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  1. October Watch dogs 2 Wolfenstein 2 Yes, I'm betting on games with W that are sequels.....so watch it be something like Wasteland 2 instead 😂
  2. The Last of Us Part II (Every Last One Of Them) - Plat 150
  3. I think the MP whenever that comes out might have trophies added to the list, similar to how FFXV Comrades originally had it.
  4. You keep them. I just finished my permadeath run and started Grounded and it looks like I have everything still.
  5. Well it has to match the cover...
  6. I'm not sure if this applies to everyone but for those who are using the permadeath playthrough as their collectibles and complete upgrade playthrough, if you die some things don't remain. To be exact, supplements and upgrade weapon parts have to be recollected even if you purchase an upgrade during your run. This means upgrades have to be repurchased until you get to the next act, chapter, or even the whole game (depending on your permadeath option of choice). I went a bit without noticing after having died until I decided to check and while I didn't fully get to retrace my steps due to not noticing sooner, materials reappeared where they were collected earlier. Artifacts and the other collectibles like notes also reappear and can be recollected, but they remain saved in your profile as gathered already, even if they do not appear in your bag. I'm not exactly sure if Grounded changes things, such as the part or supplement respawn, since I didn't combine the dlc trophies but just wanted to put this out there to help avoid the assumption that upgrades remained if you died.
  7. Really? Well in that case, would the trophy list remain?
  8. Well I haven't played Another Episode myself but I hear it's fun enough. I didn't mention the first 2 (or in this case 1.2) because it's not being delisted yet apparently. As for 3, yeah go for it.
  9. Yeah I'm still going with the Tommy always had it in him since we never really saw his past with Joel. His wife was probably the reason he stayed calm and didn't show it but him losing his brother and then losing (some) use of his vision/mobility probably set him off.
  10. Danganronpa 3 and Another Episode are worth getting since they're being delisted next month. Good to see they're on a final sale.
  11. I like the way Okami handles fishing. Though that's not really a large part of the game it might be worth looking into since it's overall pretty great.
  12. So instead of Franchise legacy it's now Face of the Franchise legacy where they focus on the trophies? Might be harder to cheese so this might take a little longer.
  13. It's been studied that brain damage can drastically change a person's personality, even if they were nothing like that before. Of course, this is assuming it was a headshot that did damage (which it looked like).
  14. I had a 4 people Fall Mountain today so I don't think that means 5 or under is just Royal Fumble.
  15. 149 - Mirror's Edge Catalyst The Few. The Elite. The platinum title definitely describes those who manage the time trials because they're a bit tight on the time. But that's also what was fun about playing them. Wandering the city of Glass was amazingly beautiful because graphics and music alike combined to make traversal a really fun sequence. Movement in the game (parkour style) also makes free roaming such a joy. But it's easily taken away after completing a certain mission since enemies become available and attack you if they spot you. Speaking of missions, the story was really not one to write home about. If you want anything but some fun doing parkour movement, I recommend looking elsewhere.