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  1. It's probably one of the best games I've ever played and I've played alot heck I actually platinumed it twice and am planning a third It has potentially hundreds of hours of content the world and characters are really fleshed out (sadly there's a fair amount of talking of events of past games I haven't played) the card game once you figure it out and have a collectables guide is pretty fun. So over all yes it's worth it just for the world
  2. Confirmed you do start with it on lowest difficulty
  3. I found mine in the swamp area like a ton of them I just sleep till night time and about 3-4 show up each time throughout the night both coastal and regular owls
  4. Yes if u missed him surviving and getting on the train you can restart the chapter and play from there but you cannot just decide at the end to go redo the chapter and jump back it all has to be 1 continuous play through. As for can you kill in the chapters not related to 1 of the 3 sure but thing is I think there's only like 2 chapters that have fighting besides those 3 the others are more just on the train hanging with your crew before heading back to the fight The games pretty easy to get through
  5. First off yes persona 5 is worth playing it's stand alone as far as I could tell Here's the list if PS4 single players I'd recommend Witcher 3 Resident evil 1,2,4,7 The deponia games if your into point and click Life is strange Any of the telltale games Bioshock collection Gravity Rush 1 and 2 Sleeping dogs Until dawn Evil within 1 and 2 Onichambara Devil may cry 1,2,3,4,5 Metro series Dishonored series The Sherlock Holmes games Akibas trip and akibas beat Thief The Batman Arkham games (not sure if all are offline World of final fantasy .hack gu last recode La noir Mad Max Mafia 3 Murdered soul suspect Hitman games Horizen zero Dawn Deadpool We happy few And many more but there's afew to get ya started if u haven't already played them And vampyre is s good game
  6. I thought they was still dubbing I got the last dub DVD a couple months back collection 23 I believe. So are they done dubbing or just taking a break? Eh I don't mind spoilers I just mainly wanna know if I'll understand what's going on
  7. How far is that from where the pirates are about to try to save luffys brother? And is it dubbed?
  8. How far into the one piece anime should I be to fully understand world seeker? Like so 8 know who everyone is?
  9. I hates they took out grenades from infinity ammo in 3 lol but they save lives in 1 and 2 just pepper the field
  10. Friday the 13th has trophies you can obtain offline with bots
  11. You mean the several people per account that play nonstop? True true
  12. Ive played all but re3 and code Veronica and while 7 was ok I much prefered the others the guy in 7 and the family just bored me I love Leon, Claire, Chris, Ada, Jill etc they was badass and cracked jokes and was great in the thick of battle or being hunted by creepy enemies they just had that flair 7 I felt like the guy was peeing and crapping himself constantly that's just meh. The dlc was decent though. But 2 remake I'm enjoying it's not quite a resident evil unless it requires a crank and back tracking
  13. Stupid question but this is the first open world one piece right? The others where fighters correct? Also is there and sailing/island finding/exploring or are u on the same land the whole time?
  14. I finally got it I went to the extream and barely even fought anything and total stealthed every area with humans
  15. I've seen conflicting reports just wanna make sure before I go wasting time killing cannibals Nevermind got my answer and trophy