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  1. The way I have to do it is start up with the DS3 making sure the DS4 is unplugged, load up and then plug the DS4 back in and change it to controller one under settings. If the DS4 is plugged in when the game loads it tends to screw up the DS3 working too.
  2. A new Co-op site just came online so I thought I'd share in case anyone's looking for more places to get connected.
  3. Just finished GTA V
  4. I hear ya. Request sent as well. Ran across another of your members and he really impressed me.
  5. Got this done a week ago and tried to get the actual 100% not just trophy wise. Missing Yoga(mats never showed up) and 14 randoms. Completed everything else, including gold on every mission. Took me about 130 hours cause I took my time and didn't use a guide. Only 2 trohpies from plating the game now. Checklist Missions Randoms Strangers & Freaks Hobbies and Pastimes Misc Collectibles
  6. I just finished this game and really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed the memory mixing and wished there was more of it. The combat took me a little bit to get fluid with but once I got the hang of it, found it quite fun. Having read all the journal entries and played through the story twice, I'm wondering if I missed something because some things still baffle me. None of these are really important, more of a curiosity than anything. Any talk of a sequel? or DLC?
  7. Just finished it and certainly recommend it. I had a lot of fun with it. Not sure why it's not popular but I rarely go by reviews anymore since my requirements for enjoying a game seem to differ greatly from most reviewers(meaning those on gaming sites and magazines). If you're thinking about getting it, I'd go for it. I got it through gamefly and plan on buying it once the price drops a little.