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  1. July: Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Just Cause 4
  2. I went to the third window and cover seemed to work there quickly. Then just shot the sleeping gas bolt without aiming and hoped for the best. The first and second windows never worked for me.
  3. Plat 141 - Lego City Undercover I like the design of this trophy for some reason. As for the game, the story was fun. The almost 1000 collectibles....not so much. But missing out on all of them wouldn't have made me a Cop-pletionist now would it?
  4. No, the shark game is Maneater not this one.
  5. 140 - Wolfenstein: The New Order This plat says I'm a Wolfenstein master but I wouldn't say that until I'm done with the rest of the series. As for this game, I loved it. The gameplay, environments, story, characters were all masterfully done. I regret not starting it earlier as I missed out on a new favorite experience of mine. Apart from some tough areas here and there, it's really worth going through. Seriously, excellent game.
  6. I just finished it myself. I recommend ignoring it and just passing the story, then in free play (the game doesn't need you to replay the story) just go to the map, which you can do whenever, and if you get to that specific tornado build then do it and switch to Jay to activate it. Otherwise, as long as you don't do the build, you're free to go in and out of the level as you please.
  7. You get them as you progress in the story. It'll be holding circle and targeting whatever it is.
  8. 139 - Lego Ninjago: The Movie Game Fun plat! Makes me a Grand Master of Trophies it looks like! Probably one of the shorter Lego games out there and seeing as it's free at the moment, I recommend it! The movie cutscenes were all fun as well as were the dojos and general combat and gameplay for this game. It's at least a fun time if you need something relaxing or not too serious.
  9. S (1 of 1) - South Park: The Fractured But Whole I'm goin' down to South Park gonna have myself a time. Friendly faces everywhere.... So I loved this game. Actually, I had to finish The Stick of Truth before attempting this one but both experiences were genuinely worth it. As the new kid, the way you were integrated into the main cast of the show was perfect and every character from the show was exactly portrayed here without changes. Honestly, this game has the love of its creators and you notice it with just about everything. It's extremely ridiculous (in a good way) and I even recommend the dlc which had zero trophies, but helpful party members to unlock, as worth playing through. Would you really pass up interrupting a birthday party for vampires in a Mexican restaurant and a parody of horror films especially Friday the 13th with the South Park cast? Plus you collect Yaoi art and battle Morgan Freeman in the main game! It's not that long of a game either so this is for sure a positive recommendation and experience to be tried. It's one big episode of South Park and what a feature it was!
  10. #138 - South Park: The Fractured But Whole I would assume this plat makes me More Powerful Than You Think by increasing my plat count but it barely has me missing increasing my trophy level so it's not there yet. Though I never thought the first game could be topped and they went ahead and did that with this one. I even played the dlc which had no trophies but is definitely worth going through. As with the first, if you love the show or general raunchy humor, this game is for you!
  11. Going by the on PS Now logic June: Hollow Knight Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
  12. 137 - South Park: The Stick of Truth Great game! If you like the tv show you'll like this too. It's pretty well made and you can tell the passion that was put into it right from the start.
  13. I have a feeling this is for those people who have just gotten a ps4 because of the self isolation and have a very minimal gaming library if any. In that case, these are good choices to support their decision in buying a console and might help develop a new love for gaming without them needing to pay for an online experience (hence the self part these games only really ask for). Though of course Journey is best played with the online component.
  14. F (1 of 1 completed) - Fe I would think F is for frustration or failure but what do I know? Initially I chose this game because I thought it looked nice and it does. You play as a creature that frees animals from being captured by what I thought were aliens at first. Once you free them, if they're the leader in their pack, you get their power. Otherwise you get abilities from collecting crystals scattered about in the world. The game is pretty simple with its controls. You move around, jump, and roar/cry. Glide and climb are unlocked later. Now the game is annoying in that it doesn't tell you anything but it shows you instead. You kind of have to figure out what to do, which isn't bad, but it can get you lost if you're not attentive. The story isn't much either as it's really just saving the forest. However, the worst part has to be collecting crystals post game. A few are in hard to reach places that you have to stray a bit far to figure out how to get there and some require use of each ability gotten to that point. Honestly though, my biggest annoyance is the way it doesn't show the crystals on the map and instead gives you an ability where you have to stay in place approximately in the area where the crystal could be and look around in a zoomed camera just to get a glimpse of where a crystal is. At least the world map tells you what areas have all their crystals collected and what areas don't right? Yeah about that. I wasted an hour running around because a last crystal was needed in one area and then I reloaded the game because I just couldn't find it. Turns out I had everything collected there and it was in another area that had said I had completely covered before. The crystal counter is glitched which a reload may fix. But why isn't the location just a thing here in the first place? It's reminiscent of the inFamous blast shards where all you had was a radar to get an idea of where things were. At least it wasn't too many to collect in Fe. I wouldn't recommend this even if it is kind of short. If you want a game where you're a creature running around to save the forest with good visuals and a soundtrack, play Seasons after Fall instead. Oh and the best part is, after you collect every crystal you gain the ability to fly. Sure thanks for making travel easier after I've done everything and completely finished the game to the point where I won't get to use this ability. Maybe I'll use it to fly away from this forest.
  15. 136 - Fe This platinum should help me Sustain Forest Love but the game wasn't necessarily the greatest. At least the plat image is nice.