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  1. Is there hope the sequel will also be remade?
  2. Is this it it fits your description. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2005-CUSA03444_00-AV00000000000014
  3. Yea the Raven is still an amazing game I double platted it 1 on PS3 and 1 on ps4
  4. The Raven isn't spooky lol it's just a mystery game :). But of this I'd vote you play perception it's great
  5. Yes and yes
  6. Last one we had left
  7. Alot of people myself included only had trouble on their final map the rest went fine
  8. I have the first one haven't started on it but I'll grab this one if it's not expensive
  9. Always amazed at the folks on trophy hunting web sites complaining and belittling the art of trophy hunting and trophy hunters it's like they don't realize where they are or they do and are just here to troll or worse they really just don't know where they are
  10. What I do and it seems to work out is I have 1 main game at a time and several games I 0lay along with friends mostly single player but we just talk and hang out and help each other over the headset and so I get afew games done at once granted the games I play with others are slower going but are atleast still getting done plus I get in my dreaded People time..... I have a dread of interacting with people outside of text
  11. I feel this is a blatant cash grab they see the VR is not popular so they start promoting this amazing looking game hype it up get everyone excited then say hey you wanna actually finish it? But the hardware that cost more than your whole same system plus the game combined That said I'll probably wait on this game till a black Friday sale in the future where might snag a ps vr and the game for cheap Can anyone with vr answer this. I'm super nearsighted and need my glasses to see further than like 6 inches infront of me can I still use vr?
  12. The creature slaughter has endless enemies until you clear the raks but their are specific raks and they don't tell you which ones but the ones that aren't the specific ones are also endless That or I hit the worst glitch ever on mine but o eventually got it lol
  13. Yea slaughter 3000 is 1 of the repeatable missions all of the slaughters are so I wouldn't worry too much till you get them all done
  14. First question: does it have the free dragon familiar like the ps3 version dlc? Second question: any idea why the file size is smaller? According to ps store the ps3 version is just under 22 gigs but the remaster is just over 19 gigs so there's nearly 3 gigs or so difference you would think the PS4 would be bigger or atleast the same
  15. http://chng.it/qPM4CYbwsf