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  1. Cheers for the tips Yea I'm really enjoying it! I'm playing it slow tho (like most of my VN), can't wait for the mind blowing plot twist
  2. Hey, So I've started this game recently and I got a guide to show me how to get most stuff. But I have several issues when it comes to the phone: - first, it seems that I can't open the phone (press L2) only at certains very specific moments ? Like when I'm at a new scenery I can press L2 to open it but if I skip one or two dialogue line I can't open it again. Is it normal or am I doing something wrong here ? - also, I can't open the Twipo app. The guide says that I should be able to open it the first scene but I just can't Any help is appreciated
  3. So, what's the best mode to grind xp ? Arena ?
  4. I just look at a trophy guide if there is one, just to see if there are any missable. Usually guides tell you in a non spoilery way where the missable are. If there aren't any guide availabe at the moment and it's a game I really want to play then I go blind, at least until a guide pops.
  5. Had to replay the entire last mission. Just watching cutscene didn't work...
  6. Can you do hard difficulty trophy just with chapter select? Or do you have to start a proper new game (+), meaning you have to watch all cinematics again?
  7. Yea I've play the prologue. I'm going to try to beat them on a new save once I'm done with other trophies I guess :/
  8. Hi, So I've completed the war stories on hardcore but the only trophies I've got are the one you get for just finishing the mission. The difficulty related one aren't poping. I've read that you can just select "resume" and watch the final cutscene but I got no luck... Anyone got a fix for this? Thanks
  9. Oh well, too bad then. Anyway, on Reader, the game is just really easy. Should not give you any trouble. Just make sure to pack enough ammo for the bear fight in Taiga
  10. Are you actually picking "weapon" just before choosing the difficulty (where you select Iron Mode)? Also, are you on a save with all weapon unlocked ? Because if you just did the glitch for ranger, you'll have a save without all weapon. And finally, the weapon are unlocked when you reach the first toolboard on the train (it's only here that you can switch weapon)
  11. You don't need to do anything more than the original exploit for hardcore ranger. It'll unlock at the same time as the hardocre ranger & bad ending trophy. I tried to find a way for iron mode but no luck, since it requires a save on 1.00 with the iron mode difficulty. But I wouldn't be surprised if someone make it works. I'm replaying the game on iron mode right now and it's really frustrating to deal with the long ass unskipable cutscenes... Other than that, it's really easy. Make sure to import your weapon/mods before starting NG+ tho
  12. Can confirm it still work with 1.06 (started a playthrough with this version, deleted my save, then starting a new playthrough with the save but on 1.00). Also, you don't need to beat the Moscow chapter, I just did the prologue, and quit at the start By the way, you can unclock the " Mutation " trophy with this exploit. You'll earn it at the same time as bad ending + ranger hardcore
  13. Finally some goods news, thanks for sharing. Btw, is there still enought people playing this game? I'm about to buy it
  14. Not really hard, a bit long though. But the game is really fun I would recommend it any day ^^ I'll take your MGS Peace Walker plat in exchange
  15. Quote me when you finally get it, I want to cheer that