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  1. Before starting the game, you can choose between the censored version and the uncensored.
  2. Metroidvania without a mini map. LOL
  3. The same problem on XSX.
  4. How did you get it?
  5. Everything is gone. Experience, credits, skills, implants, items, ladder. As if someone pressed a button and deleted everything.
  6. DLC is on the disk.
  7. Does anyone know if the digital or retail version of the game has add-ons? I can not find them in japanese PSN.
  8. I have the same problem. I opend all doors but in stats there are 11/12 doors opend.
  9. Just disable firewall in WIndows. It helped me.
  10. Open deadwood in CMD as admin
  11. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 UE Disk BLES00546 is updating now.
  12. I had PS1, have pink PS2, PSP, 2x PS3, 2x Vita and one PS4 but PS4 is the last Playstation in my house.
  13. Me and my friends have 4 ps3 and we have 80710016 error on all ps3's
  14. I can't play online in Grid 2, Red Faction Guerilla and Time Crisis Rising Storm, Painkiller, NSF Undercover, Max Payne 3, BF Bad Company 2. So, online with p2p doesn't work.
  15. I can't play online for several days. The game tells me to log into psn and yet I am logged in