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  1. Haha - this is an awesome idea for a list man! Love it - looking forward to following along! 👍👍
  2. @Beyondthegrave07 Hey dude, noticed the list has been updated, but not my bonus badge entry - did I mess up the remit, or is that just oversight?
  3. Absolutely 👍 I have (according to this site) something in the region of 500 UR trophies, and I can categorically state that not one of them was earned by me being "naturally" or "inherently" better at games than the 95% of folks who played the game but didn't earn them. It has nothing to do with any "engrained ability" - trust me - I'm almost legendarily bad at games among my friends 😝 Virtually any game I pick up, I am worse at than most people are to begin with. The only genre for which that might not be the case now is Puzzle games... but that's purely as a result of having played a lot of them, and has nothing to do with innate ability. I just learned some of how they work, and the mindset required to solve them by playing a lot of them over a long period of time... it's not like I fell out of my mother's vagina with a Rubik's Cube clutched in my infant hand! 😂
  4. I believe Keyser Soze said it best: "To get rare trophies, you don't need natural ability, or reaction times, or mad skills... you just need the will to do what the other guy won't."
  5. Man, now the question becomes... ...am I going to be able to get around to the first one (which I've owned since launch) before the tenth one is released? 😂 With my backlog, it's like the worlds slowest race against time! 😝
  6. This. I believe that, aside from actual physical impairment and disabilities of that nature, every person on this site is capable of getting even the most difficult of trophies - it’s just a question of how much time they are willing to dedicate to practicing and acquiring the skill level required. Previous experience, personality and general aptitude will affect that amount of time required, but not the ceiling. It’s been said that it takes 10,000 hours to be a master of any task, and I believe that… …the only question is, whether the game is good enough or fun enough to support those 10,000 hours it might take!
  7. Aren't the Hamster Arcade Archives games and some of the classic games also running via an emulator, though? 🤔 I though that was the case, though I may be mistaken.
  8. If original console becomes the deciding factor for tags, that’s going to require a lot of retagging across the site… Would ports of iOS games, like Game Dev Story or the Artifex Mundi games get an “ipad” tag? Will Alan Wake Remastered and Cuphead need Xbox console tags? Would Shenmue require a “Dreamcast” tag? What about the Hamster Arcade Archives games? I have to admit, it would be interesting to see Towerfall Ascension with the elusive “Ouya” tag… …but I suspect the work involved in such a change would be pretty extreme.
  9. that’s handy - the audio from the cutscenes in the first game should have just about caught up by then 😂
  10. oh man - all my thoughts about the classic games thing has been about PS1 games… I’ve been getting my knickers in a twist thinking about Pandemonium and No One Can Stop Mr Domino… … I barely even considered the idea of a Shadow of Memories Platinum! 😂 Can’t say such thing is likely, but if we would both buy it, that guarantees predicted sales of… well… 2 copies. 😂 If that happened, I’d just want every trophy to be for hearing the most crazy-line reads in the game! Plus. if they didn’t call the Platinum Trophy “Homunculus”, they’d have done goofed! 😂 Homunculus Congratulations, You heard the word “Homunculus” more times in the last hour than you will for the rest of your life!
  11. Hey @Billie__227 Just wanted to say - I finished up Doki Doki Literature Club+ today - (It was on my "Backlog Gremlin list (stuff folks have recommended to me), with your name (well, actually, it was some stranger called Popnheart, but I'm going to attribute it to you in her absence 😉)... ...nice job! That game was marvellous, and I would likely not have picked it up had you (and a couple of other folks) not given it a heavy endorsement in my direction! 👍 Hope I can return the favour someday! 😊
  12. Remember how back in the PS3 days, a big complaint levelled at a lot of games as the industry moved from the kaleidoscopic psychadelica of previous years, to aiming for "gritty realism"... the result was that all games went a bit "Dark and Brown"?


    Jett: The Far Shore seems to be trying to prove to me that you can do that "Dark and Brown" thing, but still make it look super cool and unique, as long as you have the art-design to back it up:








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    2. DrBloodmoney




      I've not played much yet, but man, the art-style and the visuals have been bowling me over so far - such a strange, unique style to the whole thing!

    3. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      I can def see why, Doc!! I'll be interested to hear your take on this, once it eventually reaches the scientific process 🤓

    4. Cleggworth


      I put this game on my to play list based purely on the art style, have to wait on a deeper sale unfortunately but it looks fascinating. I should really check back in on your scientific analysis. You have played/purchased a lot recently that is on my radar

  13. Lcce220.png

    I’m only about an hour or so into Jett: The Far Shore, so can’t speak much to the gameplay…


    …but man, this game has some seriously cool and original art design, some incredibly cool, cinematic shots, and some really stellar music.


    I’ve already seen like fifteen different shots where - if the PS5 XMB supported custom wallpapers - I’d have been furiously screenshotting like a mad man! 😂

    1. rjkclarke




      This is probably my face.......




      .......when reading this update, which almost certainly added to my backlog JUST by describing it exactly like this.... 😂

  14. 😂 Okay "Dummy", well, I understand English may not be everyone's first language on here... ...but for the purposes of explanation of my point: The first part of your sentence (before the hyphen) joins Breakthrough and this game into the same category. The second part (post-hyphen) states that you consider this game to be the most negative example of that category, as it also is "cringe" (I assume you mean "cringe inducing") in addition to whatever other reasons they should all "go to Hell". Calling someone a "Dummy" because they can't psychically intuit what you meant to say, and simply responded to what you did say, is pretty rich.
  15. Are you kidding? You literally wrote the sentence: ...and I quoted it in my response. 😂