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  1. That's fair. I've done it 3 separate times on PS4 the last month and it's been a success each time so I just leave it as our experiences varying.
  2. Not sure if they've been fixed or it was just a problem on your end but they worked for me just now so I'd give it another look.
  3. For ranked, everyone but the person/people needing the win can quit out and it'll count as a win still. Saves time from waiting for the match to play out. Then just do the other trophies such artilleryman in private if you'd like, considering you can choose maps and modes there. Though that's just a suggestion as your roadmap also works.
  4. This is a bummer because I found their games to usually be unique game experiences that deserve a playthrough. I particularly loved Gravity Rush 1 and 2 so it's a shame if there isn't anymore games set in that universe.
  5. The Last of Us Remastered. Online isn't as bad as it seems and possible on your own.
  6. You have a lot of good plats! If I had to choose one though it'd be Star Wars Battlefront because it was a good time for me, just a problematic platinum.
  7. Lego Worlds! I only know of one other who has it
  8. Bully. I've played the ps2 version but never the one with trophies
  9. Probably related to PSN problems but Worms Battlegrounds doesn't connect to the online either.
  10. It's PES and they're not saying anything because people would want it replaced again.
  11. I was looking through the Games Under $15 sale currently going on and only noticed 3 of the 4 games from this series appearing with a discount. I clicked on the series' game pages thinking it would appear in related results and tried searching it but it doesn't appear. The webpage shows no price either anymore. Was this game removed recently? I find it odd that the rest of the games still appear and are even on sale at the moment but this one's missing.
  12. Just finished and platted the first game recently and really loved it. I'm all for a sequel. Thanks for the share!
  13. Plat 160 - Desert Child You win at running, football, arson, weddings, and art! You’ll even win at irony! Top score. Plat 161 - Valley Big Game Hunter Plat 162 - 11-11: Memories Retold 100% Plat 163 - Wreckfest Master of Crashes Plat 164 - Nascar Heat 4 All Trophies Plat 165 - Aragami Legend
  14. That's pretty cool that it's coming back. Best Telltale game imo
  15. Plat 159 - Bound by Flame For a game I had low expectations about, this surprised me a bit. Of course there's noticeable low budget moments and it's not all that diverse with choices, which rpgs are about, but combat is fun once it clicks for you. Except for the final boss. Worst boss ever. I'm not really recommending this but there's certainly worse ways to spend your time if you happen to play it. At least the concept was cool.
  16. I recommend looking into the Banner Saga trilogy. At least the first game if you want to try it but choices do carry over between the 3 games. There's a resource management part though, similar to Oregon Trail, so not sure if you'd like that.
  17. Plat 158 - Realm Royale This plat says I'm Your Royal Eggsellence now and the icon shows how I feel about that!
  18. Plat 157 - Tales from the Borderlands The plat title asks, We Had Fun, Didn't We? Seeing as this is the second time I played this game and I loved it as much as the first time.....yes, we did.
  19. December Control Persona 5
  20. I think your point makes the most sense, although not confirmed. The games are on sale again for even lower now too at about $1.29 so it could be that they all might leave soon as well. Either way, I appreciate your input since I had no knowledge about it and just thought of it as random (which could still be the case) but there doesn't seem to be a point in playing the other games if one is missing. I know they're sold in other regions but the price compared to what it's on sale for doesn't seem worth it.
  21. I think once more squares appear it will look nicer. But for now it does stand out in a bad way. If only it could be customized to either be all squares or all rectangles.
  22. Does this make you the longest person to plat Slyde now?
  23. I came across an interesting post on Reddit that brought an interesting point regarding "backwards compatibility". While Sony originally released a list mentioning games they tested and were unable to get running on the PS5 (PSNP forum about it here) they did not mention games that could run on PS5 but might have issues in some parts of the game (features changed/missing, new glitches). This post embedded below describes it better but the gist of it is, games categorized as 'BOOTABLE' might make "backwards compatibility" a smaller list than expected. Link if not showing : LINK List if not showing : Site to check if bootable game : https://andshrew.github.io/supreme-enigma/ Of course things can be patched or disproven by users once the PS5 arrives, but for now this seems to be something to consider if looking to move on from PS4 to PS5 completely.
  24. Plat 155 - Claire While a short game, I enjoyed my time with it. The good ending especially was worth playing for and although it has small issues with responding to the pause button at times, it's a fun game that I recommend.
  25. TT Isle of Man is getting a patch now so that's one more game that's compatible with PS5. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/10/tt_isle_of_man_2_will_receive_ps5_backwards_compatibility_update Shadwen is never getting a PS5 patch because as the devs state "...for some reason, Shadwen freezes on the loading screen. If this happened on one of our newer games, we'd probably figure out the reason quickly. Unfortunately, Shadwen is quite old, using an older version of our engine, and we don't have it up and running anymore." https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/10/why_shadwen_wont_be_backwards_compatible_on_ps5