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  1. Is the Wake Up trophy on the Vita obtainable without the patch or is it buggy? Because with the patch you can't get in the loading screen when you press select (or at least I can't). And does the loading screen work as a pause menu, by wich i mean does time stop when your in it?
  2. Oh well, too bad then.
  3. Would be awesome. Splinter Cell is my favourite 3rd person stealth franchise. Always liked it more than MGS. Hope it's going to be completely single player.
  4. There don't seem to be collectible trophies which is good, I'm getting tired of those. Luckily there's online co-op because for some reason I seem to be the only person on the planet that doesn't like split screen. Looking forward to playing this when it hits PS Plus next year. A Way Out's online play works a little differently to most games. Only one participant needs to have bought the game. If you've purchased A Way Out, you can send a request to someone on your Friends list. Once they accept and unlock the Free Trial, they'll be able to play the game alongside you online, at no extra cost, from start to finish. Additionally, you'll only earn trophies if you own a copy of A Way Out. If you join online co-op as above and don't own A Way Out, you won't unlock the trophies until you purchase the game yourself, at which point your accumulated trinkets will pop. Source: http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2018/03/guide_can_you_play_a_way_out_in_single_player_on_ps4
  5. Lol, people were expecting this?
  6. If it's a platinum I can get it's a 1/10.
  7. I meant the trophy list of the PS3 version of Far Cry 3.
  8. What do you mean, "you people"?
  9. What do you mean, "you people"?
  10. What do you mean, "you people"?
  11. There seem to be no co-op trophies which is great, unless I overlooked something. Looking forward to get this via the Instant Game Collection down the line.
  12. Two days later and I also forgot about it, 😆
  13. Pretty sure this is okay otherwise people would get flagged for the LittleBigPlanet games too.
  14. Indeed. But the whole mystery does make me curious, though. Maybe that's the point, could be their whole marketing strategy, lol.
  15. #88 Platinum Trophy (3.60%) Win all of the trophies in Bound by Flame My third and probably last Ultra Rare Platinum that's also Ultra Rare amongst Trophy Hunters 😛. Almost gave up on the plat because of the sudden difficulty spike on the fnal boss. I Don't have that patience I used to have as a kid anymore. Glad I didn't, it has been a while I felt so exhilarated after earning a platinum (felt a little jaded the last couple of ones). The story was okay, the game was fun and had interesting fight mechanics. Some characters were pretty funny. This is one of those games that might have been better if it was a movie. "I came down here to do two things. Look for mushrooms and kick somebody's ass. And guess what? I ain't found any mushrooms." (Vulcan)