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  1. Going for the last 2000 kills, I am experiencing severe server issues in the last couple of days/weeks. The game connects and lets you play for 5 minutes or so before the connections drops. When you try to find a new game, you get into a newly created one with 80% of the players from the previous round. (so its not just me) Does anyone have some info whats the cause or are they shutting down the servers slowly? Oh, and the kills you achieve in the round are gone as well and not counted.
  2. I have to admit, that i couldnt find similar cases on playstationtrophies.org when i ran into that issue. The only savefile i used was from my ps+ cloud as it was the most recent one i had. I had issues with Infamous 1 and GTA4 in the pastas well, so i backup my saves every now and then if i play hard games in case it happens again. As i said, i still cant get the trophy for the hardest difficulty on eat lead. And thats a game i bought just for the trophies...
  3. Driller-Fil Spec Ops: The Line When I played the game on sucidal i didnt get any trophies. But the Fubar difficulty was unlocked. I played the last mission on suicidal like 3 times again from my cloud save but it didnt unlock. Then I started playing the game on Fubar and the other 2 trophies unlocked as well upon completion. I have the same issue with eat lead for years. I cant unlock the Hazard Master trophy and played through like 4 or 5 times by now.