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  1. Okay that doesn't sound bad! I'll keep Killzone since I haven't played it yet, as well as 2 (though I'm not adding that since it has no servers), but have played 3 and Shadow Fall. I added a number game as well for myself and just checked your spreadsheet and for all the ones you don't have a system for, it'll be on PS4. Still subject to change though!
  2. Edited my list a bit for X, T, K, and H. Anyone know if the first Killzone has online? I know 2 and 3 have discontinued servers. If it does, I'll put Knack back again. As for the question of how I'm planning to start, I might do an easy game first just to get the ball rolling for myself.
  3. My variation was a bit different as well. If your timing is precise, you can hold L2 to reverse and about 6 seconds in (maybe a second longer or shorter since I got a feel for it and not exactly timed it) accelerate with R2. Didn't hold L1 at all and I basically passed the gate right as it went down to the very second.
  4. To slightly add to this, it seems you get a bit more each time you win a championship so make a custom one (like 2, 3 races short) and at the end you get the credits for winning a championship along with the xp.
  5. I think it should work? I just did this plat yesterday, the UGC part to be exact. It's just Milestone usually has terrible servers. Like I noticed it sometimes kept track of my miles and sometimes it didn't. Their other games like Ducati are similar. 20 online races sure but it only counts if you're hosting. At the moment I'd just say keep retrying or restart the game at a later time.
  6. #126 - Monster Energy Supercross So according to this, I'm a Supercross God and at first it felt like it but this game overstayed its welcome. But hey, with it being a free PS Plus game this month, there will likely be more than one Supercross God coming soon.
  7. Oh I forgot DLC was a thing for a moment! Going to have to switch around a few things now. Thanks for the indirect reminder!
  8. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is my personal recommendation
  9. #125 - ONRUSH
  10. Congrats. I was working towards it and then..... the trophies stopped popping. I know I was doing the requirements correctly because I kept receiving the uplay points unlocked popup but no trophy. I then saw that it glitched for a very small amount of people and the fix is to delete the game, redownload it, and start over. I was nearly done but because of it, I haven't had the willpower to go back to it.
  11. Octane's bounce pad from Apex Legends. I can throw it anywhere and bounce stuff off it or myself. Maybe throw it in front of people walking slow in front of me.
  12. On this note, can I make The Bureau: XCOM Declassified a part of X, since it's part of the XCOM series according to this site even if it's not at the beginning of the name? I've used some replacement games for X so it's not a big deal but I'll add it as well if it's acceptable.
  13. Ummmm..... Easy Plats? The plats look nice? #123 - Skyscrappers Masterful #124 - Gem Smashers Gem Smashers lover
  14. I think they have their place conditionally so I don't exactly disregard people who have them. For example, just this past week I went on an "easy" platinum splurge by platinuming some Artifex Mundi* games, some children's games (Adventure Time*), some 2 hour or so plats (Skyscrappers*, Energy Invasion, Gem Smashers*), and some play through the story and you can't miss a thing if you follow a guide games (Black Mirror*). Now were they all enjoyable? That's debatable for like 2 of those. But....I basically needed those plats to complete my 10 plats for 10 dollars pass on Sony Rewards (as it ended today). It can be said I didn't really neeeed to do that or play those games specifically, but the easier the game = the likelier I got to 10 starting from 0. *Note I actually didn't buy all the games on my 10 plat quest since I used the PS Now service for some. And it's 10 dollars on top of it, as long as it gets recorded (if not, I just increased my plat count). My situation might have been unique but for others, they might be at plat 98 and want to do a specific plat at 100. Why do a long game if you almost have number 100 ready? An easy plat can get you there quicker. Or let's say you've played a 100 hour game/grindfest. Let's have an easy game to prevent burnout or frustration. Point is.... let people play what they want to play.
  15. #121 - Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion I assume this plat makes me a part of the Pirates of the Enchiridion and I certainly don't mind that. Honestly, this is now one of my favorite tv show related games out there (not that there are many I think). The gameplay is turn based which I always welcome and the graphics are charming as is the dialogue and the story. The map is a good size for what's normally a kid game but that just made the traveling fun. I knew nothing going in about Adventure Time but I may just give it a watch now that I've played this. #122 - Black Mirror With Every trophy accomplished, I'm done with this short adventure. At moments it looked good, while at others it didn't. The subtitles didn't match the audio at parts which I found amusing but it didn't take away from a story that kept my interest....for the most part. I thought the buildup was good, but near the end it became somewhat predictable and too out there that it kinda let me down. I thought the ending was fine though and I would say to play this if going for a short plat as it's at least a good time.