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  1. #158 Director of the FBC
  2. #157 The End
  3. #156 Father and Son
  4. Assassin's Creed Valhalla #155 Viking Legend
  5. Best way to play a franchise is always in release order.
  6. Is this with Hitman 1 and 2 included or just Hitman 3?
  7. Can anyone with an early copy (on PS4) tell me if my assumption that this is a 200+ GB game is right or wrong?
  8. I hope the PS4 version only has the base game. But if it doesn't I'll go for the platinum first and then gradually, little by little gnaw at the DLC lists, lol.
  9. Would this be possible to self boost using a main and alt account with a PS4 and PS5?
  10. As someone that doesn't really play racing games but also would like a plat on one. I've been eyeing The Crew 2. Seems a pretty easy one but I haven't done a full investigation yet.
  11. Batman: The Enemy Within #154 I Am the Night
  12. No, you need the expansion pass to play the Singapore mission.
  13. I haven't gamed in 2 weeks, starting next week I'll be able to again. I'll probably just do the main quests of Valhalla. And then start this.
  14. Nowadays everything has to be one extreme or the other. If something isn't great, it's garbage. Nothing is allowed to be just good anymore.
  15. In a couple of weeks everyone will have forgotten about this messy launch. Just like they did with The Witcher 3.