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  1. Outside of a new themed season and cosmetics to acquire the main addition at this stage is new secondary weapons for all classes. There are also additions they aren't talking about yet but say they have a list a mile long. Season 2 in March / April Season 3 in September / October
  2. Season 2 comes out in March / April with some new content. As long as they keep adding some variety I can see this lasting for quite some time. Just play it, have some fun and the platinum will come, you don't win any awards attempting to get platinum as fast as you can. It will likely take me a couple of years to be honest.
  3. Sounds great guys, sign me up. I will attempt a 5% completion rate.
  4. You can turn synchronised saves on and off for each game in the settings. They all on by default. The "unable to load" a game save is a known issue by the developers. For those on PS5 and I am assuming PS4 I would wait until the patch is deployed. I was about 8 hours in when it happened on PS5. On Twitter the devs had this to say "The porting team is working on it as a top priority. Not sure about status of the saves being recoverable at the moment."
  5. I think you still can jump in and get salmon, etc. The fishing mechanic may have fish only obtainable my actually fishing. About to check it soon.
  6. So don't spend thousands of hours grinding. Why whine and cry about it, just don't do it and move on finding the quick trophies you can finish for whatever reason.
  7. The common denominator with all the tears here are people with their profiles full of 98% platinum trophy games having a whine, and or people trying to work out how they can cheat.
  8. I honestly think that Microsoft aren't entirely sure themselves. There is a long road ahead yet, they will have to see how the viability of Game Pass turns out for them, they have got to be banking on a LOT of PlayStation and Nintendo users switching across or purchasing an Xbox and that isn't a given. If Game Pass isn't gaining traction and they're losing money they will change their tune real quick. Many Xbox fans spout the line that Microsoft have an almost endless supply of money but they didn't get that money by losing it. My prediction is that Starfield and their other big budget AAA titles that are day one on Game Pass will release with a lot of micro transactions. Think Fallout 76's Bethesda cash shop. Xbox players may think, I pretty much got the game for 'free' so why not spend money on micro transactions. Micro transactions on Game Pass are a given because otherwise releasing AAA titles day one just won't be viable. Another line you often see is "Microsoft didn't spend all of that money to release it on PlayStation". They own Bethesda, releasing their games on multi platforms will STILL make them a tonne of money, I'd wager more money than by making them exclusive to a console that continues to sell less than their opposition. The Elder Scrolls, DOOM, Wolfenstein, Fallout will be no different. Those IPs are simply to big, the sales potential that they will lose by not releasing on PlayStation or Nintendo will far outweigh the customers they attempt to pick up. If it all goes pear shaped then Microsoft will release Bethesda titles on other platforms, perhaps time delayed releases. As I said there is a long way to go yet before they know for certain exactly what they will do with future Bethesda titles. They've banked on Game Pass and the incoming micro transactions, time will tell what happens.
  9. Generally if I enjoyed the game and it has a nice looking platinum icon. The rarity means little as there is a separate list for those anyway.
  10. This must be part of the 'better on Xbox' thing they mentioned. My opinion of Microsoft/Xbox/Bethesda couldn't be any worse and was I a huge fan of Bethesda games in general.
  11. Not confirmed but it would have to auto-pop either way, the trophies are tied to your Genshin account (your PSN user name) so I am pretty certain they will pop on both versions as soon as you log in on that console.
  12. I had asked customer service while in game about additional trophy support for PlayStation and the possibility of a platinum trophy. They responded that it was highly likely. That was about 3 months ago. Great to see they have finally implemented it!
  13. Not worth it in my opinion. I know many that won't play games that they would otherwise enjoy simply because they find the trophy list too difficult. Enjoy yourself, you're not going to win any awards for 100% or 30%.
  14. In my opinion Hitman 2 and its DLC is the best of the three games, the sniper modes are a nice break from the standard missions. All three games are well worth the investment, pick it up for sure.