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  1. Collection as of March 2021.
  2. Unless they are going to close the game server the platinum and online trophies will still be obtainable albeit it will take more time since the closure of the messaging feature will make things slower. In any case for ranked trophies you can't create private matches so you've to quick search and w8 until you find your boosting partner (same for the player match trophy). This isn't hard considering online is basically dead (still speaking for Vita), in fact I'm boosting ranked these days with a friend and it takes few secs for the server to pair us.
  3. However with PSVita messaging feature shut down soon i think you won't be able to invite people for boosting in player match. So better keep an eye on that. Speaking for Vita version ofc.
  4. Final Fantasy X-2 HD
  5. GTA V
  6. CoD MW
  7. Grand Theft Auto III Platinum N°98: King of Liberty City Unlock all trophies. Game enjoyment: 6 - 6.5 Trophies enjoyment: 6 - 6.5 Trophies difficulty: 5.5 - 6 (potentially higher if you don't follow a guide) Comment: Ok this is most likely my least favorite GTA (III < LCS < IV < SA < VC < VCS < V < Online). It is fun overall, like you would expect from a GTA game but there are certain things that break the gameplay experience like those annoying overpowered gangs that shoot you on signt interfering with your ongoing mission, no bikes, no helicopters... tbh i didn't even enjoyed Claude's story and also the location/map of Liberty City. Radio stations however, have some really nice songs (also from Scarface movie!) and Chatterbox is fun. I hope R* will bring LCS and VCS to PS4 with trophies and and the latter on Android as well)
  8. First person (also inside vehicles) is perhaps one of the best addition for the game and in Online you even have your character. Can't wa8 to start it. I'm finishing some other quick games before start GTAV and especially Online because i know they will keep me busy.
  9. True lol Without considering we are in 2021 and we need to pay them to play online features when multiplayer should be free from the start, like it was on PS3. What's next? Pay to log in to PSN? Play has no limits my ar*se...
  10. This is truly a bad news since i've some other games to buy digitally on Vita. On PS3 on the other side, i'm pretty done. They could at least make one last discount period for PS3/Vita games.
  11. Same, I plan to play it this Summer. I hope they fix this before then...
  12. Final Fantasy X-2 HD
  13. It's been over a decade for me as well. True be told it is already few years by now that i don't care of trophy hunting anymore (sometimes i still also play old games that don't have trophies) tbh, i never been a trophy hunter, more of a completionist that buys (and complete) only games/series that i like. Once i have reached my 100th platinum (FFVIII Remastered) i plan to slow down even more. In the future i want to focus only on the few games/series that i really like always trying to 100% them if possible but, without struggle anymore. The only way to make people stop would be remove the trophy feature but seriously, would that be a wise move? Especially since trophies became a good source of profit for games devs considering certain people nowadays buy games according to their trophies lists.
  14. Agents of Mayhem (i'll start it soon)
  15. Resident Evil 2