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  1. I will try that....but in my play through he gave me the rose and he initiated the conversation about going to the tent and i let him make all the first moves and still no trophy.....but i will continue to try
  2. Thanks for the help i will try that
  3. I used the feastday dlc and only talked to him. I invited him to the tent and it went to the cut scene but no trophy. I then spent about 30 hrs playing through the story and did his personal quest and i gave no gifts to anyone but alistair so i made sure i wouldn't accidentally start a romance with someone else and i got him to invite me to his tent and it showed the cut scene again but still no trophy.
  4. I have all the dlc and have played through the game several times. I know that Alistair only likes females. I have his approve as high as it can go and i took him to the tent and got nothing. Then i played through the story and spent about 30 hrs in the game to where he invites me to his tent....still didn't get the trophy. I uninstalled everything and re installed it and i was still not able to get the trophy. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome, please help me this is one of the last trophies i need to get the game to platinum.