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  1. Comparing Spider-Man to Arkham City or maybe Infamous, I can get. But God of War is a bit weird because they're completely different games.
  2. I joined june 5th 2013. I platinumed the Hitman trilogy and went back to try to plat Hitman: Absolution but didn't have anyone in my friendslist that had the game for the "Partners in crime" trophy. So in a desperate attempt I tried Google, lol. And that's how I found out about trophy guides. In that guide there was a link with boosters who were willing to add you if you sent a request with a message that it was for said game/trophy. And that's how I also found out there was a community for trophy hunters because that actually hadn't occured to me yet, lol. So, that's the story of how I joined PSNProfiles and on the 8th of june I got my 13th plat.
  3. Yes, one of my favourite RPGs! I hope the sequel will be a regular single player game like the first one and not an MMO like they were talking about back in the day.
  4. Tearaway, best Vita game by far and my personal game of the year in 2013. Just don't play in public you'll be smiling all the time and people will probably think you're weird.
  5. Hasn't this always been free? I think I got it for free when I bought the game back in the day.
  6. You need to earn a trophy first and after that when you update your profile, they should be gone.
  7. Of course you shouldn't play it. Also don't make an alt account if you're not going for 100% completion on that one too.
  8. Wow, some of you must be fun at parties. It's just a hypothetical, lol. Anyway, mine would be a sequel to Alpha Protocol.
  9. It's called trolling,it's not like the date of when this was written is well hidden or antything. They just chose to ignore it.
  10. Assassin's Creed: Journey To The West A Call of Duty and a Battlefield game. Fifa and every other yearly sports games I'd say FF7 Remastered but that's probably going to be in the second or third year after the PS5 Launch. The obligatory Skyrim port of course. And PSVR with built in tasers that shock you everytime you get shot or hurt in a game. Wishfull thinking some sort of AC spin-off about that Night Stalker character from the MP in III and IV.
  11. I started this today and managed to play a session in every mode, even in Game Lab without boosting. Domination and Wanted seem to be the least popular game modes but I don't know if it's always like that.
  12. Good. One less game to buy in september.
  13. Just checked the trophy list for Space Hulk, looks like you need 3 playthroughs for the difficulty related trophies. Finishing the game on easy is ultra rare and finishing on normal very rare, lol.