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  1. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Persona 3 FES Everywhere Road Trip/Road Trip Adventure Bombastic Marvel vs Capcom 2
  2. Evolve. I never went ahead and changed the emblem for whatever reason and didn't come across news it was going down somehow until it actually went down. But then it turns out that it still works except for the emblem trophy. No cupcake plat for me.
  3. Not working for me at the moment. Can only keep trying but a notice would have been nice
  4. She can be a trophy icon
  5. If you have dlc, I recommend Kanji
  6. I can confirm it. Doesn't show up as a prompt or anything but while in the game it's playable and comparing the quests to the dlc shows that it's there
  7. Only 3 games and 2 are time limited? I'm not really a fan of this pattern.
  8. Sniper Elite 3 doesn't seem to be on NA PS Now anymore. Not sure if it's just me though but the other games are there
  9. PSN ID: flashpool23 Systems: PS4, PS3 Timezone: PST Accepts blanks: Yes because it's the only option 😁 Currently playing: I'm all over the place but if anything, Apex Legends or NBA 2K20
  10. I second the post above. The game works without problems on PS Now. Any game with six axis seems to work on there from my experience so far.
  11. That's fair. I've done it 3 separate times on PS4 the last month and it's been a success each time so I just leave it as our experiences varying.
  12. Not sure if they've been fixed or it was just a problem on your end but they worked for me just now so I'd give it another look.
  13. For ranked, everyone but the person/people needing the win can quit out and it'll count as a win still. Saves time from waiting for the match to play out. Then just do the other trophies such artilleryman in private if you'd like, considering you can choose maps and modes there. Though that's just a suggestion as your roadmap also works.
  14. This is a bummer because I found their games to usually be unique game experiences that deserve a playthrough. I particularly loved Gravity Rush 1 and 2 so it's a shame if there isn't anymore games set in that universe.
  15. The Last of Us Remastered. Online isn't as bad as it seems and possible on your own.