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  1. All of you are wrong!
  2. This was one of my favourite Belgian comics along with Thorgal and Largo Winch back when I was a kid. I was actually thinking about this game last week, as in how awesome it would be if they brought it to PS4. However I thought the game probably wasn't popular enough to warrant it but I guess I was wrong. Now I don't have to hook up my Gamecube anymore to play it again, I'll just patiently wait. I already know how the story ends so a sequel isn't really that necesarry for me personally but it would be nice.
  3. No, trophies aren't sentient.
  4. Of course something doesn't add up.
  5. People complaining trophies are too easy on the left. People complaining trophies are too hard on the right. Me complaining trophies even exist. Gotta love first world problems.
  6. I'm less and less inclined of wanting to get the PS5 next gen. It's probably one of those things you have to enable third party e-mail for, before you get it .
  7. I don't know how big of a developer Guerilla actually is, but if they're big enough couldn't they be working on both? I mean, they did hire devs that worked on Rainbow Six, so you'd think these would have more experience to work on a Killzone game than HZD..
  8. Why buy games you don't want to play, lol? 😂
  9. That's how I did it anyway. I think I had around 20 cats in my cat cuddle café.
  10. That's right, I forgot you need that DLC to make cages. Probably because I bought the GOTY Edition so I had the full game from the start.
  11. At this point if you have enough softshell mirelurk meat, you should just keep catching cats. I think around 20 should be enough and maybe 4 to 5 brahmin too just to be sure.
  12. Wait, you have a time machine? What's the 2050's like?
  13. If they can make an enhanced port of 2 which is a bit overrated if you take off the nostalgia goggles they could do it with 1 too. But a remake from the ground up would be a lot better if they put in side content wich was the only thing lacking in my opinion. Maybe they could make 1 and Bloodlines into one game, kind of like the book did.
  14. Best known as Ash Williams. Pretty sure he's equally known as Autolycus!
  15. I think they're all available now. This weekend I saw all of the trophies that aren't updated on this site yet, standing at 0.1% on my PS4.