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  1. It was probably hunwald and his girlfriend's house
  2. If your referring to the legacy stuff it's less dlc more u have to own the original games to unlock the "dlc" legacy version of them
  3. I believe so yes
  4. U must do the last checkpoint of each chapter on sniper elite
  5. Well depending on the person who created the titles religion and region ect they might not be able to capitalize it because the only "God" that's capitalized is the christian one all others are always to be lowercase At least that's how my English teacher taught it
  6. Lol I was just typing this almost exact reply when the page updated with yours lol so yeah telltale is back and steadily regaining licenses
  7. You gotta do all of part 1 then do the legacy version of part 1 within part 2 but here's the kicker some stuff is different like escalations may not be the same between versions and honestly I found the escalations in 2 (legacy) to be rediculously easy. If u wanted you could play out a level in 1 get all trophies then switch to legacy in 2 and complete the same level while everything's fresh and it won't feel like such a slog least that's my opinion
  8. I don't think so? I mean most stuff like it that's included in special editions get scans put online at some point it's not like it's a full on novel written by an author it's more of a short what happened between games that honestly should have been included as a main menu extra and a physical version just be a cool extra in the special edition box
  9. I know it's a long shot but did anyone get the special edition of death end re;quest 2 and get the death end re;quest 1.5 book? If so can you post up scans of it cause I'm sure loads of people would love to read it without dropping 100+ dollars on the special edition
  10. Well there are 2 other sherlock holmes games that I know of on playstation but if you don't mind a supernatural/lovecraftiam element there's also the sinking city it's made by the same people and uses the same mechanics for clue finding and solving but is also an open world and has an action survival element to it. And call of cthulhu is similar in that you play a detective of sorts trying to solve a mystery
  11. My internet sucks and I don't know anyone with the patience to help lol I might just get a digital version for ps3 and use my bricked console to play against like I did far cry 2
  12. This^^^^ and it's waaay cheaper
  13. I'd like it if you could on me and tell me how this grind is easy it's 1 think that's keptt me from even starting it
  14. 3 is supposed to be the end of the trilogy and the end of hitman for at least a few years while they concentrait on getting on there feet and on new ip's like the 007 game
  15. Yup 1 and 2 are both still 100% capable