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  1. Dlc

    In general it's shared between all accounts on the console aslong as your account is main
  2. The boost goes away if you enter a mission, by keeping it on a second player who never goes on missions it maximizes the time you can use it while allowing your main character to proceed with missions without looking the boost
  3. Yeah but some of these people have had the game a couple weeks early I think like powerpyx usually gets games weeks early yo review or something so it's just weird. So does anyone know what the whole record each feat is? like what is that
  4. You can go for over powered weapons from the get go and just use random items to strengthen them up cause your still going to be fighting some rough enemies plus by doing it this way once u get to the second half u can break down those weapons for gems and crystals etc that will greatly help with your true op weapons like dragon whisker the gems and such act as an all in 1 power item so u need to feed the weapon less individual parts to get the same results,. Think of it as ur starter weapons u can use as a place holder for parts lol.
  5. I've been waiting to start till there's a guide up but I've noticed even the top players/guide makers seem to not have platinumed the game yet and on another site it says it's an impossible plat but I can't find any info on why it's "impossible"
  6. Is this a dlc, a new game or a standalone thing like lost legacy was for uncharted
  7. On the dlc legacy of the first blade there's a trophy for killing the makadonian lion well I went Theresa's the lion standing by the edge of the cliff saved my game approched and he just jumps off to his death so I relied my save (his death give the trophy I just wanted to actually do it myself) but he without fail jumps off to his death does anyone else have this happen?
  8. You could rent it but seeing as there's several more dlc incoming u might want to buy and keep it
  9. If this is anything like 3 you can just make a dummy account on your PS4 play the game on it till u get to the first feat do absolutely horrible on it then switch to ur main account and beat your dummy account
  10. You forgot doing the future mission as each of the SP characters
  11. Lol sorry but I deleted the game months ago to make space for others and like I said my net sucks or I would at least have been an extra party member I never had a hard mode save tho
  12. With 3 it's more than doable unless everyone is really bad I did it with just me and 1 other and my internet was all over the place but we managed so 3 should be good enough
  13. If you can find someone with a hard mode save right before the last boss and they or a group of people are willing to help you or tank you through the fight then yes you can just do that and everything else you can just do on the easiest setting What happens is they invite you into there preexisting hard mode game and u just take over one of their characters which should already be strong enough to survive the fight so u can definitely help out and once the game is beat you should get the trophy. I did everything on easy and had a friend invite me into his to grab hard mode trophy
  14. I found the bison i needed so everything is fine now
  15. Tank not talk lol and yeah probably for the best cause as fun as the game is not everyone wants to play through several times