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  2. Drakengard 3 Platinum N°89: The Final Song I can hear the sound. Game enjoyment: 8 Trophies enjoyment: 6 - 6.5 Trophies difficulty: 4 - 4.5 (Deflowered gold trophy is around 7-8) Comment: RECORDING. So here i'am, after years i decided to get this game even if digital only (was only €9.99 so i grabbed the chance), i really wished to get the sweet retail version but nvm. What can i say about the game? I've played past games of the series so i'm familiar with this brand, while the first had an awesome "dark" vibe D3 in its own way is more... "feminine". Maps may look repetitive and poorly developed and missions structure can be kinda boring and lame but still enjoyable if you're into hack and slash, even if it seems the game has framerate problems. Trophies are overall easy except for one that requires you to defeat a certain boss... normally you wouldn't expect such a boss in a hack and slash game (unless you've played D1, even if that is nothing) but hey, we are talking about Yoko Taro here... he certainly was on high while conceiving the boss. Drakengard 3 will most likely be my 100 game completed at 100% (according to PSNP) and most likely my last PS3 game since i don't have plan to buy new ones on that console (Last Rebellion perhaps? I'm not sure though...). PS: i liked the end when Accord speaks to the player thanking him to have played. END RECORDING.
  3. They could have added One trophies at least... i don't get the point why SHE didn't get them. According to PSPrices it never got a discount (at least in my country/EU) Can't find the bundle in US version...
  4. ME2
  5. Final Fantasy X-2 HD
  6. Apart some superbosses from RPGs like Xenosaga Ep II, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Valkyrie Profile series and the more recent Armored Core and Souls series bosses. I remember these ones: Baal (Final Form) (from Grandia) I was underleveled and with few healing items, plus you can't exit the area to explore the world once you're in the final dungeon. Hard times, really hard, i just gave up until more recent times. You should have seen my face when i discovered there was another quite boring boss after this.... Orgulla (Xenosaga Ep II) More or less the same as above. Also Xenosaga Ep II doesn't even have item shops... I remember i've restarted the game from the beginning. Added recently: Parace l'sia (Arcana Heart 3) Crazy cheap boss with damn powerful attacks. I had luck. The Flower (Drakengard 3) No comment, watch a video.
  7. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet
  8. Final Fantasy VII Remake
  9. Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RS
  10. SR The Third Remastered? Shut up and take my $$$$$!
  11. Persona 4: Dancing All Night or another PD game.
  12. Final Fantasy VII Remake