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  1. Having only recently obtained the platinum myself I can 100% approve this post
  2. Rayman Legends - Vita Finally can put this one to bed, I collected all the trophies except 2 (excluding the platinum) over 5 years ago, now after months of playing for half an hour every morning the platinum is mine. This game is fantastic but the grind for the final level of awesomeness trophy is taxing.
  3. Add me to the ‘why would anyone believe that Bruce Wayne was a villain’ Camp I enjoyed most aspects of the game but definitely preferred the first season I’d gladly buy a season 3 though
  4. The diamond cup & final level of awesomeness grind was the reason I wasn't bothering with the platinum on this one (Vita) but luckily I managed to get in on a glitch last year, I actually managed to get 2 diamond cups in quick succession (one glitch, then a day or so later I got one legitimately) so now I've been grinding the last trophy, I manage to get a gold cups each day (or 1 gold & 1 silver) and gold for the weekly challenges, I have about four weeks of playing left for the plat - personally speaking the Vita platinum is a tough one to recommend bothering with
  5. If only, or at least remaster the rest of the originals
  6. Rayman Legends on Vita, decided to go for the online trophy grind after several years sitting dormant
  7. I was still playing Nier Automata & Rayman Legends on the Vita into the new year, the first new game played this year was Devil May Cry 5 & I’m still playing Rayman Legends
  8. Personally I really just want PS2 disc compatibility as that’s the one main console I have which isn’t upscaled to HD, I’ve also snapped up a fair few PS2 games recently You can also add me to the ‘ridiculous amount of cables behind the TV’ crew
  9. Nier Automata Just over 60 hours playtime, trophy shop not used although I could have saved a couple of hours if I had used it I really enjoyed my entire time with the game, a great experience
  10. Onimusha Series (I'm happy with the Warlords remaster so the rest like that are fine wth me) Freedom Fighters Turok (N64 trilogy & rage wars) Klonoa series is a great shout out from above too
  11. I was very lucky to get this glitch at the time but today I have managed to match the best time on the daily extreme Murphy run, so looks like I might hopefully earn a diamond cup legitimately too! I sure hope there is another glitch soon for those who unfortunately missed out, I also hope they increase the value of all cups one day so the final level of awesomeness won’t take as long to earn
  12. I too wish to thank the posters in the thread, finally got this trophy done thanks to you guys, I might actually continue with the online trophies for a bit and try to finally plat this fantastic game
  13. I just dont have the patience to do them unfortunately, best I can usually get is a silver cup before giving up, at that rate it would take me around 4 months of constant play getting silver on all challenges everyday/week, its the last trophy I need for the platinum though (that and getting a diamond cup which now thanks to this thread might actually happen today)
  14. At last! Now I have to decide if I can bothered to play online for months to get to the final level of awesomeness Thank you very much for this thread 😀
  15. Resistance 3 is one of my favourite PS3 games, still gets a spin quite often (I think i'll replay it after I finish Tomb Raider definitive edition again on PS4)