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  1. That's a pretty good feature for in the beginning because there probably aren't much off the shelve external hard drives on the market right now that are fast enough for the PS5. Edit: Good feature for gamers, not trophy hunters.
  2. If I'm not mistaken Buddy System can be done in offline coop. But Thrillseeker can only be achieved online. So probably not legit.
  3. Don't know this game but based on what I read in other posts that "Lifeless" trophy is pretty funny if you think about it. Because I bet it's not going to be an Ultra Rare platinum.
  4. PS4 games in Europe cost €65. In US from what I gather $60. $60 = €50, now those are pretty high taxes.
  5. Because I'm planning for The Last of Us: Part 2 to be my 150th platinum, it might be a while before I plat a PS5 game. Because the next milestone after that is 175, but it's definitely going to be an exclusive, though.
  6. We could ask the people who upgraded games from PS3 to PS4 how it worked. I've also been thinking a side effect backwards compatibility could have is, that some if not all online coop trophies that weren't before might become self boostable. Like that trophy in Far Cry 4 or the one from Conan Exiles for example.
  7. Backwards compatible games probably won't have seperate lists. But cross generational games probably will.
  8. I think the original didn't have trophies.
  9. It is in the Free To Play section in the Belgian store.
  10. Assasssin's Creed Origins took me 2 years, 3 months and Odyssey took me 1 year, 7 months.
  11. Just like the completion percentage and the unearned trophies stats, the leaderboard is pointless anyway. There's probably just a psychological thing going on in your head. If we were able to customize the stats we see on our profile and were able to replace the rankings with stats that interest us more, you wouldn't care about it as much. Because you wouldn't see it every time you go to your profile. Those specific stats are only highlighted on our profiles for traffic purposes, it's the stats that fires up the addiction part in our brains. This is why you should have strategically placed stickers on your screen.
  12. Donde esta la biblioteca? Threads that aren't in English are frowned upon here. Use google translate if you don't know English.
  13. Based on the past there's a high probability the games you mentioned will.
  14. So, from what I gather about the gameplay. If I were to get this game at some point, remote play on my Vita would be my best friend?
  15. Because most people want to replay a game from the beginning with their favourite late game cosmetic.