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  1. I tried to rent a server on Polish, English, US and British accounts. Sony is taking money from my wallet but I cannot rent a server. Some error on EA's side. Has EA removed the server lease option?
  2. I only need to win 6 TDM. I can help if you want.
  3. First you have to be at 48lv. Than go to the stronghold in the left side od map Rooseveld Island. Press triangle than hold triangle than Jupiter Manhunt mission. Change difficulty on Challenge and go.
  4. Kancootz answered me: 'hi there, i dunno how i get the extreme manhunt mission iirc i did all the termite manhunt missions all in one go with all 5 directives on i did the missions on heoic with my teammates'
  5. Someone did it but how?
  6. Yes, I've got problem with this trophy too.
  7. "The game server is currently unavailable. Please try again.' So, server is dead like 007 Legends.
  8. As I said server is down.
  9. Yes. A few minutes ago.
  10. It's true. Server is down.
  11. Global Warfighters is glitched for me second time.
  12. My trophy was glitched so I found this solution: "Hi there!, same problem happened to me, i raise lvl 74 and other trophies poped but not the "global warfighters". I got it today after make a drastic action... i contacted EA to delete my Origin/EA account, yes, that delete all my statistics of other games like Battlefield but i dont care, i just wanna the trophies. I created a new Origin/EA account with the same name and all stuff, start MoH Warfighter at lvl 1, after a few matches i raise to lvl 14... trophy pops" On my second Origin's accound trophy is glitched too. It's a pice a shit not a game. After I've deleted my first Origin account and making a new one I've lost my all progress in games like: BF1, BF3, BF4 (on PS3 and PS4), BC1, Battlefront 1 and 2, all NFS's on PS3 and PS4 and I can't play online in NFS:HP.
  13. Server is back. You can download maps now.
  14. And what if my friend will join to the game? His FC2 has to download maps from my PS3. That Way for him won't work to? I'm deeply sorry for my English.
  15. Maps worked but trophy didn't popped.