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  1. Already? Isn't the yearly Ubisoft sale normally sometime during autumn or am I mistaken?
  2. Just install the "I'm not robot captcha clicker" add-on if you use Firefox.
  3. I see you're from Sweden so you probably have one of the best/fastest internet connections in the world. So yeah, then it probably is a server issue that wasn't a problem in 2017 yet. So, the issue might be pretty recent, they might be working on a fix at the moment. Have you left a message on the official blog?
  4. Don't want to be that guy but I didn't have all these problems too. Are you sure it's the game's fault?
  5. A Star Wars game à la Uncharted might have pulled me in the Star Wars universe. Maybe they could give it to Naughty Dog, they need a new project since The Last Of Us Part 2 is probably almost finished.
  6. Good news is Odyssey doesn't have collectible trophies. 😁 At least not in the conventional way, it depends how one sees collectibles.
  7. I read some months ago, just can't remember where, that there might be a physical release but that it won't include Liberation.
  8. I think a feature that tells you what your rank could be if it wasn't based on points could be more interesting. I don't look at the leaderboards much but when I do, I sometimes feel bad for the people ranked lower than me who actually have a better profile.
  9. If it has a story mode for replayability and a Lord Drakkon skin I might think about thinking of getting it.
  10. Nope, he's not the only one. Bought the game day 1 and never encountered any bugs either. And I loved the addition of Wolfpack online.Only got frustrated sometimes because people didn't know how it was supposed to be played or maybe just didn't care to do it right, lol. As for Connor, he's one of my favourite characters in the whole franchise. I'm kind of bummed he never got a sequel where we get to see how he gets the American chapter of the Assassins back on it's feet. I completely agree with this.
  11. From 07/09/2014 to 19/11/2018. 1. 254 hours on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 2. 183 hours on Assassin's Creed: Odyssey 3. 151 hours on Final Fantasy XV
  12. This reminds me I haven't played MGS 4 since it got trophies. Anyway, might try For Honor, not sure yet. Edit: Hasn't Hitman been kind of free on the store for the last 2 years or so? I think every episode has been F2P for a while at one time or another.
  13. Noob question: Can an external hard drive you used on your PS4 and you don't need anymore be reformatted for PC/media use?

    1. ruffedgz


      Sure why not.. you will just need to plug it into your computer and if it notices it and says it needs to be formatted, just do so but the data on the external HDD will be erased/gone for good so just be aware of that.

      you dont need to follow the guide verbatim but this might get you going on how to format the external HDD: https://lifehacker.com/how-to-erase-and-format-a-hard-drive-1525128357 

    2. HellcoreFire


      Thanks. I believed because it was formatted by my PS4, my PC might not recognize the hard drive for some reason. But now that I think of it why wouldn't it indeed!  I'm getting a 4TB one, so I'll be putting my games on there before I reformat the other one and all my saves are uploaded to PS Plus so I don't need to worry about everything being erased. Thanks again.

    3. ruffedgz


      If the disk is not recognized by your windows machine, just try and find "Disk Management" and it should be there but as a format it doesn't understand.


      Congrats on the 4TB and good luck on the formatting!

  14. Actually I forgot to do this earlier but when you look at the PSN rarity there are people that did. The platinum rarity is 0.7%, so the ones that got them are just not registered on PSNP.