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  1. Still have it. Haven't used for 6 months
  2. are you Korean?

    1. Aexuz


      I'm not from Korea.

      The girl from my profile pic is, she's a singer from the group A-Pink.

    2. HC32KING


      So wait, you are a boy.

  3. Working on a really bloody hard trophy. Been trying for 10 hours and still not close.
  4. Edit you save file. It's a hacking way. The way I hacked my trophies on mw2. search up on youtube how to hack mw2 trophies. and set them numbers to default (dont know the number)
  5. Just wondering if I can earn trophies when playing on botzone mode instead of online. Or I can only earn trophies online only? btw I'm talking about KZ3 Multiplayer full game. Not the full retail version with the campaign.
  6. because He sin alot
  7. I was going back and forth whether to download this movie or not. Instead I download Ride Along movie. But i'll download this movie soon.
  8. Ride Along. from today. Very funny movie everyone here should watch it.
  9. Use all the soldiers.
  10. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You Backstreet Boys - Everybody Great songs
  11. map Tule Tree, 112%
  12. Wow hahahaha
  13. I have a headset, it is astro a30 $200. I play on my monitor with HDMI port at the back but no audio ports at the back and no speaks bulid into monitor so I have to connect my headset to my ps3 and wear my headset everytime I play a game, if not I could not hear shit! I had turtle beach p11, playstation wireless 7.1 stereo headset, and now astro a30 if some of you say it's waste of money it's not! I can tell you expensive headset= best gaming experience.
  14. Wow R.I.P nintendo 3ds. Amazing price though