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  1. Haven't looked this game up yet but maybe the crossbow is you're main weapon.
  2. Good to know, maybe I could go for a couple then. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Also, I think the servers are down for this game.
  4. It wasn't day one, it came later after people begged for it if I'm not mistaken.
  5. And another one, lol.
  6. If so, then why feel the need to defend yourself, lol.
  7. I always love how people get easily triggered by the people they say get easily triggered.
  8. For me the last one I needed was the Valley Of Artemis in the south of Arkadia. It's easily overlooked because it looks like part of that white mountain.
  9. I remember this too. There was also a game for it on the Game Boy. I remember renting it, back when renting video games wasn't illegal yet.
  10. I was having the same problem with Evie not showing up but now that Bayek is available as a club reward I made sure I had an extra slot in case she would show up. And she did, so I guess getting Bayek is some kind of a workaround to get her too.
  11. Probably Kryptonian crystals. But on a serious note, I think it's just going to stay the same way it's now.
  12. Games like these where you can unlock outfits and whatnot should have NG+ standard from the beginning. I don't get why developers haven't figured this out yet by now. Looking forward to play the whole game again in undies..
  13. If he was american it could have been. But I see he/she is from the uk so I don't think there are Amish people over there.
  14. Seems like the easiest way is to just buy them at a blacksmith.
  15. I'm not really a fan of this trend of making maps bigger and bigger. It just means more and more collectibles because they want you to see a part of the map they worked on and otherwise you would never see instead of creating good sidequests in these areas.