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  1. Platinum #388
  2. I’m not bothered by collectibles usually but still looking back I think these which have already been mentioned a few times were my worst, they are maybe not as bad as I’m remembering but for me certainly the most boring. Assassins Creed Unity - chests chests and more chests, pretty much every AC game but this one bothered me the most. Clap-Trap DLC - RNG gave up couldn’t be bothered anymore. DBZ Xenoverse - Please drop the items that I need seriously bruv I don’t have all day damn.
  3. Your profile mostly consists of indie games and I saw a few puzzle games in there so I’ll say. • Creaks & Forgotten Anne
  4. These are a few I was annoyed about when it was cancelled the first 2 on the list especially. Firefly Rome Flashforward Last Resort The Gifted
  5. No How about this one ? Played this but never actually was able to finish 😭
  6. Some decent Platinums in there and a variety of different games but because of completion percentage being as it is I would rate it a 5/10 that’s my reasoning behind the score.
  7. So many good ones but these are my absolute favourites. Mass Effect 2 The Last of Us Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time Portal 2 BioShock Batman: Arkham Asylum Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Dishonoured Dragon Age: Origins
  8. • Creaks • Pumpkin Jack • Pinstripe • Candleman • Lost in Random • Wandersong • Shu • Figment • Iris.Fall After looking at my list I decided to add games with less than 1000 owners that I enjoyed the most just because a few of the ones I was going to mention have already been said.
  9. Platinum #387
  10. • Mark of the Ninja Remastered (PS4) • Okami HD (PS3) Got quite a few I thing are great but since your suppose to choose just one I choose two. 🥴
  11. English & Portuguese {🇬🇧_🇵🇹}
  12. Still got games to play on it, Currently I’d say my backlog of games on that system is about 30+, But most I bought a few years back because they were cheap so figured I’d buy it in case I wanted to play them, But if I don’t it won’t matter to me to much most are not priority a few are though but still I would like to finish most of them but I probably won’t since I got a way bigger backlog on my PS4, I’m currently playing on my PS3 finishing off a few.
  13. Top 50 rarest from 14 games. Oddworld Munche’s Odyssey (10) GTA V (6) Red Faction Guerrilla (2) XCOM Enemy Unknown (4) Binary Domain (2) Deus Ex Mankind Divided (6) Nova 111 (4) Oddworld New & Tasty (4) Alpha Protocol (3) Catherine (2) Dead Rising 2 (4) Red Dead Redemption (1) Greedfall (1) Sniper Elite 4 (1)
  14. Platinum: #386 Puppeteer Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible, Awesome, Great etc etc. As you can tell I seem to have enjoyed this one.