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  1. There should be a way to obtain a master code that will unlock the account maybe this will help https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/get-help/help-library/my-account/login-details-and-verification/help-with-2-step-verification-issues/
  2. If they do close and pull the games if I have them purchased I can still download and play them right they will stay in my purchased content correct?
  3. Glad u got it worked out
  4. Not really. He said everything is marked complete but didn't get the trophy so his area completion is fine he could just finish the game or finish getting 100% in all areas get that trophy then restart
  5. Explain?
  6. Then you might need to restart the game..... Sorry
  7. The guy who does Lee in the walking dead by telltale?
  8. Are you completely sure u got them all did he call and thank you for getting them all?
  9. The challenges aren't that hard at all to get at least rank 2 in the fighting ones u get slot of leeway in I'd recommend using the full damage proof ability or the spider arms they help, the stealth just takes a few tries to get down the enemy placements then u can just zip to points rapidly taking them out cause y know where they are out of sight of others by then, the traversal ones like bombs they give u a fair amount of leeway as well and are not too far apart so u can swing and zip pretty fast to them, the drone ones just try to get through the blue areas and not let the drone get too far ahead I only had 1 challenge that I couldn't get rank 2 in and it's cause the blue areas are in weird placements and that drone I swear had rocket fuel so I had to get what blue I could but mainly stated in that drones tail
  10. Not sure where to ask this but last few months I been having trouble with all of my ps4s where I can be playing and the controller just randomly disconnects and refuses to reconnect and it's not just the 1 controller or the 1 ps4 it's all of them and 1 I'd brand new,(ps4 slim) and I have new controllers as well. When it disconnects it won't let any controller or remote connect the only option is hard reset the console losing any unsaved progress. Does any one know what's wrong or how to fix it?
  11. I'd like to sign up if there's no time limit I've 100% Hitman season 1 and platinumed Hitman 2: silent assassin
  12. So it is a series?
  13. Thor is God and eldergod
  14. Mayhaps he found them? But it's heavily implied that putting them back on renews his servitude to Athena but he tells her to take a hike, I don't think he ever stopped being the god of war he just got betrayed and kicked out but fairly sure if he had the power to kill all but Athena he was god tried in 0ower on top of his demigod heritage Stress is half demigod half giant u might look up your mythology sure it skips out on naming his father but he's still a halfling As for his death in 3.... Watch the post credits u see the sword and a blood trail leading away so he survived maybe this time around he was stronger and more Hardy? Maybe the fact he killed Hades and screwed up the underworld repeatedly got him banned from death? I'm feeling either you skipped out on actually playing or your just looking to down the game
  15. Athena gave him a new set of blades, he absorbed the power of Zeus in 3 thus becoming a god again, dunno yet how he hot to midgard but from what I saw they paid pretty good attention to the original trilogy in the new one...