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  1. Ideally i'd wait, considering the amount of games still to play and also waiting a year or two may help in avoiding a similar annoying experience from this gen, that being missing out on the Pro version. Ideally. Once it all kicks off with the reveal and marketing, i'll most likely have it on launch.
  2. This happened to me in the telltale collection. When I reboot the game all my decisions from the entire season are gone, but I could continue from where the game crashed, for example
  3. 2011 - 3 (Most Common - Uncharted 2, Rarest - Toy Story 3) 2012 - 7 (Most Common - Assassins Creed 2, Rarest - LittleBigPlanet 2) 2013 - 35 (Most Common - The Walking Dead, Rarest - The Sims 3) 2014 - 15 (Most Common - The Walking Dead, Rarest - Minecraft) 2015 - 5 (Most Common - The Wolf Among Us, Rarest - The Last of Us Remastered) 2016 - 3 (Most Common - Rocket League, Rarest - Senran Kagura Estival Versus) 2017 - 0 2018 - 0 2019 - 60 (Most Common - Jack N Jill DX, Rarest - Dragon Age Origins) I think 2020 will be more akin to 2014 in terms of plats, I had fun getting all those easy plats in 2019 but now i've had my fill and can't justify buying them anymore. Unless I genuinely want to play it, like if Devious Dungeon 3 happened i'd be all over that.
  4. Minecraft is going to be 1 % platinum at this rate
  5. Vita is a beast and will hold up for a long long time, i'll happily use it until Sony changes their mind. If they don't, then im content with Vita being my last
  6. I have the trophies but cant sync them online. Theres around 20, no platinum, all bronze.
  7. I was literally just talking to PlayStations Ask twitter account about this. After asking me to try some solutions, all of which I knew wouldn't work, I told them i'm certain the problem is my original claim, the trophy list hasn't been added to the server. They said "We can't verify that ourselves but we have sent this info to the relevant team to look into it" wether thats true or not idk but lets see.
  8. Zero Birthplats. Now that i know about it though ill be sure to try get one this year. My closet is from 2013. Tearaway, 9 days after Birthday.
  9. Yep and when first few times I heard it. I thought I had a mouse or some weird insects in my room lol. Then eventually realized it was the PS4 because it followed when I moved it to another room
  10. For me its AC Brotherhood. My mum tried to get my brother a gift who owned a 360 at the time, so it fell to me as I was planning on buying a PS3.
  11. Time Trail trophies! The bane of my existence! Nice list tbf but I doubt ill get this platinum
  12. Oh sh*t, yeah I own those games thats why I didnt know whats happening because they are all on the store for me. Guess im getting the Batmans. I recommend people get the Guardians of the Galaxy game. Iv played most telltale games and that one is up there with my favourites.
  13. Is it confirmed they are getting took off the store or is this pure speculation? because everything is still on the store and I dont fancy buying both Batman games immediately if this turns out to be not true
  14. Im jealous of XGP. I dont play on Xbox but my sister does and she often shows me whats available on the service. Its kinda the reason I checked out PS Now and well, it is absolutley useless for me. They said my internet was strong enough and let me tell you, it wasnt. Im sure its worth it with awesome connections. But they have to make it more like XGP on PS5, download all games. I belive they know its a bad service for a lot of players because when I asked for I refund I got it immediately, no questions asked and that was a first.
  15. XPaddyCFCX, Red Dead Rockstar