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  1. Thanks for the post fullthrottlenine, I will give it a try later. Hey KayroJK. For no hints you got to just play the level through doing everything straight away so sort of like a speedrun. If you take too long on some parts like for instance, when you get to the bridge near the start of the level that requires your lighter to cross, if you take too long to use it, the game thinks you're stuck and will tell you what to do. It does this quite a few times so just do every part in the level straight away. As for 'No Dead Ends', I haven't a clue. I did this by accident apparently on my 2nd run through the level, not sure what I did exactly but it just registered as completed. Perhaps explore every part of the level before progressing?
  2. Big thanks to everyone who has contacted the developers. I just received a message from them and they say the patch is with Sony now and they expect it to go live sometime next week. Hopefully both trophies will be fixed in it
  3. I'm in the same position as fullthrottlenine in my game. I have been talking to the developers on Twitter about it via private messages since last Friday and they told me they were working on these issues. It seems that somebody over on steam made a topic about the Chapter 5 100% achievement not unlocking back in August and it seems that same glitch got carried over to the PS4 version. Did it ever get fixed on steam? I don't know, their post went ignored and I can't find a way to view the steam achievements, anybody have a link? If more people could contact them on their site or twitter reporting these issues, hopefully they will soon be fixed. So yeah, Chapter 4 Objective 'Research Disease' is glitched but would the 100% trophy even unlock if it wasn't? I asked them to be sure to test this. And Chapter 5 100% is possible but the trophy is just glitched. Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExorcistVR Site: https://www.exorcistlegion.com/contact/
  4. Sorry to hear that. If that had happened to me, my next step would be to completely delete the game and all save data and then re-install it again (download updates) and start a completely New Game. Try sticking with just the one save slot (which sucks I know) and leaving your PS4 on the whole time playing the game, just pause or whatever when you need a break but don't completely close the application. If that still doesn't work, then I've no idea what it could be causing the trophy to not unlock. I believe it could have something to do with using one save slot or keeping the game open the whole time though perhaps I'm wrong and I just got lucky it didn't glitch. Saving the game constantly shouldn't affect it as I saved like crazy whenever I saw a save point.
  5. Hey, I recently brought this game and knew how glitchy it was before starting it. I used your points listed above while going for the logs and I managed to get the trophy just fine Thanks a lot for the information you posted. I thought I'll post some info on how my playthrough went too... So I planned to play the game in 1 sitting, using 1 save slot and didn't once exit out to the PS4 Menu or viewed any trophies etc. I started the game late the night before, played for about an hour then left it on Pause while I slept and continued it today. I died multiple times at different points in the game and whenever it happened, whatever I just let the game load me back where my last save was, I didn't exit out or anything to manually load it at the Main Menu. I saved it loads like whenever I passed a save point, even if it was only like a minute since my last save but I always kept the same slot. I also explored a lot (with it being my first playthrough) so didn't exactly always stick to doing the main objectives straight away. I was forced however to quit the game at one point to the Main Menu and when I did, I chose to load the game and not the continue option that's listed first at the menu. The reason I was forced to quit was due to falling through the floor at one point and falling forever out of the map. If anyone is wondering about this, it happened in Deck 7 in the small area at the top of the map where you encounter a cloaked enemy. There is a corridor there which leads to a dead end (you can see this before even reaching the end) so I thought I'll go to the end and wait there with my back against the wall and easily kill this enemy. Then I sank through the ground because the floor isn't solid there so yeah, be careful. I followed the extremely helpful video and once I had collected them all, I got the two blank logs which seem exclusive to the PS4 version and the trophy unlocked after picking up the blank one on Deck 8. I actually saw this one earlier but left it on purpose as I wanted to follow the video completely first in order. So yep, that's how my playthrough went. Not sure how closer we are to finding out what exactly causes the trophy to glitch but hope it helps. Possibly could be using multiple save slots? Anyway, thanks again.
