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  1. "deliberately ignoring the studio when they have news"? I watched the whole 94 minute video and the only relevant info I gathered can be summed up in seconds: 1) They had a fight with blitworks but they're going to work together again to patch all three PS versions with the existing codebase. 1a) They're scrapping the refactor/recode, for all the good it did us. 2) Fixing bugs and hopefully sharing the PC improvements too this year. Not clear if at the same time or bugfixes earlier. 2a) Vita seems to be first priority even though/because it's the hardest. Meanwhile you feel the need to rhetorically call us all trolls while yourself openly trolling. That was the really useful post we have been waiting 15 months for. . . .
  2. Thanks (again) for sharing! Your reaction about sums up the voice in the back of my head lol. I don't have a twitch account and don't want one, so I guess I won't be able to 'ask' them anything, but I will definitely be tempted to tune in... or watch the archive later. Or (if it's as boring as their other twitch streams) just check back here and hope somebody has summarised the useful info
  3. Thank you for sharing as I don't follow twitter myself. I hope they will fix the original but if they abandon it and release it as a new game I will just give that the lowest possible rating on PSN and move on. Not much else we can do. I saw a post on their forums today from a frustrated user who paid for the game and passingly requested money back - at this point I don't think anyone can say they don't deserve it.
  4. Me too, I'm glad you asked. This person sent me multiple messages on PSN asking the same and I never found out why
  5. It's when you go to a certain group's secret hideout, meeting a certain new main character. Said main character (for some reason) tells you to speak to another person, called Ramza or somesuch, and this person will give you a semi-random selection of filler quests which you have to complete before they'll give you the real meaty story-progression quests (save the scientists, etc.). It's very similar to what your previous patrons would give you, except the problem is that this person's filler quests are always "turn-in" quests (I think?) with NPCs that have other dialogue, and since turn-in quests are fundamentally broken it seems in almost all cases (I tested several personally) they are then impossible to complete. At this point in the story, instead of taking one of these filler quests from captain dick head, instead go back to your old friend and complete a painful amount of filler quests for him. Save and come back every now and then to Ramza and hope that the game will show you mercy and give you a story progression quest, because if it's a turn-in quest you know you have to reload your save. and if you were unfortunate enough to take the turn in quest and simply step out the door, then that'll activate the autosave and you can say game over man, game over. Edit: I should have looked back before I started writing because I see now you already knew half of that for sure, but at least now it's written in one block for anyone who wants to know, and hopefully that fills in any gaps you were looking for.
  6. I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much, really. But you've been a bit harsh on everyone who doesn't agree with you, and it's only fair to likewise correct a couple of things. 1) There is a point in the main story where you can be given a 'turn in' quest as part of the main story, and if you take it, then you are stuck. The happy circumstance that you and I both avoided it does not alleviate the fact for everyone who did get stuck in it. It's a known bug that breaks story progress. 2) There are still 3 completely absolutely unobtainable trophies (not including the platinum), and that's not counting several other trophies that are a nightmare to obtain such as die 100 times in one session without the game crashing. 3) Look at the long list of patch notes for the first 45 days on the PC version compare how not a single line has made it to PS4 175 days later and counting. 4) Not everyone has a PS4. Two out of three are worse than just flawed. It's not a personal attack, these are just statements.
  7. There are a lot of improvements as well as fixes in this version, I was daily on the bug forums for a few months after release so I saw them all in detail. However I share your concern in desperately hoping they don't just release a separate trophy list- it would make the first unobtainables on my 150-game 97% completion profile (not trying to brag, just show how devastating it would be for me).
  8. I signed in just to like this, it's sad but it's true. However, now that I've logged in I must say thanks also to NaganoJPN, you took the time to share with us what you know, and no matter how untrustworthy the message, "don't shoot the messenger" and all that. So thanks for posting.
  9. This feature is in some games, it's usually called "cross-save", where you can upload your save (with PS+) and download it on the other system where it will be fully compatible. However, this only works when specifically designed into the game and is not universal... unfortunately for us, it was never implemented in Nova-111. I had the same idea as you, as I'm sure did many people, but sadly it's not possible. Progress on the two versions is independent.
  10. As others have said on the first page, in my opinion the title of the article is deliberately misleading, so the title of this thread isn't any better... well I'm going to avoid placing blame on one or the other since that seems to be a hot topic, but I'm quite sure they said months ago that they themselves can't fix the PS versions. Judging by how dead every other topic in this subforum went, I don't think there's really anything left to be said until the people responsible for the PS patch(es) (which is clearly not Grimm Bros, for better or for worse) say what they're going to do.
