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  1. Don't know, does your government look like it could have been infiltrated by Lizard People? Just kidding by the way, you shouldn't believe in that sh*t. 😆
  2. I wish someday a game like this would be made with Super Sentai.
  3. Seems like Cyberpunk 2077 lost, when people found out it's in first person. Everyone suddenly has motion sickness as well as migraines and won't be able to play the game, lol.
  4. Technically not season pass but there have been games where the dlc was included.
  5. This flew under my radar but it looks like Bumblebee got a solo movie. Not directed by Michael Bay and he's a Herbie again. Thoughts?
  6. I just hope this means they go back to yearly releases.
  7. Vampyr because the store where I get my games gave the vinyl with the soundtrack by Olivier Deriviere as a pre-order bonus.
  8. I thought there was a new one coming out for PS4 but I just looked it up and I must be confusing it with another franchise of which I can't remember the name of for now. But there seems to be a game inspired by Fatal Frame and Clock Tower coming out on PS4 and Vita next year. But it's from a Kickstarter and will be 2.5D, though.
  9. Luckily I typed it, then.
  10. Wait, people get offended by this? Lol. I guess I shouldn't be surprised incels are part of the gaming community, it's probably why they're incels in the first place. Guess I'm the exception that proves the rule. 😎 Well, not the only exception, I've seen others on here claiming to have girlfriends/wives too, lol.
  11. Started the game. Could use a couple more friends playing this. Feel free to add me. Just say it's for Knack so I don't think you're a bot. 😛
  12. Before I had my first Game Boy I had two of those primitive electronic hand console gizmos (don't know what they're called, lol).
  13. I guess Jesse will be hyped for this when he finds out.
  14. Never heard of the book or the writer. You know, different countries different classics. But the game's concept is pretty intriguing.
  15. It's right there on the trophy list, lol. Release PS4 • June 30, 2018