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  1. Lol these are trophy guides not walkthroughs trophy guides say how to unlock while walkthrough say how when and where and what order
  2. I have craptastic internet and I'm old (35) so I grew up on text guides lol so they are my go to lol video guides tend to move to fast
  3. And maybe those who played the original Would this walkthrough get me the PS4/ps5 100% ? https://www.trueachievements.com/walkthroughfull.aspx?walkthroughid=76
  4. Apparently you can according to the cheat team removing or accusing mainly ps3 users who so much as have a trophy pop late or early or out of order
  5. Down in what way?
  6. If you have Jimmy's vendetta and Joe's adventures then yeah you got everything but fair warning the game does have bugs but many are the useful veriety it's a fun game
  7. I think they mean split screen Iike having 2 consoles playing by themselves
  8. Hahaha that's kinda funny have you been on here long? Lol they will flag and mark against even the lowest ranked player for perceived cheating. But nah you should be fine maneater is a glitch fest
  9. I prefer the "tent pole release" it's just better that constantly having to pay to play and I can " finish" them and movie on
  10. Probably neverdead that game could be utterly brutal and so could the online portion cause you need a good team to get through the multiplayer missions
  11. Yeah i decided to go with the minimal cheats just teleporting and used no cost on the rocket so didn't take too long now I'm just exploring in my free time. Honestly this game would be so long and hard without the cheats cause it tells you nothing and without a trophy guide you could play for years in between trophies cause of getting lost and not knowing what to do
  12. ......so many people with massive forearms and thumbs that look like full body builders ....... And geeks with girlfriends happy happy girlfriends
  13. Like the title says I tried using it but trophies didn't unlock
  14. Is there any way to revert the the game to pre pay he'd on PS5? I havnt had a chance to even download it on there yet
  15. Yep I plan to I loved the prince of Persia games the only ones I didn't perticularly care for was the forgotten sands as the one with the guy with the glove that wasn't part of the sands game but that was more because I was hyped on the sands games t by itself wasn't terrible and I need to go back and replay it