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  1. To keep calm I generally put the controller down gently, go and prepare dinner for my partner, write her a card and perhaps purchase a small gift, go outside and breathe some fresh air and pick a flower or two, come inside, put on some music, maybe a little Nancy Sinatra or Elton John, go and do some general chores around the house, put out the rubbish and punt the next door neighbours puppy over the back fence.
  2. This! I find going outside to pick some flowers, making dinner for my partner, helping children with their homework and solidly kicking the next door neighbours puppy over the fence really help.
  3. I'm not sure but generally online live service games pop trophies both ways. I can't see why it wouldn't but would be nice to confirm.
  4. If it is predetermined then everyone would get the same result and that isn't the case. It is random but generated before the pomp and ceremony of watching it spin and open. I can tell you that Keno in a gaming room is generated in the same way. Every number is drawn in an instant and the video representation you see on screen of each number dropping is glitzy, smoke and mirrors. It is still randomly generated though, just all at once.
  5. I have three story progression trophies that haven't unlocked. Enter the Bazaar, Defeat the Renegades attacking the Fish Eye and Reach the Observatory. I have stopped playing it until it is fixed in a patch and hopefully auto popping. What is with Polish game developers these days?
  6. Actually the 500 hours to complete everything in the game is likely absolutely correct. They didn't say 500 hours to platinum, they said to see and do and complete everything in the game. It easily 500 hours of content. Why? Because they also didn't say using a guide or searching the internet for exploits and glitches. They would have meant legitimately with no guide, no exploits or hand holding from other people. The collectibles alone - without using a guide - would take most people over the couple of hundred hour mark, as would many open world games that don't flag their collectibles on the map. So they were correct in that statement. As of right now, nobody has all the collectibles and that is with internet help.
  7. Cyberpunk did the same, as did The Witcher 3 from memory There have been other open world games where the developer wants you to make a choice when choosing skills rather than simply taking them all. You can still max out either stamina and health and have about 75% of the other. Do some basic maths, (tip: the post above does it for you) and save some inhibitors towards the end of the game. Upload your save, max out one, download your save, max out the other. If you can't be bothered doing that then play the game twice. There are also many games that require you to play through multiple times if you want the platinum.
  8. It didn't trigger for me either and I am well past the mission. Techland are aware of it, it will be patched and any story line quests not popping will be fixed in an update. I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. This. I see a lot of tears about this trophy but some simple mathematics without throwing your toys out of the cot will show that the above solution is absolutely perfect.
  10. Upgrade your gear and weapons. The game's difficulty is based on requiring you to farm enemies for the parts you need to enhance your gear, once you do that it isn't too bad. If you choose not to then you're going to have a tough time. I really enjoyed both The Surge and The Surge 2 and didn't find either of them to be overly difficult but an enjoyable challenge.
  11. Outside of a new themed season and cosmetics to acquire the main addition at this stage is new secondary weapons for all classes. There are also additions they aren't talking about yet but say they have a list a mile long. Season 2 in March / April Season 3 in September / October
  12. Season 2 comes out in March / April with some new content. As long as they keep adding some variety I can see this lasting for quite some time. Just play it, have some fun and the platinum will come, you don't win any awards attempting to get platinum as fast as you can. It will likely take me a couple of years to be honest.
  13. Sounds great guys, sign me up. I will attempt a 5% completion rate.
  14. You can turn synchronised saves on and off for each game in the settings. They all on by default. The "unable to load" a game save is a known issue by the developers. For those on PS5 and I am assuming PS4 I would wait until the patch is deployed. I was about 8 hours in when it happened on PS5. On Twitter the devs had this to say "The porting team is working on it as a top priority. Not sure about status of the saves being recoverable at the moment."
  15. I think you still can jump in and get salmon, etc. The fishing mechanic may have fish only obtainable my actually fishing. About to check it soon.