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  1. James Camerons Avatar. Still up there with coolest games I ever played, playing as the Navi was so good, flying on the Banshee and the larger one whose name I can't remember. Badass. I couldn't get enough of it. Playing as RDA too while not as fun, it was still an interesting experience taking the role as the small guys knowing whats out there. Lastly the multiplayer, played it so much on both 360 and PS3, was right there to the end when you seen the same few people everyday.
  2. Hate it and the platinum redesign
  3. I'm at 533, while it may still be too early to judge, the initial excited curiosity has passed and i'm left feeling like I think I hate this update. The badges on PS5 i'm all for, think thats a nice little addition to trophies but all these accounts in the hundreds? It looks messy as f***. Ah well i'll get used to it
  4. When you go from 100 straight to 999
  5. Interesting. I like the icons replacing the gold star. But overall level changing will take some adjustment, like everyone on fl suddenly being triple figures has potential to look too busy like xbox gamerscore.
  6. Me and my brother did save file cheat on MW2 and LittleBigPlanet 2 when I was like 13 and he was 11. I got removed all these years later for MW2 so I hid the game, never got caught for LBP2 (until now) the reason i'm coming clean is because my brother got removed for MW2 and LBP2 literally the second he hit his 100th plat but he also got hit for COD WAW, which he didn't hack, it happened because of a hacker in a zombie map, so he got 3 strikes and can never be on the leaderboard so I don't care to either
  7. Yeah its kinda unbearable. Had to cut both of my first sittings short because I couldn't concentrate. It doesn't help that it randomly goes silent for a second too before going crazy again making it even more noticeable.
  8. My first, Toy Story 3. Before Trophy guides, PSNProfiles, everything basically as I was new to the internet in 2011. I believe Toy Story 3 was the only PS3 game I played like I did on PS1 and PS2, that being just me and the game. With getting Internet everything changed. I remember running around as woody for ages searching for the last collectable then finding it and seeing that plat pop like it was yesterday.
  9. Ideally i'd wait, considering the amount of games still to play and also waiting a year or two may help in avoiding a similar annoying experience from this gen, that being missing out on the Pro version. Ideally. Once it all kicks off with the reveal and marketing, i'll most likely have it on launch.
  10. This happened to me in the telltale collection. When I reboot the game all my decisions from the entire season are gone, but I could continue from where the game crashed, for example
  11. 2011 - 3 (Most Common - Uncharted 2, Rarest - Toy Story 3) 2012 - 7 (Most Common - Assassins Creed 2, Rarest - LittleBigPlanet 2) 2013 - 35 (Most Common - The Walking Dead, Rarest - The Sims 3) 2014 - 15 (Most Common - The Walking Dead, Rarest - Minecraft) 2015 - 5 (Most Common - The Wolf Among Us, Rarest - The Last of Us Remastered) 2016 - 3 (Most Common - Rocket League, Rarest - Senran Kagura Estival Versus) 2017 - 0 2018 - 0 2019 - 60 (Most Common - Jack N Jill DX, Rarest - Dragon Age Origins) I think 2020 will be more akin to 2014 in terms of plats, I had fun getting all those easy plats in 2019 but now i've had my fill and can't justify buying them anymore. Unless I genuinely want to play it, like if Devious Dungeon 3 happened i'd be all over that.
  12. Minecraft is going to be 1 % platinum at this rate
  13. Vita is a beast and will hold up for a long long time, i'll happily use it until Sony changes their mind. If they don't, then im content with Vita being my last
  14. I have the trophies but cant sync them online. Theres around 20, no platinum, all bronze.
  15. I was literally just talking to PlayStations Ask twitter account about this. After asking me to try some solutions, all of which I knew wouldn't work, I told them i'm certain the problem is my original claim, the trophy list hasn't been added to the server. They said "We can't verify that ourselves but we have sent this info to the relevant team to look into it" wether thats true or not idk but lets see.