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  1. @starcrunch061 A balanced diet - some fast food, some caviar, and plenty of good ol’ meat and potatoes 9/10 👍
  2. Eligible students don’t generally move in - they grow up in the city. That means that the increased population has to ‘settle’ for a while, and start having children, who will move through the educational system. you’ll probably see the eligible students for elementary school go up first, a few years after your influx of people, followed by highschool, then university, so I’d personally recommend just letting the population settle for a bit and concentrate on improving the city - road layout, new transport etc. for a while, in preparation for the eventual incrwade in uni students. also, If you haven’t already, this is the time to turn on things like youth training for sports, lower ticket price for varsity games, free transport on game days etc, to encorage a lot of foot traffic around the campusses - if nothing else, that will highlight any weaknesses in your access routes and let you fix them before it truly hinders you
  3. Personally, I think nothing beats the final scene. The look on Ellie’s face as she is trying to size up whether Joel is lying to her, then the “okay”, then the cut are fucking masterful, and could hold up against some of the best movie scenes, never mind game cut-scenes. I know there are some more simple-minded people who complain that the ending is anti-climactic, or ambiguous, but they miss the point. We know the truth, Joel knows the truth, and it is up to interpretation whether Ellie does too - personally I always read it as she realises he is probably lying, but accepts the lie anyway as the mark of his love and as her only way to carry on, but it could be seen a myriad of different ways, all of which would be valid. Just like a bunch of great movie finales.
  4. Little Big Planet 3 is <2% for reasons I can’t fathom 🤔 IIRC it was not a difficult game in the slightest and actually pretty good fun
  5. I didn’t rocket through it or anything, and finished at about the 120hour mark. Enjoyed every minute too - except for the middle chapter of the Atlantis stuff, but thats only a few hours. Hell of a game, a long marathon, but thoroughly recommended
  6. no probs mate - on Post offices, it’s mostly about reducing traffic congestion ( which is clutch in a lot of things, especially how far a citizen will travel for thier job / purpose. that’s crucial for campuses, since you are trying to get huge numbers travelling from all over the city to one or two or three specific spots). Also - I can’t be sure it makes any difference, but in my city-mayor-brain, I figured that you need to get letters telling you you’ve been accepted to university, so... 😝 In terms of industry, I try very quickly to remove all dirty industry from my cities as a matter of course anyways - If i have any yellow, it’s always just a small seperate town for farming industry, and another for forrestry, each with their own cargo hub and a seperate rail network to bring the product to warehouses in the main city areas, where I build the unique factories. (Those can be useful to be located near your trade school). The free wifi thing is minor bonus really - IMO it doesn’t reduce traffic by enough to justify the high cost, especially in a big city. You can achieve more with a good metro system and with proper road layout. Consider an underground highway system with underground roundabouts to access, that way you only need to worry about tunnelled on-ramps in terms pf spacing.
  7. I got the trophy, and for a long time had similar numbers to you. It was a long road to get to 15k. - i’m not an expert in the game, and can’t be sure all these things make a difference, but some of the things I did that you might try are: Massively increase your residential areas, without adding any jobs. Ignore the bars telling you to build industrial/ commencial. It will fill up slowly regardless, especially if you have high land value. The Eden project will help with this. By the time I got it, my population was around 190000 IIRC. Put your High schools and elementary schools inside the campus areas, so the the residential educated are all populated around them. put good transport links from all over the city into the campusses. Metro especially, I found to get high use. Each stop inside my campuses was at over 3000 daily passengers. Put high entertainment unique buildings inside the campuses. Improve traffic flow. You want it above 80% ideally. Remember to use roundabouts made of one way highway, and you want the same number of lanes as there are exits. Free public transport. Prefer bikes. Educational Blimps. Improve the Varsity teams. A high win rate attracts people, which attracts students. Turn on free lunches on all campuses. build the medical monument. Better Health = more students. demolish the Hedron collider. (Don’t just switch it off) Build lots of Libraries. Make sure postal coverage is good. demolish ALL dirty industry, and replace it with office. You don’t need any Yellow in your educational utopia. Office jobs only. build leasure stuff. More tourists = more people moving in = more students. Families like parks / playgrounds etc, not casinos / clubs etc. Be patient!
  8. The Chime Platinum. only 17 achievers on the site
  9. Sweet, cheers! 🍻
  10. Wait... I think I have all these, right?
  11. Find someone who has it, then sign in on their ps4 and play the rest there. Since their account will be the primary, you can play and earn your trophies.
  12. I like the new ones fine, but they are a totally different game now. My favourite remains Unity, with Revelations as a strong 2nd, but I’ve enjoyed my time with origins and Odyssey. I do miss the old formula sometimes, but hey, there are more remasters than I could shake a wrist-blade at, so I can’t get mad about it - and them shaking it up is no bad thing after so long. the main thing I miss is the competitive multiplayer though. That was such a great mode, and it sucks that it got taken out
  13. Liking this game for the most part, but, man, I feel like I spend 70% of my time trying to figure out how to get somewhere on the damn map... Is it just me? Am I missing something? Every time I need to backtrack anywhere, I feel like I run in circles trying to work out how I got there the first time, and end up back where I started!
  14. I look forward to all the fun news stories and new slew of lawsuits when they publish everyone who buys a pass’s home address and phone number on an unsecured webpage.
  15. Oh, right okay, I see what you mean.