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  1. Yes I think they drop in another 2- mission but 2-3 has the best spawn rate for the marksman bots
  2. Glad I could help lol
  3. I figured it out apparently it's the way they are unlocked 1 at a time After you actually have them available on your list you can do them online and it will count but you will have to basically do it like this Get mission 8-4 go online get people to join you then do the mission. Go offline see if mission 8-5 comes up if not do jakarta to knock off 10,000+ years off till 8-5 comes up once it does then pop online to do it
  4. Ok for every mission I've played online I've had it marked off in single player or given me a certificate that lets me skip the mission for credit but I've done 8-4 and 8-5 online atleast twice online it even says I've cleared them but in single player it's saying I've never done them so it looks like I'm forced to solo is this normal or a bug?
  5. I'm thinking the kill the only snake in ireland might be a play on words like if there's only 1 "Templar equivalent" in ireland the trophy is to kill him. Cause bad guys being snakes
  6. I'm willing to bet some will and some will try hard to get more $ since the stores are now safe
  7. You might find used copies cheap on ebay if u don't mind physical and since they are cartridge/chip style u don't have to worry about scratches ruining the play the are pretty durable little things
  8. If I'm understanding correctly it's a whole different game with him vs the kid version. Like alots the same but if they did it as dlc it would probably be atleast half the size of the games download size lol cause it's not just avatars it's voicework and dialogue and plot points. But who knows they might be kind and just be like here's the gestalt version for 15 bucks as dlc kinda like they did with american mcgee's alice and madness returns lol
  9. I got mine from Amazon and they emailed the code like a week before release
  10. Yes and no Yes it's a remaster of the japanese only version if you live anywhere else this is a different version. The japanese was called replicant and the characters are kids and brother and sister The other version that everywhere else got is known as the gestalt version and the characters are adult and child and it's father and daughter And there's afew other differences but I've heard there's only the few differences
  11. Lol it's the japanese version that's getting localized and remastered I'd kinda like to have the gestalt version remastered aswell as replicant just to complete the set
  12. You could just go to that huge 2 lane bridge with a fast car and just do laps on it carefully so u don't smash into other cars it seems to rack up miles alot faster than just lapping the whole map but you will still be doing this for a long while but not nearly aslong as the falling glitch cause this way you can speed
  13. What should probably be happening to stop this whole being forced to release an unfinished game fiasco is to actually make the game rigorously test the game do quality control on it THEN start advertising. spend like a year hyping it pretend it's not completed and bug free if they must and spend that year going through and making sure check make the dlcs if there's going to be any. This way there's no "deadline" there's no consumers demanding it to be released before it's finished and they can release a quality game without excuses It would be hard for us gamers to be rushing and demanding and hyping ourselves up ect if we don't even know it exists till it's ready for the world Then we can get a quality product right off we can see if we like or dislike it get some hype going and maybe just maybe we can fix all this issues
  14. I'd definitely suggest getting every advantage possible before going for hardcore. Because it will make or brake your sanity and that's without it glitching lol I had no glitches but definitely died alot and only got through on luck and prayers lol my girlfriend on the other hand hit afew glitches her insanity inducing moment was making it to an elevator doing really great next to her final save and home run and she fell through the elevator floor..... Lol
  15. It's been a long while but I think you can? But I'd suggest doing a complete new playthrough just to be safe you can save scum if I remember right so u can save before a level if u screw up reload a save from the cloud