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  1. I may need this if they really plan to blind us for trophies in next months dlc
  2. I'd like to know aswell
  3. Oops yeah I forgot to edit my op to say resetting the game fixed it sorry
  4. http://www.powerpyx.com/days-gone-all-ambush-camp-locations/ Try this
  5. Yeah night time is horde time they are rare in the day unless u cause slot of noise near there sleep area
  6. I don't remember there being a horde are u trying to do it at night?
  7. Yeah sometimes games crash like that but at least you got back to the underdome what's catastrophic is crashing in the actual arena fight hence the fix I proposed your crash tho does sound more like a memory link so fingers crossed on ur last 2 bug arenas let me know how they go
  8. As the total says what's the differences between them?
  9. Is there a list out that seperates optional missions from main story cause I can't tell the difference
  10. I'm playing on a slim and no problems at all as of yet
  11. Your welcome
  12. U can use a dummy account and have it join you then start your game go to 1 of the listed boss kill it while ur dummy account sits somewhere safe or if you really wanna get revenge make a dummy account have your max character join that game and tank your way to 1 of the named bosses for the trophy and watch them explode.
  13. Yes there is and you can view it on any internet enabled device. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/wishlist
  14. If no one is willing u could try surfing the match making for max leveled players and just stay out of the way as they fight and level that way it's how alot of folks do it most don't mind aslong as ur not stealing loot and getting in the way
  15. There is already a wishlist I think this new ui is saying others can view and buy u stuff from it