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  1. Apparently not. I just got the note from game that my save is damaged and the only thing I can do is starting second playthrough. I'ts not permadeath, but you have only one save spot (autosave).
  2. So.. yeah, In the end of chapter 3 on my Ranger- Hardcore playthrough game decided to crash during autosave. As there's no quicksave option, I have to start again. Daamn it!
  3. It's just action adventure. I'll give you an example. Far cry 4 is an open world action adventure first person shooter with much more RPGs elements than Bloodborne, but you're not calling it RPG right? The same situation with every sandbox game. They have only RPGs elements included but they are NOT RPGs.
  4. One question from me. How is this possible to buy so many games and don't play 99% of them. Looks weird for me. I'm buying one game, complete it, then i'm buying new one.
  5. I don't understand why so many people are typing Bloodborne. It's great game but has nothing to do with RPGs.
  6. I prefer that my girlfriend caught me masturbating than saw something like this on my console. Less embarrassing. No offence
  7. If you didn't play GoW3 on PS3 you may consider buying this remaster. Great game. Otherwise it's waste of money. Paying 40$ only fo little bit better graphic it's way too much. No new content was added. I don't understand why few of you are so exited.
  8. They give us free game and add tons of DLC's to earn money. Of course you don't have to buy them, but a lot of people will to improve their trophies percentage. Nothing is really free in these days
  9. I like that one
  10. I,m trying to get platinum in every game I have, but I,m "purist", I don't use trophy guides. When trophy is marked as secret, I dont check it. It remains secret. When I have no idea how to get it I check them on the Internet but It remains not unlocked on my trophy list. I rely only on myself and my brain. I'm pretty sure for most of you it's stupid but I'm that kind of person. Here's my trophy card.
  11. God of War
  12. I think I cleared the first district. Now attempting the second one.
  13. Hello, I was wondering why a lot of people completed trophies almost impossible to obtain?. For example: Trophy: Master Fortune Hunter from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is unlocked by 33,5% of players. I only found 45 of 60 secrets in my first playthrough. I guess a lot of you are using guides and walkthroughs. For me it has no point. When you can't unlock one trophy, you're not worth it to have, And using guides to unlock it, it's like cheating for me. What do you thing about this?