’t OCD. It’s a preference. At best, as you say, a quirk. The OP states that they are ‘kinda OCD’, which translates to “I have absolutely no concept of how debilitating and serious Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is, but think using a medical term for a very serious mental illness is a cute, funny way of explaining my little quirks and pet peeves.” I know someone who developed OCD. It eventually became so they were unable to leave the house for years, and tthier care and requirements had an impact on every single person in their family and circle of friends. It is a very serious metal disorder - and misusing the term like this is enough of a faux-pas as to invite a little gentle ribbing. When people say “Oh, I’m a bit OCD about that’ or ‘Oh, that messes with my OCD’ when it’s really just a minor annoyance or something they prefer to be one way and it is another, they might as well be saying, ‘oh, I grazed my skin, damn I ‘kinda’ have skin cancer’
  7. Reviews seems decent - I’ll probably play when it’s a ps+ game
  8. Humblebrag alert! No, you won’t have to. Since you can unlock the 20 S-ranks trophy for playing the same song 20 times, then I’d imagine all you need to do is play the same songs you have already played and get A-rank in them 20 times. The trophies are not based on your top score on each song, they are based on your final score on every individual play of a song.
  9. Just like life. Doesn’t matter what you do in it, you end up the same at the end...
  10. Looks good. hopefully they have learned how to program a game by now, and I get a better experience than my attempts to play The Witcher 3: ”Let’s see what this game is all about...” *plays for 3 hours* ”Well, that was mostly tutorial, but seems like a good game, think I’ll take a break...” *puts PS4 in rest mode* *Several hours pass* “Well, that was a good movie, lets play a bit more and see if I can get my first trophy in the game!” *turn PS4 back on* :AN ERROR OCCURRED - THIS APPLICATION HAS CLOSED: ”huh, that’s wierd. Well, lets just load the game back up...” :GAME DATA IS CORRUPTED: 😒 *deletes game, trophy list and all future notion of playing The Witcher 3*
  11. There’s defined a couple of games I’ve played (on my Pro) that tax the console so much that the fan sounds like a damn hairdryer - mostly big, graphics intensive games - God of War and Horizon. Both made headphones basically a requirement.
  12. With all due respect, you are not a Completionist. A Completionist is a trophy hunter who challenges themself to complete as much as they can of every game they play - not one who picks specific games, knowing the 100% won’t be a challenge. There is nothing inherently wrong with doing the latter, but there is a distinct difference between the two approaches that should be acknowledged. One is a Completionist, the other is a Cherry-Picker.
  13. Salt and Sanctuary! You migt have seen some complaints about bad framerate / freezing etc. from early on after release, but that has all been ironed out perfectly with the patches, and it is a fantastic game.
  14. Just noticed I hit 450 games @ 100% last night :) 


    Should last for a little bit, until some dastardly new dlc comes down the pike ;) 

    1. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    2. heartofcyberlife



      You d'man Bloodmoney. Although must be gettin kinda lonely up there?

      whoops didn't notice the US flag

      replace it with this ☺️ and enjoy the fruits of your labor


  15. Had my upper ones out a good while back - make sure you avoid aspirin for the first few weeks (or any other blood-thinning meds). also, gargling with salt water is good for cleaning the holes out (tastes awful though!)