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  1. I'm playing as a soldier too and the trophy progression doesn't seem to register for me either.
  2. Point of personal privilege, could you not type in bold letters I'm one of those people who's very prone to sensory overload and it's affecting my ability to focus. Thank you, comrade.
  3. No problem. I got another game called Battle of Midway for free downloading the launcher too.
  4. I just typed goblins instead of globins in the app and immediately found it. Thanks for the info.
  5. Your profile is linked to your e-mail adress so, no.
  6. The key to Deadly Obsession is to get the Howler's Speed skill as quickly as possible. Once you have that, climbing sections shouldn't be a problem anymore.
  7. Maybe you could try to back up your save before you sell them so you don't have to buy them back?
  8. Some regions have games others don't EU doesn't have Eat Lead and Escape Dead Island for example.
  9. Saw this yesterday evening too. I just thought I forgot there was a countdown, I downloaded it a couple months ago but only started it last weekend. Already got a used copy this morning, though. More like october probably and there's a bigger chance it'll be the first one because DLC.
  10. Here you go. https://psnprofiles.com/guide/6195-horizon-zero-dawn-new-game-dlc-trophy-guide
  11. I don't know the price and it's 3rd person but Kingdoms of Amalur might be right up your alley.
  12. #170 3.3
  13. # 168 Guacamelee! Platinum trophy #169 Made Whole
  14. I have "International Nemesis". If it's that trophy, I think I might be lucky then?