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  1. Outside of server closures I would say... Wolfenstein 2 - Kudos to those who achieved Mein Leben legitimately, you're better then most. The Elder Scrolls Online - Become Emperor in Cyrodiil PvP, yeah nah not happening. Wipeout Omega Collection - ran out of talent, could squeeze more out of it but not platinum
  2. GTA V would probably be the biggest. Red Dead 2 would be up there also but the most impressive game I have seen in the top 10 would be Assassins Creed Odyssey. It has not left the top 10 since its release and is still hanging on.
  3. Nobody is 'forcing' you to do anything. I don't get 'trophy hunters' complaining about hunting trophies, I really don't.
  4. Keep the moths in your wallet and don't part with your 0.60 cents. Pretty straight forward.
  5. It's easy. Got it after 63 attempts, just less than one day.
  6. I played Nioh just a few months ago and Nioh 2 is a little more difficult imo so far. The most deaths I have had to a boss is Enera (2nd boss in first region) 6 attempts and Gyuki (1st boss in the fourth region) 9 attempts. All other bosses were either first or second attempt. No exploits, no guide videos, nothing. I don't play games to cheat my way through them. I think both Nioh games are a decent challenge, they're not over the top hard by any stretch but they're certainly not 'easy'.
  7. It's been some time that I beat the DLC but I'd agree with this statement. Practise is key, you will eventually get it.
  8. Thanks for this, I intend to revisit Wasteland 2 at some point soon, this will be helpful.
  9. The Witcher 3. Toss a coin to your Witcher jantrick. Go!
  10. I bought it at release. Digital version, PS4 Pro. Not a single problem in all 3 games.
  11. If the games at launch warrant it then yes for sure. I bought a PS4 in week two of its launch and a then a Pro on day one, no regrets.
  12. Is it worth it? Absolutely. It's not difficult at all to understand the game. The trophy list is pretty straight forward.
  13. If you're going to attempt Mein Leben, you're going to need to know each level inside out. I can guarantee it won't be two runs and you're done.
  14. So that it's then, platinum is unobtainable if you don't have the Arena trophy and the trophy for playing a ranked match, CD Projekt Red gave just one days notice, if that. As @BlackCatBurrito correctly points out, they let people spend money on it and then pull the support. I don't game on a PC, a PC is for emails and spreadsheets. Phones are for, well, making phone calls and I can't get trophies on either of them. In the time I have to play games, its on a console, so they can stick their GOG offer where the sun doesn't shine. CD Projekt Red, the developer gamers get overly infatuated over because of their goodwill.
  15. Yes you're absolutely right, it won't do CD Projekt Red any favours in the long run. Good will as a developer is something they constantly parade and carry on about and what they're managed to achieve here is pretty pathetic. I am annoyed because I spent money supporting the game by buying both expansions, the marketing on their behalf for both Gwent and Thronebreaker was also beyond average. I have already asked them on twitter if as a PS4 player, now that they're clearly focusing on being a mobile game developer do they plan to stop support to Cyberpunk and any DLCs after less than a year on consoles. Could you imagine the hatred on the internet if Bethesda did what CD Projekt Red have done. I am with you mate, it's not lost on me at all and developer goodwill is worth more than maintaining some cross platform support, 'especially' with both PlayStation and Xbox. It's too difficult or costly to support the console versions of their game and keep them up to date? Really?