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  1. L9768c5.png

    Finished It Takes Two last night with MsBloodmoney... and we saw how the story concludes.


    As both a married couple, and both being children of divorced parents, we would just like to say to the developers...




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    2. DrBloodmoney


      I’ll tell you - when I do review this, it’s gonna really test a formula - just how much does an abhorrent, cynical, nasty, genuinely dangerous central message in a kids game drag down otherwise solid-to-good gameplay, great visuals etc?


      Concrete Genie tested those waters a little bit… but this one goes full pedal to the metal! 



    3. Copanele


      OH MAN! At least give me a warning before starting to write, so I can run to the store and grab a bag of chips.

      That kind of description requires the appropriate ammo as a reader xD

    4. zizimonster


      Ah, sorry... I misunderstood your status update. :giggle: