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  1. Sometimes I forget there are kids on this site. Don't worry, you'll get experience one day.
  2. I think your wife/girlfriend has been lying to you. 😜
  3. Is the Fight For Your Life/Second Wind game mechanic better implimented in the Pre-Sequel, or is it the same mess?

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    2. Squirlruler


      Well, it would be keep the double jump since 1.5 was released after 2 :P

    3. Sir_Bee


      Chronological has nothing on the numbering system...

    4. HellcoreFire


      Guess half of the time I'm having bad luck with the timing than. I'm kinda missing the double jump too and also grabbing edges at the end of a jump to climb, lol.

  4. I started with Borderlands 2 first because in my opinion it's better to play games in the order they were released instead of the chronological order, if this applies. Because of newer game mechanics and smoother gameplay. I always say the same thing to friends that want to get into MGS or AC too for example.
  5. I don't get the hate against Claptrap, I think it's a pretty fun character. Maybe I'm not far enough in the game yet?

  6. Ezio is indeed extremely overrated, he has the same kind of toxic fanboys Goku has.
  7. I was holding back on getting the sequel because I was waiting on a Ni No Kuni remaster for PS4. It's so weird it took them so long.
  8. Who thought a sequel to this was warranted? The first one was so bad that even I never finished it and I always try to at least finish the story when I don't like a game.
  9. You won't need it I mostly didn't realize I was picking up collectibles during the game. I think the only reason why I didn't have the trophy yet when I finished the story is because at some point I started fast traveling all the time which cuts down on the exploring.
  10. So no NG+?
  11. They talk about it at the 1 minute mark.
  12. If after a 100 times you would unlock a prestige platinum, many on here would make use of it.
  13. With Psychonauts being considered a good game i thought I would give it a try. I shouldn't have. Either I don't like playing older games anymore or I have grown a distaste for this specific genre.

    1. NetEntity


      Eh, PS4 version isn't really the best. Namely because it uses PS2 one as a basis, and therefore inherits all of its messes and then some. Can't really guess what you might get hit with either. I had FPS drops and audio glitching, mostly. 

    2. HellcoreFire


      The bugs aside, I really think the genre isn't for me anymore. Other games I really didn't like that I've played the last couple of years were Yooka-Laylee, The Legend Of Kay, Jak II and Jak III. I did love Stranger's Wrath which I replayed last october but that's probably nostalgia goggles and it's also not a collectathon.

  14. I think some trophies should be bronze/silver or gold depending on the difficulty you unlock them on. Maybe the same could be done with wether you unlock them in sp or mp. Problem is how would it work with the point system?
  15. Doesn't really matter if you know when to buy you never pay full price anyway.