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  1. I'm thinking unlucky I played both PS4 and PS4 versions with no major issues but that's not to say some people may just have a bad copy or there console has something janky in processing it happens
  2. It's not hard really it's just time consuming really it can be boosted with 2 other ps3s or 2 other players except war party
  3. There's a mech you can get into in the grisham academy mission not the first one you come to but the second is empty and I believe there's also 2 in the Cerberus mission at the end game if u can kill the enemy before he hops in 8 don't think u actually have to kill a guy in it I think u can just get in one
  4. Does anyone know where I could look at the rewards for the bonus missions like matchstick, the jungle moves, archangel and the other few bonus missions so I can see if there worth doing or not?
  5. I just made a new game bringing over my Shep from m.e 2. So she had lots of skill points made her a class with throw maxed it out so it had 2 balls and got to the part in the prologue with Anderson where your infront of a ship and it teaches you how to use cover (there's also 2 other soldiers in cover) the cannibals spawn infinitely aslong as you don't actually take cover at like 4 at a time and I just spammed throw and it tossed them around like rag dolls over all I think it took maybe 10-15 mins total from start up the new game to trophy pop I did the same with the burning trophy lol
  6. Warrior within just cause it has a learning curve but once you get in the groove none of the prince of Persia sands games are hard well I'm sure there was afew bugs but I never hit any
  7. Does that still work? I thought that got killed
  8. So how did it go?
  9. Thanks for this it helped ease my dread I kept hearing from my friends the resources was an extream grind
  10. How do I get them?
  11. What are the stealth and gaveira gloves?
  12. I'm seeing in some places there's a resource trick that was patched out and I'm hoping to 100% this game when I play it so I'm wondering should I play it patched or unpatched any advice or tips?
  13. Unfortunately it's a known and documented glitch that's apparently made it's way from the original ps3 game and it effects other consoles aswell according to other sites ......your screwed and need a restart but who knows you could be the one it fixes itself for
  14. There seems to be a mobile version of the site for me no dooming required really
  15. Well there actually are afew cheeses in the other games but no out right god modes that I can remember. Like in part 1 u can jump out of water spin your blades fall back in water repeat to do some of the harder rooms cause enemies don't follow u haha