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  1. Thank you this made me very happy although I feel they probably shrunk him and made him less angry I'd hes a summon lol
  2. Probably but because it'll be awhile before I can start and I just wanted to know the 1 thing I felt it was more time conservative to ask
  3. If u look in the I hate skirmishes board theres a full list and a map that should help you out
  4. im wondering if they included Ratatoskr in the game i personally feel this creature would be awesome in a god of war game so if anyone who has played and beaten it can let me know?
  5. it might be the mandella effect but i also seem to remember this site having a trophy guide for it...
  6. id like for all assassins creeds not yet on ps4 to be ported and have multiplayer cut out like the ezio trilogy
  7. like the title says do yall think there is any chance this and the first game will get a ps4 port since far cry 3 is getting one? seems only fair
  8. does anyone know what the differences in the different amnesia games are ive heard some say its a series, others say they are all the same game just different regions so different title, and some just flat dont know so im asking here in hopes someone knows and if they are different games does anyone know if they will all get localized here in america?
  9. congratulations sorry took so long to reply
  10. already stated above that that skirmish is sidequest based and so not listed as repeatable but i cant fully confirm
  11. Yes plat is possible my gf just got both plat and 100% last week so it's still good
  12. Congratulations on your platinum dosnt forget theres a season pass so likely going to be dlc stuff soon
  13. if this is accurate then the skirmish the op is missing is part of a sidequest
  14. not really but thx it dosnt seem to appear on any ofthe sound trackor spotify listor whatever its just played in the geekshop kinda goes with the decore lol
  15. does anyone know the name of theirish/celtic musicthat plays in the geek shop above the main hq?