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  1. hey hey, i just got this from Walmart yesterday so far pretty easy ,the price tag was $30 ,the game has pretty good control kinda reminds me of the monster truck control in GTA 5 lol, sound tracks a little repetitive though
  2. i installed the update first ,found the checked trophys that were marked as hiden, unchecked them, poped the trophy and synced both ps4, ps3 i didnt do anything special, the game was galak-z (ps4 game) ni ideia why only one game came back, but it could be a step in the right direction
  3. yes i have, so i poped a trophy and only 1 game game back
  4. awesome news that they are now paying attention to this, good job all on contacting sony over and over
  5. hey guys/gals im looking for a great active guild to join and help out in anyway, please message me on psnp or even pm me on the ps4
  6. this would be cool if its true, i have 299 trophys hiden now lol
  7. cool, tnx mate, looking at mebe a healer or ranger, games installed and just researching the stats i need for the class i want to play
  8. working on it , first i need to get call of jurez bound in blood MP trophys out of the way tnx mate took 4 months to build ,lol and a few weeks to work out how to strap it all together
  9. i have not started this yet as my MMO for the ps4 is ESO, but i would defo like to join, let me know what server or any other specifics
  10. quantum of solice, tricky plat due to the MP being dead but a nice plat to have
  11. yup MMDE mate well done on the guide i gave it a read but i started this before i saw your guide lol very informative to say the least thumbs up from me
  12. lol so i set my trophy setting to friends only ,just poped a trophy in jak 2 and then i synced up, lol and that trophy dont show on here but dose on my PSN account lol stranges things are a foot at the circle K
  13. yup same thing here , i earned a trophy on heavy rain ps3 and i synced up and checked on PSNP site and i noticed i also had the Hidden tab i never hid trophys wich is why this struck me as odd. then i noticed its not showing many of my PS4 games on my profile list it only shows ESO, and star wars battle front any ideas whats wrong? i have read the forum and checked both PS3,4 trophy privacy settings and they all showed the games not hiden, i have some hidden now ofcorse i also earned another trophy then resynced and still no PS4 games on my profile exept the formentioned ones
  14. welcome back and im glad your feeling better
  15. nce lol your on a roll, i have kind of hit a brick wall with ni no kuni at the mo but im still pluging away at it realy getting into it also im getting ever closer to getting a PS4 myself yay!! FINALY !!! lol