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  1. I'm guessing you've already checked but make sure all coin races are super trophies. As a backup you can try to races a couple of races again (ie. going for the 380km/h trophy or win with no fuel one and Transportation trophy) and try to do the last one again since it will complete the campaign again. Hope it pops up for you!
  2. Unfortunately I do have it checked, hoped this was the issue. Out of my four friends one of em got a code so that's even weirder...
  3. ^ This I never got anything like that ever on my account and all receipts from online purchases come directly to my emal too
  4. Sorry for not responding guys been inactive for a long time! Soultaker655 seemed more capable in answering your questions though so I appreciate that. Haven't actually seen the sleights strat just thought about posting the fire/blizzard decks strat since its easy and requires minimum skill. Feel free to use the post however you want, but as soultaker655 already said credits go to the KH Speedrun community. I credited Jagslash too because he specifically showed and explained how the strat worked!
  5. This way requires some early game "farming" for at least 2 Red Nocturne and 2 Blue Rhapsody enemy cards and some luck but its pretty much minimal. This is actually a speedrun approach. I beat the game on Proud at level 42 while also getting the Undefeated Trophy (meaning it was deathless) using this strat. It requires no sleights or enemy cards (other than those included in the guide) so the way to level up Sora throughout the game is pretty straightforward. Get CP to 850 1st. DO NOT LEVEL UP ANYTHING BEFORE THAT After your CP is at 850 just upgrade your HP The reason Sleights are ignored is because they are not needed at all on this playthrough. Play through Traverse Town farming for those enemy cards mentioned above. Make sure to break/hit everything that may contain Cards/ Moogle Points (MP)/ Health Orbs. After that go to Agrabah and play through almost to the end. 3 rooms before Jafar boss fight open up a Moogle room. Now you should have Blizzard and Fire magic cards on your collection (as well as some other magic cards ie. Simba). Go to the Moogle and buy all the sets of Magic cards (Blue cards) available. Then go ahead and create another Moogle room doing the same thing until you exhaust all your MP. You should open 3 Moogle rooms and get all the Magic cards given. If you have barely enough MP then sell some attack cards to get to that 200 MP needed for another pack. At this point you should have about 20 Blizzard and Fire cards each. For now just go in and beat Jafar normally since he is pretty easy. After beating Jafar create 2 new decks. One Blizzard deck (including at least 2 Ether cards, 1 Cure and the 2 Blue Rhapsody enemy card) and one Fire deck (including 2-3 Ethers, 1-2 Cures and the 2 Red Nocturne enemy cards). Make sure to use lower value cards for the first column when you edit the deck so when you use Blizzaga/Firaga the lower valued card vanishes. Also use about 3-4 Premium cards at that place so they are cheaper. These decks will carry you to the end of the game. The Blizzard deck is used for enemy encounters (except Blue Rhapsody and Green Requiem just escape from these) and the Fire deck is designed for Boss fights (except for the 2 Axel Boss fights ahead). Now play through the game using the Blue Rhapsody card at the start of every enemy encounter and spam Blizzaga until enemies are dead. Same for the Fire deck but make sure to add some 0 value Attack cards at the end of the deck to counter Bosses sleights when they use them. At the very last Boss fight (Marluxia II and III) you will need to add some high value Attack cards (ie 7,7,8,8,9) to counter his Doom sleight that works like Riku's Duel mechanic as well as all remaining 0 value Attack cards to break his other sleights. Feel free to add any Cure or Fire card you think you will need even though your normal deck should be enough to beat him after you get used to his attacks and countering them. This "guide" is my way of taking a Speedrun strat and using it to "break" the difficulty of the game. Credits for this go to the KH Speedrun community and the streamer Jagslash for showing me this strat during a stream of his.
  6. Guess I'm gonna join the hunt (at September) since I have plat in all the core games (KH 1 & 2) and am already done with Proud COM playthrough for Sora. Im not sure if the 100% on BBS will annoy me more than the grindy card collection on COM. We shall see! And to everyone here.... Happy hunting!
  7. Sure! I wanna play with you!
  8. My 1st PS3 came with my PS3 and it was the "new" (at the time hit) Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
  9. Critical Competitor Clear game on Critical.
  10. Since you have almost done Mass Effect 2 you should finish it! One more "Insane" playthrough