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  1. If someone already has dedication how long does it take to get the rest?
  2. Hyperdimension is main universe the rest are alternate universes
  3. Yea what I did was delete the game and my saves and redownloaded the game and started a new game I'm not sure u have to delete the game but better safe than sorry but deleting the saves off completely is probably best cause I think the glitch is in the saves kinda like a virus and I say this because my first run I actually got into the hoyt fight screwed up a butten prompt got the infinit losd screen si reset the last checkpoint as nd that's when is glitched to the white screen of doom I then went back to as n older save I had in the cloud and got to the poker game and got white screen instead of the fight like the save with the glitch infected the other save So I deleted and started over with nothing and rushed through the game skipped most everything but towers and a bit of hunting for crafting stuff got back yo the poker game got into the fight and everything worked fine except the mission after but that's a known bug with difficulty and has an easy fix
  4. I got past it today I just had to restart from scratch
  5. Has anyone found a fix for this yet I see some in here that said they had this issue now have the plat
  6. Like the next poster said no ur not screwed but he will go on a murder spree so do everything u possibly can in that district before you sleep. Giving him your blood halts his transformation and permanently dates his hunger so hes basically human but dosnt need food it's weird
  7. Did u spare and let Sean go or spare him by making him drink ur blood? The best option is forcing him to drink ur blood otherwise he kills people this lowering stability
  8. Like the title says is it important? I checked everyone before I went to bed(in real life not game) and everyone's hints so far was good I get up did afew things checked the list and 1 of the guys I think his names Thomas? He has the burnt face 1 of his hints is now blocked even tho I had them all last night and I really dont wanna have to start over. So is it important or will I be ok?
  9. How big is the patch file?
  10. You can also fully upgrade your storage in your kingdom and just sell the full stock when it fills up and get close to if not over that much
  11. Is that the only trophy I need a second player for?
  12. How do I just use a second psn?
  13. I'm wondering do I need the updates my Internet was turned off all I have is cetllphone net at the moment and I need to know can I play and plat this completely without any patches including the day one patch?
  14. Out of curiosity where would I have to import it from to get the full uncensored game and if I play it on an American ps4 will it get censored or be free?
  15. What I'm not understanding is I'm unlocking all this armor and handles and such but some stuff I got way back at the start still has far and wide better stats lol kratos even suffers from female armor syndrome so far my best armour is basically afew straps over a 90% naked kratos while heavy steel armour that covers him is crap