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  1. You should be able to since you are using the backward compatibility not the upgrade path but I'm not 100% sure
  2. The keyboard exp trick might still work I'm not sure but it would definitely help on your pacifist run
  3. Destroy all humans is getting a physical release courtesy of limited run games https://limitedrungames.com/products/limited-run-370-destroy-all-humans-ps4
  4. Speaking from experience it took me 4 days to finally get past the race on classic (really about 5 hours ) and turns out it's a mind fuck it makes you think it's super hard but it's deceptively easy it plays on your past experiences and expectations for racing I know it did me. In reality what u wanna do is get past the first turn at about 9th place and not to far from the pack ahead then start cutting across the grass to get ahead by the second real turn u want to be between 1-3rd place and just try to sadly but quickly get through the rest of the turns u want to stay within that bracket preferably first place by the start of the second lap if not aslong as ur still 1-3rd place your fine now then while the cars behind you might be on your ass. Calm down think on lap 2 and 3 slow down for the turns you will be fine cause everyone behind you will also slow take care on your turns hell almost granny crawl if you have to and everything but the turns go full speed if you are 3rd you will move up by 3rd lap cause 1 car will crash do the same for lap 3 drive fast but take the bad turns slow remain calm don't try to be a badass and drift or whatever and if your second on 3rd lap your pretty golden cause the lead will crash so you become first. Now on the last strait before finish watch your butt cause a car will try to pass just move in infront usually they try on the right but just floor it and casually get infront as that try to pass and you will win. Now to explain what I mean about it screwing with you. The first turn up to the second is a random shit fest you may get kicked around or get slowed and you just cannot get ahead to the lead area that's fine you probably won't win but atleast do 1 full lap to practice the high-speed turns for lap 1 rsm (x) is your friend but can screw u up too learn when and how to best use it once u know the turns and how to get through it's all just getting the lucky chance to get ahead Also just FYI on lap 2 at the start a few cars may fly past you it's designed to psyc you out you should be able to easily overtake and regain your spot by turn 2 or 3 max cause like I said they granny crawl on lap 2 and 3 for turns it's what kept screwing with me I was so worried I'd just screwed up I just reset it without even trying. Also if you do get 3rd or 2nd on lap 2 and the car crashes at the sideways z bend (if you watch videos everyone says avoid the grass cause u go flying) definitely on your next lap be careful because there's a water truch there now putting out the fire the wreack cause and while before u could take a slight jump from the grass and be fine u will definitely slam into that truck and lose the race so take that turn extra careful if they did wreak there. So as you can see it's deceptively easy if your aware of stuff definitely frustrating if the randomness of the first leg keeps screwing you or your not yet practiced at high speed turns on lap 1
  5. Are you doing this in the explorer glitch? Don't think that works but not sure but what I did was go to the house (appartment behind the building) there should be a few cars( like 4) in the lot back here walk to front of building and steal cars around the area but don't stray too far or it won't work and park them in that lot till you have 10 or 11 or more if u wanna be sure and pack then together then start living grenades and then start blowing tanks with the shotgun when ur out of grenades and be fast as possible
  6. I think I only had that happen once maybe was a fluke?
  7. It seems to me game developers love to put in a big F.U. to the players sometimes for example flappy goat in the goat simulator game, or the race on classic difficulty in mafia definitive edition, or this in mafia 2 lol there's many in many games lol
  8. Yeah I edited my post to include that info while u was replying but like I said in the edit it's faster but alot more boring to actually drive the 1000 miles because you can maintain speed
  9. If you mean while doing the falling glitch nothing really happens you may somehow fall Abit slower but I don't think it's that big of a difference so feel free to fall without gas lol you will still accrue them miles just fine I left mine falling for many hours without issues it'll still take a long time anyway but I do suggest a faster car I'm not 100% sure if it matters at all but can't hurt. i will point out it actually is alot faster to do the miles legitimately because no matter what your speed will drop after a few seconds in the fall glitch no matter what while actually driving it you can maintain speed but that's just super boring and u can't really do other stuff that way
  10. I definitely did and I got the trophies just now
  11. Nah just fixed in hidden out of the way places and magazines like everywhere (I don't understand why they never get wet or blow away or burn lol several times I've burnt out a building and the magazines just site there untouched lol Yes I'm kidding it's a game it uses game logiv
  12. I've read several instances this has happened on this site where this has happened so it's not out and out impossible for it to legitimately happen
  13. I had trouble at first but once I realized that if I was first after the 1st lap it was basically just a win if I paid attention and by that I mean once I crossed into the second lap instead of racing my way through like impulse says just drive fast but on corners I could all but stop and crawl through the turns even with the other cars in my ass they just slowed too and once through I sped up till the next bad turn and through out they did the same and on the 3rd lap right next to the finish I had a car try to pass but I just turned the car slightly tears his direction and he backed off I don't think it's scripted or rubber banded so much as it plays on your nurves it screws with you on that first lap it's random will I get ahead will they all just attack and shove me will I somehow bounce into a wall but then that golden chance at getting to first after so many screw ups people are already stressed and on edge not thinking calmly their impulses say be fast don't screw up must win so they take the whole track like greased lightning and screw up sure some pulled the rabbit out of their ass and still won but if u can calm down and think through then your golden
  14. Here's to hoping then cause it's likely I'll double up on all my favorite franchises like watchdogs and assassin's creed if they have seperate lists gives me a good reason to replay later lol