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    shared psn account between my boyfriend and i. i do most of the posting though~
  1. Need help with Voracidous and Master Gee on UVHM for "Done That" and "Completionist", respectively. ID: octoroks
  2. Jared Leto is an alright actor so I'm sure he'll do a good enough job portraying the Joker. That being said, I hate the design. It's so...Hot Topic
  3. this!! and i see uncle grandpa has already been mentioned as well - both just awful shows
  4. Master of Time Final Fantasy XIII-2 #13 i played through the game ages ago when it first came out and before i was into trophy hunting. i'm really glad i found 13-2 in a local game store because although (storywise) it's not as good as the first, i really enjoy the gameplay. i thought the plat would be easier! it's not that it's difficult, just time consuming, especially the one for the slots, ugh. i had my controller taped for about four hours bahah. it's way easier than the one for 13 (that i will never kill myself grinding for) i'm tickled that it's the 13th platinum, totally unintentional! and now to rub it in my boyfriend's face that i got my platinum before he got his (he's working on one piece pirate warriors)
  5. i'm finally getting one later this week!! i cannot wait to play persona 4 golden and touch my katamari where does the ps tv fit in with all this? i can see it helping game sales for the vita but obviously not hardware.
  6. definitely need some good jrpg sales! i see guided fate paradox was already mentioned, would love to own that game and work on the trophies again. i tried it out from gamefly but didn't end up finishing it and it's too expensive for my cheap self~
  7. Thank you for loving me ouch, right in the feels ;< ace </3
  8. i almost lost my sanity, but i got HTA o: just gotta max out my stamina now and the plat is allll mine (shadow of the colossus)
  9. shadow of the colossus only three more! gotta do hard/hard time attack and max out dat stamina