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  1. I have the digital copy of 3 we got on ps plus awhile back but there's still a price tag on the definitive edition
  2. Any release date is not mind going through again but I've seen no info besides these new lists
  3. I mean that for both sets listed for 1 and 2 it says zero achievers and if this is basically just a title change there should be achievers since it's a 4 yr old game plus there shouldn't be new lists unless these 2 sets are from 2 new regions that never got the games. So this kinda says either 2 new regions or we are infact getting new stand alone trophy stacks
  4. Ok but why are the new lists blank if there just the same as what we already had that my question
  5. I think it would only take a couple hours or so to get to that point if I remember right u just need to have all 3 bosses and have your first sit down
  6. At any time did u go to someone else's game?
  7. I think that's where I read it on....reddit. But like I said it's not official just a rumour but the only one I've seen mentioning physical copy
  8. Who knows at this point any unofficial information should be taken with a grain of salt so we might get full physical. Especially with the file size of these games it would kinda alienate a good number of folks with slow or no internet
  9. From what I've heard there will be a physical release but it's really only mafia 3 on the disc and a voucher to redeem 1 and 2
  10. Probably not the same issue but I remember buying it near release but never got to playing it till later and when I decided to play it was gone from the list ended up having to go through on a computer all my past purchases ques it up had a similar message that it won't download but in my case they had updated it or something so it was a whole different version and mine was "deleted" so I would have to buy it all over again. Ended up just getting it on sale at a best but brand new for I think 15 bucks
  11. What's inside ○ LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game PlayAtHome○ LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game - Pre-Order (PS4)○ LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game Theme (PS4)○ The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game (PS4) i figured the playathome part was an indication
  12. It's listed on ps deals so maybe it's another 1 of those stay at home and play promotion things? Edit: after reading the ps deals site I'm 90% sure it is part of the playathome initiative from PlayStation cause it says so on its page
  13. I was just about to mention that but I see ya figured it out
  14. This kinda confused me like is mafia definitive edition different than mafia 1 definitive edition? Cause they refer to it as 2 different things it looks like