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  1. As long as they don't ignore campaign and go online only since that's where (sadly) the money is.
  2. If you haven't played it yet but want a wrestling game, try Fire Pro Wrestling. It's quite different so I recommend you look it up first.
  3. Finally finished my first game! 100%. N (1 out of 2 N games). So I've been working on my other N game but realized this one is pretty short so I decided to complete it as my first game of this event. Now I've heard of gum helping you focus (whether it's through studying or exams), but Nelson Tethers takes it to a whole other level! For him, gum helps him complete puzzles (of which this game is full of). However, a trophy requires not to use any gum (so no hints basically). This isn't so bad except some of the puzzles are a bit hard to complete on your own (on my own?). I have to give a special mention to the gear puzzle near the end as that one had me look up the solution since I was on a no gum routine. Anyways, the story has you going into a small town to figure out why an eraser factory has closed. Turns out, nobody knows. Or do you just need to investigate? I won't spoil too much as it's story focused but I did appreciate the humor of this game. And the fact that you kinda figure out what's going on alongside your character makes it a good experience, as I didn't figure it out right at the start. So yeah, this game is worth playing through. It's left room for a sequel, of which I think exists on PC, but even without it I think it's worth at least an afternoon of gaming.
  4. Yeah I have it started but never found out one of the trophies was becoming unobtainable so I missed out on it. As for myself on topic, I haven't progressed much as I've been working on some other games before they get their servers down. Though with Nickelodeon Kart Racers it seems like Sandy Cheeks is my rival at the moment.
  5. Hey just a heads up but the plat for Evolve is unobtainable because of one trophy. And can't speak for the host but it appears that there's no strictness about the order. I'm not playing them in order at least.
  6. February Shadow of the Tomb Raider Alienation
  7. First off, happy new year everyone! Even if a day or two late now. Second, first impressions of what I've started. Nickelodeon Kart Racers is your generic movie/show tie-in kart racing game. Once you've played one, you've played them all (especially considering Mario Kart as the best of the bunch). I can see it being repetitive if I try more than a cup or two a day so I'm sure I'll have this done within a month seeing as difficulties don't stack. Voice characters aren't voiced either here so all this has going for it is that rubberbanding isn't atrocious (on the lower difficulty at least). Definitely not a strong recommendation as of now. Another game I've started is Killzone. The first one in its HD glory. Seeing that it's an old game, its age shows both with graphics and audio. Seems like the story may hold up well at least but turns out I need around four playthroughs for the plat. The checkpoint system isn't friendly here so it may also take me a bit to power through this. Hope it manages to show why it had sequels though. Either way, let's see where the list takes me. Hoping to find a new favorite by the end of it.
  8. So I looked at the spreadsheet and it looks like my final list isn't accounted for completely. @ArtikSkarab I've quoted it in its final version so you can see it as that's what I'm going off of. Thanks for the hard work again though!
  9. Nah I'm good. Already have enough on the list anyways. Thanks though.
  10. #128 - A Way Out Guess I managed all the ways out with this huh? I have to say, this game had such an incredible story that I wanted to replay it again but having just done it would have lessened the impact a bit. Still worth playing through naturally once as it's one of my favorites I played this year.
  11. Oh this is cool! I missed out on December but add me for this coming month. January: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Need for Speed Rivals
  12. Neat visual! I assume you did it through the PSNP+ extension? And disregard if I'm wrong but do you have the dlc for Nioh? From the looks of it, this event aims for 100% completion which includes dlc and it's what stopped me from adding Nioh in the first place as the base game was only given with ps plus. Just trying to prevent starting the game before realizing that for this event. Goes for anyone else who has Nioh on their list too.
  13. #127 - Stretch A title as simple as the plat, Stretch Supreme. But now, to actually stretch.
  14. Okay I updated my list and this should be the final version of it. I added some games and took some out (not that I won't play the ones I removed but the ones on this list have my interest a bit more). Games I took out: Bulletstorm (replaced with Burnout Paradise Remastered since I have that with EA access and I'm more interested in it than Bulletstorm anyways) Crash Trilogy (nothing against Crash but I have the Council installed already and I think it's likelier to finish it for me than the Crash trilogy. Will get to Crash at another time though.) Alien Isolation (I haven't seen the movies which I really must fix. Aliens Colonial Marines left me with a poor taste though but I'll get to this too eventually since I hear good things about it.) Naruto trilogy (haven't seen the anime so I feel like I won't enjoy it as much as I should. Plus, I have a bit of more interest in Nickelodeon Kart Racing and Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent) Valley (I really just want to play Vampyr and Valkyria Chronicles more but I'm not opposed to re-adding this one before the deadline to finalize it if I'm convinced to) In any case, looking forward to this!
  15. Okay that doesn't sound bad! I'll keep Killzone since I haven't played it yet, as well as 2 (though I'm not adding that since it has no servers), but have played 3 and Shadow Fall. I added a number game as well for myself and just checked your spreadsheet and for all the ones you don't have a system for, it'll be on PS4. Still subject to change though!
  16. Edited my list a bit for X, T, K, and H. Anyone know if the first Killzone has online? I know 2 and 3 have discontinued servers. If it does, I'll put Knack back again. As for the question of how I'm planning to start, I might do an easy game first just to get the ball rolling for myself.
  17. My variation was a bit different as well. If your timing is precise, you can hold L2 to reverse and about 6 seconds in (maybe a second longer or shorter since I got a feel for it and not exactly timed it) accelerate with R2. Didn't hold L1 at all and I basically passed the gate right as it went down to the very second.
  18. To slightly add to this, it seems you get a bit more each time you win a championship so make a custom one (like 2, 3 races short) and at the end you get the credits for winning a championship along with the xp.
  19. I think it should work? I just did this plat yesterday, the UGC part to be exact. It's just Milestone usually has terrible servers. Like I noticed it sometimes kept track of my miles and sometimes it didn't. Their other games like Ducati are similar. 20 online races sure but it only counts if you're hosting. At the moment I'd just say keep retrying or restart the game at a later time.
  20. #126 - Monster Energy Supercross So according to this, I'm a Supercross God and at first it felt like it but this game overstayed its welcome. But hey, with it being a free PS Plus game this month, there will likely be more than one Supercross God coming soon.
  21. Oh I forgot DLC was a thing for a moment! Going to have to switch around a few things now. Thanks for the indirect reminder!
  22. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is my personal recommendation
  23. #125 - ONRUSH
  24. Congrats. I was working towards it and then..... the trophies stopped popping. I know I was doing the requirements correctly because I kept receiving the uplay points unlocked popup but no trophy. I then saw that it glitched for a very small amount of people and the fix is to delete the game, redownload it, and start over. I was nearly done but because of it, I haven't had the willpower to go back to it.
  25. Octane's bounce pad from Apex Legends. I can throw it anywhere and bounce stuff off it or myself. Maybe throw it in front of people walking slow in front of me.