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  1. FromSoftware have the best looking trophy icons in their games. Really looking forward to this, should be a decent challenge.
  2. Its a pretty typical Rockstar trophy list, most of their games are pretty time consuming to get 100% completion. I think its fair enough, some games will take dedication to achieve a platinum and ultimately it gives that achievement more worth or respect if you do decide to go for it.
  3. Yes. Sucks when developers actually make a platinum trophy difficult to achieve doesn't it. I don't have it but kudos to those that do, great effort and no tears or whining from me I'm afraid.
  4. There are no missable trophies. Each mission is designed to be replayed multiple times to complete the various challenges which is basically why you really can't miss a trophy. You can save you progress, complete a challenge or objective towards a trophy requirement, reload and choose a completely different path and it will still count towards your completion. eg assassinate a target with poison, trigger the challenge as completed, reload and assassinate the target via an accident and you will tick off both challenges. This is handy if you want to fast track some trophies. I believe the PSN version is the complete season one game so that should include all of the DLC that came in season one. Hitman 2, if you purchase the game is all of content in season one plus all of the content in season 2 together. There is no platinum in either Hitman or Hitman 2.
  5. Well said my friend. If anyone hasn't played these games they should consider getting a new hobby. Dishonored Definitive Edition DLC will definitely push you to get 100% as will Wolfenstein II's excellent Mein Leben trophy.
  6. AC 3 is one of the handful of platinums or 100% that I have achieved that I am proud of.
  7. Bethesda shouldn't be blaming Sony, trophies are on the game developers. Looking at True Achievements on Xbox, Microsoft are almost identical to Sony in terms of achievement completion. Scorched Earth has zero completions and Breach and Clear has just two completions. Also bear in mind that Xbox has 32,800 tracked players whilst PS4 here at PSN Profiles has just 7,400 tracked players. Pretty remarkable completion rate for both platforms if it's "Sony's fault not ours". In other words, BGS need to fix it regardless of what they saying.
  8. Red Dead 2 and its only half of the game.
  9. Not using any guides, cheats, glitches or not worried at all about rushing through the game. Loving it and I will eventually platinum it, no question. GOTY in what has been probably the most competitive year in terms of potential GOTYs.
  10. Defeats the purpose of actually playing the game considering most of the rewards in game are monetary and or weapons, etc. Here is a list of things that will become boring real fast and in turn make the game feel like a 'grind' by exploiting money. Robbing trains, banks, people, homesteads and stores. Looting corpses, chests, cupboards, etc. Hunting and selling skins, winning money in Blackjack, Poker, etc. The list goes on. All of those game features reward players with money in order to purchase items, horses, clothing, upgrade weapons, etc. That's the game loop. With zero reward incentive for taking part in pretty much all of the games features your enjoyment of the game will fade pretty quickly.
  11. If you go in expecting a fast paced action adventure game you will be disappointed. There are literally tonnes of those kind of 20 hours and you're done games. You will get the most out of Red Dead 2 by soaking in the incredible atmosphere and attention to detail. Its not a sprint race for the kids with a short attention span, its quite literally a masterpiece in storytelling, character development, gameplay, art, sound and animation. Slow down, read, listen and enjoy what this game does, because no other game comes close to achieving what Rockstar have done with this, its much more than just a 'game'. I'm probably 50-60 hours into the game thanks to time off work and only just finishing up chapter 2 and will probably take another 50 hours to get through chapter 3. Amazing experience.
  12. Disagree. The scaling in this game is perfect, low level stuff levels with you so the world doesn't get smaller so to speak. If it didn't scale, towards the end of the game you would have just one or two regions that provide a challenge, the other 90% of the content of the world would be a complete joke. The way you get more powerful is via abilities, gear and getter better with your strategies, which is precisely how it should be. One shotting low level stuff should be removed from games completely.
  13. The main reason it has a high platinum percentage is because it is a very good game. There is plenty to do and collect but it a lot of fun doing it thanks to the excellent controls and satisfaction of swinging your way around New York. In terms of challenge it is a pretty well balanced game. I played it on 'Amazing' or normal difficulty and had a lot of fun getting 100%.
  14. Alexios. There should have been a trophy for beating the game in NG+ hard mode or something, so you could play as the other character. If they add DLC that requires another playthrough I'll play as Kassandra or maybe I'll just play again regardless.
  15. Maybe if the OP actually played Warframe he'd have something to complain about. Nice attempt at trolling sport.