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  1. I feel sorry for such kind of people...I don't want that to be flagged and be in this kind of list from one game that I played honestly.
  2. I want to try to convince you that If I get 192 platinum trophies and also a lot of 100 % games(more difficult than this game)why I should use cheats to get the platinum in this game?It's illogical.I've been playing more than five years on consoles and wouldn't want to spoil my profile.
  3. May be it was, but unfortunately I don't remember this situation.Save files were only mine. You are suggesting that I should get 100 % honest Batman Arkham Asylum ps4 version and I can reappear on the list without hiding the PS3 version? Thanks for your support.It's not in my interest to use cheats in the games.
  4. Mr_Leontiy Batman: Arkham Asylum Good afternoon.This game was beaten by me very long time ago and I can't remember every detail of this situation.In my defence, I can say that all trophies in this plot game and challenges I get by me honestly.Periodically, it happens that first you get platinum,and then the last trophy in the game.I don't know,it's a bug or a glitch.If this happens again in some other project, I will try to track this misunderstanding more carefully. I am an the honest player and all games play only by me and do not use any cheats.If I failed to convince you of my innocence, I'll try to just explain such a situation.Sorry for my english(it's not my native language).Thank you.
  5. Hello.I need help for "Create" trophy.Please heart my level and me as author.I am going to do the same for you now! Thank you. Author: Level: