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  1. There's also a resident evil website where you can link your account to that just gives you weapons and parts alot and sometimes they give you some pretty great weapons that help I think the web address is https://game.capcom.com/residentevil/sp/en/rev.html
  2. Try different times of day? Or see if u can find another place with an overhang with enough people underneath
  3. When I start out death march I just used the sign that turns enemies against each other and ran away a bit so I'd not get targeted as much and let everything kill each other then go in and loot the corpses never really had much trouble then once I'm strong enough I started actively fighting but still used that perticular sign alot also u can get a potion that auto makes itself to heal you and it's ingredients are stuff u pick up all the time anyway
  4. I agree I don't think they actually complete except the very first one
  5. Asking for a friend who I thinks busy at the moment but is ENTER YOUR INITIALS trophy effected by the closure or would they be ok doing it after if they miss the deadline?
  6. What exactly are you wanting to do
  7. What exactly does transferring the save data do then lol it sounds like it's saying transfer your old saves but NOTHING actually transfers
  8. I think I already have the dlc I got stuff on sale awhile back but I do t know how to check
  9. Yeah u can quit out and revert back to the tunnels during the time you left dunno if it will count against you for this trophy or not if you accidentally killed a regular enemy ect but it does kick u back to the tunnels during the time u was in
  10. Like the title says is the 100% possible without the subscription service I seen a lot of people talking about some storage thing the subscription gives but is it possible to go without it and get 100% like will it just take longer? I want to play this as like a background palet coinsing game so I don't mind playing for a long time
  11. Im currently on, on both my PS4 and PS5 on my main account and not being kicked but granted I'm also not in a game on either console I'm just downloading updates to my stuff Also on the original topic I did as I was told and I now have my free dlc in my American account in my eu version of the game so thank you everyone that told me how to do it
  12. Your PS5 should still be primary unless you use your alt country accounts there aswell for PS5 ames the PS5 counts as a completely separate list of console I think so even if for example your account was my PS4 primary you can still have your account as primary on a PS5. Not 100% sure Interesting but if info though like how you could be online and signed in on a PS3 and a PS4 at the same time u can do the same with PS4 and PS5 not sure if you could actively ve playing the same or completely different games at once but it doesn't kick you off if you log into both
  13. I got the mafia trilogy on physical disc which is eu only it comes with a voucher with a code for dlc stuff like a car, clothes, ect I want to be able to use those items but because my disks are eu I couldn't use the code on my American account. I'll have to make an eu account to redeem the code
  14. Strange the trophy/achievement list is out but the games not due for months. Unless it's releasing early?
  15. I dunno how that would work out for me my girlfriend's console is set as my primary so she can play my pa plus games