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  1. Unfortunately I'm not too optimistic abut it happening, Onimusha is one of my absolute favourite series' so naturally I bought the PS4 remaster on release, I would definitely support any future releases too
  2. DMC3 this weekend, I got most of the trophies years ago, then a while later my hard drive crashed and I lost everything including game saves (not on ps plus so no cloud saves), I’ve always loved the whole series (including DmC) and with all this talk of DMC5 I decided to bust out the classic, having to get all the blue life shards again like the old days - the game is still absolutely brilliant (despite the poor FMV conversions on the otherwise decent HD remaster)
  3. Rare replay without a doubt
  4. About time
  5. Spyro the dragon I never bothered with The likes of Spyro or Crash Bandicoot back in the day as by the time the PS1 came around I was ready for the likes of Metal Gear Solid and predominantly moved on from platformers. I’ve played Crash since and can honestly say it’s not for me, I bought the Spyro trilogy as it looked fun from a visual upgrade perspective but I did not expect it to be as great as it is. Just a wonderful game through and through which had me smiling and enjoying playing similar to my Mega Drive mascot days (classic Sonic/Mario era) really great game and an easy platinum too.
  6. Dang missed this one, hopefully next time
  7. God of war Pretty incredible game, I love all the GOW games and this is a great new direction for the series (not that I had any issues with the originals and I certainly have not grown tired of the younger angry Kratos), I've struggled to find time to play much this year so I bought this to play in my week off at the beginning of December, after many, many hours I finally have a nice new platinum and I've loved every minute of getting to this one
  8. I only just completed this game the other week - everything but classic mode as I don’t really fancy that challenge, interesting they have released this patch so late in the games life though? I really enjoyed both Evil within games but the second is definitely a decent improvement on the first so anything that might gain the game more interest is a good move in my opinion
  9. I believe you will need to download the disc install seperately/again in order to play from the disc I had a UK digital copy of South Park and the stick of truth (came with the preorder of the fractured but whole) on my PS4 but bought the US disc release (as I wanted a physical copy and it is uncensored) I had to install the disc version seperately in full, the PS4 would not run the disc through the already downloaded digital copy (I never expected it to) my PS4 did not make me delete the digital file despite the fact the games share the same name/trophy data/install data so I still have both installs on my PS4 simultaneously at present Disc loaded installs have the small CD icon in the lower side of the game application on the PS4 dashboard so I believe the disc will not read from the digital copy as that is not a disc related/compatible installation of the game
  10. I was looking to stop this generation as I don’t have anywhere near the free time to keep up to date with gaming anymore, I was looking to go back to retro gaming but if the PS5 could play and upscale PS2 games then I would buy into it I still have my old consoles but the PS2 and N64 are the ones which do not look decent on HD TVs, hopefully the N64 mini (once hacked) will take care of that but I have too many PS2 discs im looking to replay so I would very much welcome disc based backwards compatibility, I’m keeping my PS3 and PS4 so not personally fussed about those being back compatible
  11. I'm fine with whatever they do as long as the Darksiders series continues
  12. Thank you very much for this No idea who my favourite fictional character is so I’ll just use this space to say I’m Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate
  13. Jak 2 - I played it for a few hours and thought the game was awful, I just really didn't enjoy it so it would be nice to get rid of that 5% on rating from my profile