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  1. Easily Demon's Souls. Only game I ever asked my girlfriend attend me ejecting the disc and pinging it at the wall saying," I will never play this game again." Just started Dark Souls and it's looking like the same effect will happen.
  2. Just what I wanted. One of the best games of 2013 re-released on next gen. goosebumps. PS4 is looking more appealing for April, what with FF14 going next gen as well I can't think of a reason not to get a PS4.
  3. Any game where the servers are currently shut down like White Knight Chronicles 1+2. Or going to be shut down, like Free Realms.
  4. Eliminate MP trophies. Add Trophies to games that don't have any, example, Valkyria Chronicles, Oblivion, Folklore, etc. If they can do it for Metal Gear Solid 4 they should do it for old titles. I always rip on my friend, who is a dedicated Xbox fan, that Trophies are better then achievement points. When in reality, the only purpose of them is to get gamers to commit, and sadly its true.
  5. Full Metal Alchemist, Original series and Brotherhood, as well as Princess Mononoke.
  6. Just watch Lego Movie yesterday. Was acceptable, but more of a renter in my opinion.
  7. Great game. Short, but sweet. Really gotta use both sides of your brain. Kept trying to keep the little brother on the right side of the screen and the older on the left. whenever they crossed It would get confusing, lol.
  8. By far my favorite game of 2013. Would have liked to see it on next gen, but I guess they could always do The Last of Us2.
  9. ^ This is exactly why im waiting to get mine until 2014. Did the same thing with my PS3, got the last model of the original model just before slim came out and Ive never had a problem. Thinking Marchish should be long enough.
  10. I didnt play Beyond. I did however consider Last of Us to be the best finale before next generation. Beat it 4x in 13 days througg normal, normal+, survivor, survivor+. A worth it game.
  11. Whisky ( prefered Crown ) + 7Up. Lemon/Lime wedge optional.
  12. Just White Knight Chronicles for me. Finished it the day the servers went down. got 10 minutes into WKC2 and online died =(. Want it back sooo bad.
  13. I had a similar problem. I assumed it was overheating. When I cracked open my PS3 I found the thermal paste on the chip was less then acceptable. Could have done better with Crest tooth paste. After I put a higher grade paste in it hasnt fritzed on me sinse. Not that Im reccomending voiding your warranty by opening your PS3. I just did cause it was 4 years old and PS4 is comming .