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  1. I can't be the only one who loves the new Kingdom Hearts theme right?

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    2. flashpool23


      @Vincent Brooks No problem! If you end up liking them you can then get the 2.8 collection which has 2 more games and another movie! Then you'll just need KH3 whenever that comes out haha


      And how's Yooka-Laylee? I've been meaning to try it out but feel like I should get it at a lower price.

    3. Temmie


      It's totally worth the original price, imo.  As a fan of the original Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie games, it was a warm callback to the gameplay style of the original games.


      Granted, there are a few issues I had with it.  Namely the camera control and the slight lack of character diversity that the original games had.  The difficulty spikes in the Rextro Arcade games is kind of offputting at times as well.


      There may have been some updates to it since I've played, so I can't tell you if they've fixed anything or not.


      Overall, it's a game I would highly recommend.  I still loved it enough to plat it and hold it an a warm place in my heart as the first spiritual successor I honestly loved.

    4. flashpool23


      Huh. I might get it after I get through my backlog then. I figured the issues were game-killing so I didn't really put much thought into it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Chaos;Child. As a fan of the anime I want that platinum in my collection.
  3. I'm not too far in but I'm looking to exchange guild cards. Psn: flashpool23
  4. edit: Ninja'ed Assassin's Creed IV since I just started on it and aren't looking forward to MP
  5. Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse since it was one of the few games I played before I really got into trophy hunting so I never 100% it before deleting my save data
  6. #75 - Gravity Rush 2 I'd say this makes me the Ultimate Shifter but that title goes to Raven and Cat One of the games of the year for me.
  7. Ni no kuni. Mostly because I would get to play the second one without worrying about finishing the first.
  8. Marvel Heroes Omega....you know, because it's offline now
  9. I just finished it and Gravity Rush Remastered is a good option, even if it is a bit different from something like Assassin's Creed. Though you do manipulate gravity and the game itself is easy to platinum as most of its trophies come from playing the story naturally. I'm sure the second game is more of the same. Additionally, if you want a fighting game, I'd say Tekken 7 since it isn't too hard supposedly. It shouldn't take longer than a day or so and it can be something you can go back to every now and then.
  10. #73 - Gravity Rush Remastered It's all Relative but Kat and Raven are
  11. Godzilla, my favorite kaiju
  12. Dragon Ball Xenoverse
  13. A rare Super Meat Boy trophy at .76 percent? 10/10 even if it's not the plat I still think it's very hard.
  14. Definitely Guilty Gear Revelator. I have more trouble with that game than I care to admit.