  11. I have nothing on the first few levels, basic notes on the rest up to about half way. I pretty much focused on showing how many secrets and scientists were in each part of the level (since it's not given in the stats it would help me narrow down where to look). I wrote occasional text on the ones that were not as obvious as others, such as behind trick walls or requiring some thoughtful timing, especially missables. After I got stuck and came back to it after a few months, I wrote very detailed notes, which a short line description for every secret and scientist. I actually didn't have much trouble with those levels, but I continued writing the detailed notes just in case I got stuck again. It also helped me when I was replaying the levels repeatedly to find one missing: I blazed through levels once I knew which parts I could ignore and where to look in the important parts, rather than exploring from scratch like I was doing in the first half. I'm trying to be a bit vague so as not to spoil how many worlds there are, but yeah. I have good notes on the second part, though they're more like internal or self-guiding instructions than professional quality walkthrough material. It's quite charming to hear that you specialise in niche games, I mean I know I never would have finished Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day if some kind soul hadn't written good info about it years after release. It'd be nice to be able to contribute to getting a good walkthrough out for this game, perhaps you would like to partner up for it? Not that you need my help I'm sure, but it could be a case of best-of-both or two-heads-are-better-than-one.'s presentation is a little bit 20th century, though. I thought a while back that this game really could do with a quality video guide, no nonsense and with annotations or commentary. Just a quick run through of every level which doesn't waste any time poking around dead ends or taking the long route around puzzles. I always hate watching video guides which are three steps forward two steps back. Don't know if I'd have the patience myself to repeat it to perfection, as some of the levels are quite long, but I think that's what the modern audience really needs and this game (with its increasing puzzle dynamic) is more well suited than most. I'm pretty sure all of the big trophy sites will ask for exclusivity in their guide terms. And it's a good way for a user to help bring more attention to their chosen trophy site... Also haha, good to see you again. It's been a while.
  12. A slim chance. I considered it a few weeks back after finally completing it, against all odds (in my head), but then I realised practically nobody on this green earth had bought it so what was the point. Then I considered it again after it was announced for PS+, but I never wrote notes for the first half of the game, and most of my playtime is from before the patch so it's hard to tell what's changed without starting a new save and using a new profile or two to test the trophies. Plus, I posted in the PS+ topics on various sites and all of them had one thing in common to say about this game: the vast majority of commenters either completely ignored or immediately dismissed this game. Which is what led me here to write an update at least because you can be damn sure I played it more than any of the other reviewers out there. So basically it all broke my heart a little bit and seemed like too much effort for too little benefit... much easier to just spend a few minutes to help people here and there as a fellow gamer. There's a 1-minute trailer: A 20-minute introduction by playing through and explaining the first few levels: And a 5-minute overview with Polygon (they don't really playthrough or review, it's just a sampler somewhere in between):
  13. Has this happened on different matches? I would have thought that starting a new match (which creates a completely different in-progress-match to continue from) would resolve the problem going forward. If it keeps happening, then it's a more serious issue, you should try deleting your game data and redownloading (keep your saves of course).
  14. What type of match was it, and how far in was it? I've never seen this problem, but that's not to say I don't believe you. Though having said that there's not really much else in the way of options. It's been a while since I last played, is there a load option or is it just continue and new game (and the rest)? It may just be an unfortunate glitch, so if you have to start a new game all you should lose is the match in progress, not your overall progress.
  15. An update for all the people who are looking for more information about this game since it's part of this month's PS+ After writing the above posts, I have since completed the game, so it is possible. It took a hell of an amount of persistence though, because no guide appeared. So now I can confirm all collectibles are obtainable, and no trophies are glitched in a bad way - unless other people find difficulty obtaining Immortal Technique. I haven't heard any though. Generally speaking I would say it's an excellent adventure/puzzle game, its best features are the exploration and the thoughtfulness required, both with quick reactions on the real time elements and more slowly thought out turn based decisions. Key downsides include the increasing length of later levels (which is one thing I still stand by, although you do get faster at them once you get good at them) and the difficulty in finding collectibles (which will obviously become invalid if any one of the many people who recently got the game writes a guide). However, if you're not too bothered about trophy completion, (or play on an alt account) I would say it's definitely worth a try. The first few levels have none of these faults, and you'll get a good taste of how the game goes as a whole. The introduction of new mechanics and gradual escalation of complexity continues throughout the whole game, along with the light humour. p.s. I find it funny that I wrote 'this game is never going to get noticed without sales' and 'this game will never become a commercial success', as both are somewhat now proven true. After nearly half a year on the market PSNP recorded only 261 game owners before PS+, even after multiple sales. And while I am wholly glad that this game is getting noticed to some extent now that it's being given out as free, it's by no means a commercial success, being immediately dismissed by most subscribers in complete ignorance. Which is a real shame I think. It may not be a flawless game, but it's not a game without merit.