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  1. When grinding or collectable hunting, I mostly watch the Joe Rogan Experience or some of the affiliated podcasts. Except when the guest is someone really interesting like Elon Musk for example, then i feel like I need to watch it with my full attention. Sometimes I even watch shows that don't really need much concentration to follow but never movies for some reason. If I were just to put on music or the audio of a podcast I wouldn't hear it after a while, which would be pointless to me. Why pointless? Friends sometimes ask me: "Where do you find the time to do all this stuff?" My answer: "I try to do as much multiple things at the same time and I sleep fast."
  2. Don't know if this would work but you could maybe check the Wayback Machine.
  3. They're looking for a new game to announce by tomorrow because that Star Wars game nobody likes got leaked. Yooka-Laylee is already part of the IGC, Teminator: Resistance would actually be fine with me.
  4. When you don't find a trophy guide on here you will most definitely always find one on playstationtrophies.org.
  5. #132 Red Dead Redemption Legend of the West Popped this morning while playing on PSNow but didn't show. Had to redo it on PS3 and now it shows the time I got it this morning. On PSNow I also earned a trophy for DLC I don't own. Pretty weird..
  6. List looks straight forward, there seem to be none of those nonesense trophies. Anyone know if you get the tiger skin adaptation pre-order bonus from the beginning or does it unlock later in game?
  7. #131 Far Cry 3: Classic Edition Mastered the Jungle More like, "Dying From Fall Damage: The Game".
  8. So I'm guessing these co-op trophies can't be done by inviting your alt account?
  9. There are many games which plat rarity become less rare after going on PS Plus. Zombi is just a not a good game.
  10. I'm guessing Dracula is already taken? It's the Premium Edition. I recommend getting Epic regardless they give away free games weekly.
  11. The last few years I have played a good amount of IGC games but 2020 hasn't had a good month for me yet. So, at this point in time I'm inclined to say, "no".
  12. I only look at games that peak my interest. I don't really look at developers or publishers. I wouldn't even know if I have a Ratalaika game on my profile, lol. The only reason why I know about them is because of some people on this site constantly complaining about them. Edit: After checking the list the OP posted, I must say I almost bought a couple of these games when they were on sale before. A couple are on sale right now and I have been eyeing "Red Bow". I might buy "Just Ignore Them" only based on the title, though.
  13. Here you go.
  14. I hope Sony takes an L next generation, so they start caring a little bit more about their customers again.
  15. No, you should pull the bowstring! By which I actually mean "YES".