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned but just a warning for people... I live in the UK and brought the disc version to this game from Amazon.co.uk so I could play it with my brother. I already got all trophies for this game ages ago via the digital version but I still enjoy it. So I was playing on my other PlayStation 4 and I noticed trophies I had already unlocked, unlocking again. I assumed it was a just a glitch because I hadn't synced any trophies in a while on that console. I checked after a few matches though and it seems it's a completely new trophy list to Friday the 13th. I updated my profile on this site and it turns out I'm playing the NA version but it's the UK disc? I'm not sure how this has happened and it's definitely 100% the UK version but apparently it gives you the NA list. I have the same profile and everything online so I don't need to grind any trophies again thank god, however it would have been a nightmare if I did. So just a warning to any completionist out there who lives in the UK, keep this mind if you buy the disc version.
  7. Recently brought and completed this myself and just wanted to let anyone know who's curious about this, how it is. For starters, it is a PSVR game and you can buy it at the Japanese PSN Store currently and it's around 2-3 hours long to get all trophies. Much less time if you already know what you're doing. There are 6 Episodes (levels) you have to get through and you need to see the Bad Ending and the Good Ending. Each episode has a star next to it on the select screen and this star will be filled in (fully white) when you complete the Sub Mission required for that episode. The bad news is that there are no checkpoints in the game so if you die, you will need to restart that episode over. One hit kills you if an enemy sees and manages to run up to you. You also cannot pause it. The good news however is each episode is pretty short. Every episode has a sub mission (apart from Ep6) and after contacting a developer for the game, I learned what they all were. Episode 1 Sub Mission: No hiding in any hiding spots Episode 2 Sub Mission: Walk into a Trap, 3 times Episode 3 Sub Mission: Complete in under 3 minutes Episode 4 Sub Mission: Don't use any Flares Episode 5 Sub Mission: Complete in under 5 minutes (this is one I'm not sure about, it may actually be longer) You will get the Bad Ending on your first playthrough of the game once you finish Episode 6 but then just replay Episode 6 again once you have done all Sub Missions and you will get the Good Ending instead. The other trophies just require dying once and dying 30 times (which you can do quickly at the beginning of Ep5). You will automatically get the trophy for walking on a bear trap too during Episode 2 while doing the sub mission. Below is a video walkthrough I did for the entire game if anyone needs help though it's all pretty straight forward (episode 4 took me quite a few attempts as it has a bit of a tough section I recommend doing first). Overall, it's not that bad.
  8. It's easily one of the best games I've played this year. Pretty short with a great story and atmosphere. Trophies are quite simple, a lot of things to collect but they are mostly in your path. I believe the game has a Chapter Select too to finish up any other missed trophies.
  9. I had this same issue, tried wins in every mode and couldn't get it to unlock. I think I had between 250-300 wins before I finally got it. What I did was, put my profile on another PS4 and used my brother's account as the main controller that needed the trophy too and he hadn't played this game online that much before. I then signed in my account second and played a match of Infection online in split screen. It unlocked for us both at the end of it. Didn't do anything special, so I've no idea what finally triggered it but I would recommend giving something like this a go.
  10. Hey if you're still stuck on this, I've managed to figure out a few things. For Reel #8, it's simply behind your car when the level starts. You gotta walk on the bridge for quite a bit (where your car came from I guess) and you'll see it on the floor tied to a crow as usual. The 'In the Ground' trophy also had me completely puzzled but I found this video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4MfHEQejSU and the person explains how to get it at around 11:50 in the video. Basically, once those lights you're talking about are switched on, you go back to the beginning of the level (the bridge) then turn left and go straight ahead in the woods for a good distance until you find piles of dirt on the ground and in the middle will be metal bars and standing on top of them will unlock the trophy. It's really tricky to find since all the trees look the same and it's misty and everything, probably best to check that part out in the vid so you don't end up lost but yeah, really difficult to work out some things in this game.
  11. Hiddae's method worked instantly for me, fantastic. Had one of mine glitched inside a building in Boston and tried every method I came across from multiple sites and vids but no luck. I tried signing in & out so many times too but never without pausing the game. Once I did it during gameplay, the pivot finally reset to one I could access. If anybody has any issues with this still, definitely try doing this!
  12. Hey, just wondering if this will still go back to how it was? Would really love for it to remember the game order I chose again once leaving the page. I've been checking the forums a few times since the new update but don't think I've seen anything about it yet except a few people asking about it.