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  1. Well there actually are afew cheeses in the other games but no out right god modes that I can remember. Like in part 1 u can jump out of water spin your blades fall back in water repeat to do some of the harder rooms cause enemies don't follow u haha
  2. There's an immortality glitch that helps with the difficulty spike if they want to outright cheese the titan mode
  3. If you have a hard copy, have a save from right before the final saren fight on the citadel(the one where u gotta rump down and fight him as a weird skinny wall crawler) then yes you can look in these forums to see how to manipulate the save to make it think it's an insanity save then do the insanity cheese(also on these forums) thing is u need the hard copy to play without the patch also my personal recommendation give everyone the strongest shotgun possible, give each the highest grade explosion rounds, then put the parts in that lower overheating like put all of the slots as that on all 3 shotguns for everyone. Then u just gotta kill his sheild not too hard then you can popcorn his ass (u stun the fuck out of him so he goes limp and u just bounce him around the room taking out big life chunks (still be careful for the sniper geth) and definitely use the shield ability if you have it on your Shep do your basically invulnerable to most stuff for a short time (keep this active usually it'll be ready to go again when it wears off
  4. How do I even break them I have a wooden shovel and pickaxe and I've dug up like 100+ things and half as many rocks broke and the tools seem to just be fine
  5. Yes it does but on the bright side only god of war part 1 had really really hard challenges the rest of the games that included them wasn't as bad again just gotta get the tactics down
  6. Your not mistaken there's an immortality glitch aswell as glitches to max out and such Lol yeah you gotta learn to be patient and learn the best attacks to deal with each enemy in the challenges if memory serves the Medusa enemies was where my worst moments where cause they stun lock and stone lock then crush you
  7. Just fyi god of war games the original ones atleast not the new Norse ones are not exactly easy and beating them all is in my opinion still something of an achievement especially the challenges in the first and second those are......controller smashing material for some
  8. ......if it's the last thing you need doing you might start from scratch with the wooden tools and just go nuts do every quest that unlocks the tools then just not ever upgrade till u have broken your 150 then upgrade them once (you should have your 5 basic repairs by then long since) then just break 5 per tier to clean up the repair trophies I mean it will take a while but not really just pop in do your rounds till u can't find anything to use them on save quite return later in the day if you want if not just pop in once a day no biggy
  9. Kratos is no prince of Persia so his jumping ability is not great and if possible you should start from god of war 1 if u have a ps3 or a vita u can get the whole collection
  10. Lol u probably was close then upgraded then that reset with a higher durability lol I will say since your maxed out it will take you alot longer to do the break trophies and repair trophies
  11. I take it you wasn't running around digging holes. Chopping vines. Beating rocks or using a hot and cold rod much lol
  12. You should be fine I got basic tool by reading my second level shovel so I think you should be ok but how exactly have you upgraded everything but never broken the tools 5 times atleast?
  13. Not sure if this is a whole new game or a dlc for borderlands 3 but I love tiny tina https://playwonderlands.2k.com/?country_code=US&utm_campaign=20989850
  14. I just want to know where I can get a physical copy
  15. No I'm not mixing them up in all the runs I've done over the years the only time I've had crew die was when a team member I didn't have loyal died aswell. Now if something has changed or I've somehow been extremely lucky/ perfect in every run I've ever done then wow that's a first
  16. You do know part of the team surviving is telling them where to go and what to do which includes......escorting the crew
  17. Like the title says are they important cause I'm going through all the assignments I can before going through the main story stuff(I did get liara first thing though) and I'm getting the collection stuff from planets I already have to visit for the missions (dunno if im missing any mining stuff they only show up on the minimap if I'm close so I dunno) to clarify I mean like the emblems and such and the minerals
  18. How was I wrong all you did was reword what I said?
  19. I had something similar happen after I started but it was a console problem my PS4 suddenly decided it had a headset plugged in had to hold the ps button and tell it to not put any audio through headphones and that fixed it
  20. I'm trying to do a full paragon run in all 3 games was successful in the first but I'm noticing my renegade meter is rising even though I'm doing nothing but paragon actions and dialogue like it went from a sliver (no idea how I got that even) to a quarter inch right after recruiting jack but I did nothing but paragon actions and dialogue with her and during that mission So does anyone know what's going on?
  21. If memory serves if your team survives so will your crew because they are protecting the crew
  22. Lol well I've already cleaned out omega and the citadel kinda wish they hadn't killed the ability to sell stuff but it's not like I'll run out of money anytime soon haha but finding out you can get double for some hacks is still nice money is money rather have toouch then get stuck with not enough
  23. I just stumbled upon a neat little trick if you hack computers (the ones with scrolling "dialogue" u gotta match once u succeed if u repeatedly press x right after there's a chance u can go again and double your money it doesn't work every time but so far I've got it to work 3 out of 5 times and the extra credits is welcome
  24. Yeah I read up on it apparently it forces renegade points on you no matter what like there's no way to do the convict mission without getting renegade points because I get some with every paragon action just u get more paragon than renegade. Just hope it won't mess up loyalty missions
  25. Ok so I completed mass effect 1 did every sidequest everything but I only got to level 27 or 28 on the new leveling curve or lvl 55 of the original curve. Which means I think is start at lvl 4 with some money and such in mass effect 2. I'd need to do another complete 100% playthrough making all the same choices to max out my Shep in m.e 1 to bring over to start with a lvl 5 in m.e 2 and more money and such So my question is is the extra level and money worth another long playthrough just for 2 more m.e 1 levels to bring over to m.e 2 and have the few extra goodies or should I just scrap it and go for what I can get off importing my current Shep?