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  1. I have been around for a while and I remember when hannah montana was the easiest plat. How things have changed right?
  2. Bug Fables is a paper marioesque game that is pretty casual on normal difficulty. If you want all trophies, you need to play on hard which is moderately challenging. It s about 30 hours. A game that I rarely see mentionned is The Tenth Line which is very similar to Child of Light. I remember really appreciating the absence of grinding combined with a decent challenge. I am Setsuna is an acceptable old school rpg that can be finished pretty quickly and that doesn t ask too much from the player. It s very linear until the end and there is no need to grind to complete the game. If you like a different type of rpg, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered was a lot of fun to me with the placement of troops. It wasn t that long to complete but you need to pay attention when you play. I second Cosmic Star Heroine as a Sci-fi Chrono Trigger that can be done in less than 10 fun hours. Citizen of Earth and its sequel Citizen of Space are also bite-sized RPG. The South Park games are great if you are fan of the show and are really competent and on the short side. I had a lot of fun with Lunar back in the days and it s really classic, no grinding, no tacked-on content to artificially make the games longer. Great choice if it s available.
  3. I've been on this website for a really long time and never really took the time to write stuff about this topic (or most topic actually) because, as you all know by now I guess, it turns pretty ugly, pretty fast, which is a shame because discussing trophies on a trophy website is something we should be able to do in a respectful manner. That being said, I still decided to write about it here, mostly I guess to organise my thoughts on the subject. I guess everyone is kind of right in a sense that having a leaderboard where people are ranked mostly with a level and a number of platinums make comparing one another inevitable. Sure, there are no real rewards except bragging rights I guess, if you wanna brag about trophy hunting and no one is really profiting from having a high platinum count but it's still there and I guess it bothers some people. Having started trophy hunting when it came out like 12 years ago because I'm a usually a completionist when it comes to games, I appreciated the challenge but as I get older and have less time for game with a career, a family, etc. I accepted that I won't be able to play all the games in the world to completion. I don't lose sleep over knowing my rank is getting worse every week but at times I take a look at who is getting ahead of me. Sometimes I'm super impressed by profiles and sometimes it is someone with 8 stacks of 30 min platinum but everyone can play whatever they want and spend their money the way they want. I myself appreciate an easy game to relax between longer games. It's what I like, others have the right to be feel differently. The thing is that every leaderboard in pretty much every game is not based on skills. I'm playing a mobile game right now and to be on top you have to pay ridiculous amount of money to be there. For other games, it's about grinding for hours. I like stats and I understand people getting unconfortable about a leaderboard where getting high fast is a combination of buying easy games and stacking them. It's like playing fantasy football and some people can have more players, or select from better teams and the other has to select a roster from the NY jets only. To conclude (because it's getting super long right?), the system is what it is and it clearly won't change so you have to let go. However, we should be able to discuss and criticize it with other people who have an interest in trophy hunting, no matter how they view that hobby.
  4. Thought i could talk about my experience grinding it. Everytime you watch a sports game, a tv show or a movie, you start a match and you hold the gaz button. Pressing x at times to replay the race. When you have the distance trophy, you can play elimination races because they are faster to get money. Don't grind it because you will go crazy, just do that whenever it works for you.
  5. I got the platinum today and even if the game was an average advance wars clone (but with amazing art) i had so much trouble with crashes (game crashed amd i had to reload a previous cloud save and lost 30 minutes of progress each time) and online connection problems i am not sure it was worth it.
  6. Based on your collection, you should give up on Gran Turismo (is it still possible to plat it?) I also see you have Alpha Protocol. Having platinumed it, I can tell you that's not an easy feat !
  7. If you are open minded and you like JRPG, I saw that you haven't played any Atelier game. I'm playing Atelier Rorona Plus right now, and I recommend it to you if you can accept the cuteness and the time constraint. I played tons of JRPG and it was my first from that serie. I played it after a friend recommended it to me. Have fun !
  8. Dante's Inferno is for me a very good example of a high budget "meh" game. You have a lot of technically interesting stuff like a cool setting, lore and plot, GOWar combat mechanics, RPG elements, but for me, everything seemed glued up together badly. It's devoid of any personality and quite forgettable for a game taking place IN HELL.
  9. Right now with the Flash Sale, Ratchet and Clank collection is a great choice. Three pretty short and fun games that aren't too kiddy or embarassing, Guacamelee is a personnal favorite. Any version is great. No missable, short and tons of fun. I don't think I've seen Far Cry 3 on Ps3 being suggested. A bit on the short side and really enjoyable. Coop trophies are done quickly with a friend or 3. Some of the above games are quite long i think (Kingdom hearts and Skyrim are pretty short platinums ?). Vanquish is great and short but challenges are hard as hell. Not the best choice if you want plain, not frustrating fun ! But I forgot about GOW and Sly Cooper games, short and sweet games. By the way, gratz for your completion percentage, and the games aren't pieces of cake !
  10. Bought the game during the sale. Gameplay is repetitive but it's expected coming from a .74 cents game. At least the feeling of progression is nice.