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  1. I am unable to join or create party , anyone else having the same issue ?
  2. You wont be locked out of the platinum because they have a checkmark , you just dont have access to the ability in survival mode
  3. Thanks finally popped apparently i missed HEAD CRUSH
  4. Didnt pop for me , is there a complete list of kills because a friend and I did all known kills in private
  5. I was wondering if someone could help with Impress Warren vidic trophy and cross Styx without fail , i have tried several times and is very frustrating to be so close to a plat if you would like to gameshare to help me with these two trophies send me a friend request thanks my psn is PACKSTER69
  6. Keep emailing them i was stuck at 98% they finally reset my data and it worked this time got the platinum
  7. Thanks again for the tips finally defeated him after he ripped his hands off i used the behind his back technique , now off to do the great chalice dungeon and progress to the queen thanks again for the tips
  8. Thanks for the tips i get to the point of the arms being ripped off then i get killed , no volunteer to help me by gameshare to get out of this dungeon
  9. Hi everyone , i'm struggling with the last boss which is Amygdala , i'm level 206 and not sure how to summon for help , no one on my list is playing this , if someone could help or gameshare to beat it for me would much appreciate the help psn is packster69