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    -Riding my Motor Bike
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    etc, etc, etc

    Favorite Gaming Series -

    Age of Empires ( So many hours that I put to this when growing up)

    PES Series ( Likewise probably the game I played most time of all time, definitely my most played game of the PS2)

    PS one couldn't forget Quake 2

    On PS3 my list is pretty long but I'll sum it Up

    Fallout Series

    DMC Series (also for PS2)

    Demon's and Dark Souls

    FIFA !!!!

    Uncharted Series

    Street Fighter Series (Gotta Love the Anime too :D)


    Etc, Etc , Etc

    I'm very forgiving when it comes to choosing games so I can settle for simple games , I think its because I never had a top console when growing up so my standards are very hum... forgiving I guess ... I'll Settle for a game with good story and good playability I guess :D

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  1. I think I'll give Raging Blast a try ... The budokai ones I've already played and the first one does not seem to impress me ... thanks for the replies Does it have online trophies the raging blast ones? Okay now I'm confused is the raging blast any good?
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm a big fan of Dragon Ball series Do you know any good games you would advise me getting? What's the best game of this series? I only posted here because its the latest game of the series... Cheers and thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone! Is there a difference between the regular version of battlefield bad company 2 and the limited edition? Also can I buy this game used, If i get the limited edition or do I lose content? I'm considering buying this and Assassin's Creed III used because it is really cheap right now
  4. Cheers Everyone! Thanks for the quick reply, It does in fact say Complete edition, on the Cd logo when I start the game and on the cover.
  5. Ok so I bought the complete edition for 15 euros which as far as I know does not come with any codes. I insert the game, it installs the game and then what? Where is my dlc? I think i red somewhere that it is inaccessible and that it is integrated on the story, is this true? Cause the installation was pretty quick and I don't know how quick is my ps3 installing what 10Gb worth of content? If someone who owns this version could clarify this for me I would be very happy, since I can still return it until Sunday.
  6. Greetings everyone! I just got my Ds lite yesterday and i have to say it does look to be the original. For the R4 and the Ds lite I paid a total of 90 euros which I think is a fair price. Thanks to the R4 I'm playing games from mega drive or sega genesis if you will like streets of rage, golden axe and earthworm jim. Very pleased with all your opinions and now i have to save money to buy some of the games which were listed here that i understand are very good. Cheers everyone and thanks for helping me out
  7. Can anyone plz help me out with fifa 15. I need the friendly season trophy

    1. x9zachattack5x


      Add LegitKilling just explain in the message to him. He's good at FIFA games.

  8. I guess I have lots of games to buy Do you also think the 3ds is worth getting?
  9. Fable on the X box
  10. I forgot to say I'm also going to pay 20 euros tax And thanks for your tips!
  11. So I'm waiting for a Ds lite that I ordered in Ebay. My main concern is that it is a counterfeit But I don't think so because I paid about 90 euros total along with the mario Pouch and sd card with 62 games. Besides that what do you think about Ds and What games should I buy like the must buys games on the handheld console? Also What do you think about the console, is it a counterfeit? I'll leave a link to ebay. This is the version I bought by the way not sure if it was the best choice
  12. this video helped me a lot . I got it after my tenth goal with ronaldo's left foot
  13. More Rpg's I Think there was a sale on Europe on the Final Fantasys but I would like to be more for Japanese Rpg's because they're very expensive on amazon uk which is where I buy most games.