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  1. Hooked up the Sega Genesis and loaded NHL 96. Computer v Computer. I have my own hockey game : D

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    2. RiverMae


      3 - 2 Penguins in lead : D I still have NBA Jam.

    3. Death


      Well it also doesn't help that you played the Game Gear version too, gamer.

    4. broy300


      Lemiux-Francis-Jagr-Zubov vs Amonte-Roenick-Chelios-Suter. Classic fun!

  2. Equip Sawed-off Barrel to the shogun. That's basically the only good weapon- add on that came from Sinclair's Solution (Except for ammo cap on the pistol) I can give you some load out suggestions. What level are you?
  3. I like you, you're funny.
  4. I'm a very experienced player. I used to play this all the time. You get more adam from hacking things and trying not to die (kill streaks) Weapon combos for easy kills, use Telekinesis and shot gun You can complete trials if you wish, weapon trials are easy to do. Did you download Sinclair's Solution DLC?
  5. We need miniature dinosaurs. About the size of a hamster. Have their own cage, let them out in a ball. Let them do dinosaur things. Invest in this.

  6. Can I take her away in the process?
  7. May I ask why this is of importance to you, Scoo? His place on the leaderboard shouldn't affect you at all. In fact, the leaderboard shouldn't affect anyone. I can understand the want to game competitively and earn a lot of trophies, but you're not even close to him trophy wise. I honestly don't see the issue. If you've ever talked to Duck360, you will understand that he admits openly to having hacked 6 platinums and he wished he never had done so. The trophies you hide are removed from your scorecard. He hid 600+ trophies, so the amount of trophies he 'earned' will change as well. I am going to quote what Duck360 said about cheating. I will also link the post. Here is his full entry: https://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/3547-cheaters-policy/page-12#entry57658
  8. Why is that a photo of me and not you, Carlyyyyy?
  9. -worships Christian Bale cut out- YOU ARE MY ONLY TRUE BATMAN.
  10. "Ben Affleck will be playing the new Batman in the upcoming movie duo with Batman and Superman." THAT CRATER CHINNED IDIOT IS TAKING MY HUSBANDS PLACE!!

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    2. Syfy87


      Agreed Bale is the best!!!

    3. drummerklg


      Bale, in my opinion, I just didn't care for him as the Batman, very overrated. Ben Affleck has grown as an actor, you can't blame him totally for Daredevil, script played a role in that as well, look at the Town, great movie. Basically, just watch the movie first before you pass judgement, remember when everyone was saying the same thing about Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker? Look how that turned out.

    4. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      ok Ill give you guys daredevil but Drummer although The town was good I didnt think Affleck was good in that movie especially that terrible Boston accent he had. I personally dont think Affleck is a good actor

  11. River Tam from the T.V. series, FireFly.
  12. My gut feeling is never wrong. ; )

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    2. Memnoch


      I know, self filtering is a pain isn't it ?

    3. Nasty_Rory


      agreed, lets have a drink to get over it.

    4. Vanilla
  13. I saw food and my mouth is watering. Cheese fries are my crack, so is Cheesecake, Burgers, and Rootbeer. Share, surferboy.
  14. Mr. Bubbles :3