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  1. That's fair enough. I don't mind taking my time with games, I'm in no rush.
  2. DLC each and every week is a great way to drop content in terms of the challenge format they have chosen. As others have said it is something to look forward to each week, you can chip away and perfect each challenge, the devs have a week to polish it, test and fine tune it before release. What's not to like?
  3. This.
  4. Looking forward to playing this but that trophy list is arguably the worst I have seen, platinum or not.
  5. PS4 Pro, only slight hitching once when it snowed for the first time. The second patch the game had and onwards was pretty much perfect although I had some minor hitching again in the very last main story mission but that wasn't an issue at all.
  6. Its is in my region, Australia, New Zealand, Japan. Played a couple of online races yesterday and had 12 in both races. Its still very popular in Europe, well worth some of the price drops I see it get.
  7. What form of entertainment is not a waste of time? You're your own person, do what you like and what you enjoy doing. It's really that simple.
  8. It needs a rethink for sure but to be honest I'd leave it as it is but make some additional changes or awards. Games should introduce a unique avatar as an award, if at all possible the avatar should be animated. A platinum coloured avatar of the games trophy artwork could be linked to your account and used as an optional avatar. You could unlock an 'animated' platinum avatar for 100% completion with additional challenging requirements added, such as completion on the hardest difficulty, all DLC complete, completely new challenges outside of the normal trophy set, etc. Below are the platinum trophies for Sekiro, Bloodborne and Gran Turismo Sport. I think it would be phenomenal if you could display that artwork as your avatar. I'm not sure if an animated system could be added but if possible it would be a pretty cool feature and I think gamers would strive to unlock them, I know I certainly would.
  9. The hate that Fallout 76 has received has always been unfair. It needed another 6 months before launch no question but it isn't anywhere near as bad as people make it out to be and I'd guess that many of those people haven't even played it. YouTubers and many Gaming site reviewers were overly harsh to be perfectly honest. But hey, clicks are money and hating on a well known developer can be a pot of gold for them.
  10. FromSoftware have the best looking trophy icons in their games. Really looking forward to this, should be a decent challenge.
  11. Its a pretty typical Rockstar trophy list, most of their games are pretty time consuming to get 100% completion. I think its fair enough, some games will take dedication to achieve a platinum and ultimately it gives that achievement more worth or respect if you do decide to go for it.
  12. Yes. Sucks when developers actually make a platinum trophy difficult to achieve doesn't it. I don't have it but kudos to those that do, great effort and no tears or whining from me I'm afraid.
  13. There are no missable trophies. Each mission is designed to be replayed multiple times to complete the various challenges which is basically why you really can't miss a trophy. You can save you progress, complete a challenge or objective towards a trophy requirement, reload and choose a completely different path and it will still count towards your completion. eg assassinate a target with poison, trigger the challenge as completed, reload and assassinate the target via an accident and you will tick off both challenges. This is handy if you want to fast track some trophies. I believe the PSN version is the complete season one game so that should include all of the DLC that came in season one. Hitman 2, if you purchase the game is all of content in season one plus all of the content in season 2 together. There is no platinum in either Hitman or Hitman 2.
  14. Well said my friend. If anyone hasn't played these games they should consider getting a new hobby. Dishonored Definitive Edition DLC will definitely push you to get 100% as will Wolfenstein II's excellent Mein Leben trophy.
  15. AC 3 is one of the handful of platinums or 100% that I have achieved that I am proud of.