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  1. Like I said Ive has afew instances where I really should have had merciless cause there wasn't much more I could have done towards it but nope on average no matter what i do it's just brutal killer and I'm usually afew points off of perfect killer usually sacrifice points but I can only hook everyone 3 times and that just doesn't seem to cut it even when I have random survivors actively letting me do my thing
  2. I think all "rankings" reset every month on the 13th. If not I'm screwed cause I can get adapt on any of the killers even when I e played what I thought a perfect game no matter what it seems I'm afew points off from getting perfect killer or the kill score to unlock adept except the trapper he weirdly just unlocked after a match when I had nothing but his 3 basic perks I didn't even get a sacrifice that game
  3. I for some reason hardly ever get map offerings and when I do it's for haddonfield or the Freddy Krueger map lol
  4. I'm going for the map trophies and I'm done to 3 1 I which is Midwich Elementary School. I know some are fairly rare like the river rose map but Ive atleast been there once but I'm the nearly 2 weeks ive played I've never once ended up at Midwich Elementary School as either a killer or survivor so is it out of rotation or something?
  5. If it got remade or remastered......well I love the game so much I'd honestly pay full ps4/ps5 price for it like full price it's that good hell I'd even go for a strait up port
  6. I've seen that while PlayStation people require 100 downs Xbox only asks for 20 what's up with that?
  7. I'm not 100% sure but I think the ps5 disc would work fine unpatched for the trophy just depends if it came out before they changed everything which I think it did
  8. Anyone have any clues on when the next sale might be
  9. Each dlc is self contained so you shouldn't be able to unlock them by accident in min game
  10. This is definitely one of the PS3 games they should find a way to digitize and bring forward to ps4/ps5 or have a remaster done on it
  11. I believe so yes
  12. All the instructions are on page 5 of this thread aswell as the exact addresses for the correct patch. My personal input make sure you download Charles version 3 not the new Charles version 4
  13. Lol if playing with bots will inee unlock trophies all the way to plat I'm hoping they will have a dial on how smart the ai will be cause not to insult anyone but the times I e played ai they seem to act a fair bit smarter than human opponents and definitely less toxic
  14. Nope I'm not going to read Xbox for their toxic ways anymore that I already have
  15. You will still have to use Charles the game iss nonfunctional at 1.00 it needed a day 1 patch to activate the online stuff your at the step 1 phase of getting everything set u we all had to erase everything down to 1.00 get Charles set up so it'll give the patch required for the trophy Does the French version use the cusa form? I'm curious if part of killers problem is they are trying to use a cusa patch on a forign game but they might be using an American/Canadian copy I'm not sure how this games goes for stuff