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  1. Basically you get a tractor and park it in the back door if the barn that spawns zombies don't get right up on the door give it a couple feet or they won't try to come out that door. Doing this makes the zombies come out right into the blades
  2. Thanks I figured out the issue apparently I did it ages ago and thought I hadn't cause it wasn't listed anywhere but I read what you actually had to do and remember doing it usually I just look at the mission order save then try to get gold if I fail then I'll read the guide on how to do it.
  3. I'm over half way through chapter 3 I'm trying to follow powerpyx guide but this mission won't appear and I'm already a couple missions passed where powerpyx suggested doing it and it's never appeared
  4. It's not hard that bad at all it's just boring and tedious but with a full team and everyone actually knowing how to play deffinitly helps
  5. ....there was a glitch that made dead space 2 easier? Goddamit
  6. So I take it that it worked since u got the trophies?
  7. Is doing 64 different than the regular doom?
  8. Ok thanks I remember hearing about that now lol been so long I forgot
  9. I looked in the store but see no option to buy it seperat
  10. The useing fire/ acid weapons to fully melt/incenerate bodies and using Lilith's elemental fire/acid aura and blast (when she goes in and out of invisibility is the best known method so far it's not 100% but it's gotten the best success rate
  11. Really hoping for a red dead redemption remake!!!!
  12. Thanks!!!
  13. Can you tell me where I can get the whole redwall series on DVD? I'd love to own it
  14. Someone said it's out now
  15. There's 43+ enemies so I got it first try with like 1000+ extra and several guys still running around hell I died because I thought I was clear tried to complete the challenge mission and got mobbed by like 10 enemies and a bloody tank near the exit lol