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  1. Never judge a game by it's... book?
  2. Since my last post in this thread... Some CEs and a guidebook: LRG releases: And everything else:
  3. I've been having a blast with Rayman Legends... and having it now be a PS+ game will mean doing well in the challenges will be easier, not to mention it will pretty much guarantee pushing the (easy, yet grindy) plat into UR territory.
  4. Shenmue 1&2 on PS4... cool now I get to see what all the fuss is about! :awesome:

    1. LightningCharm


      Two classic games.  You'll have a great time.

  5. I'm sold.
  6. Stuff I've picked up since my last post here (in mid-December)... Even still, I really need to seriously re-evaluate my life/priorities... as my gaming expenses lately have been rather out. of. control. Limited Run Games: EVEN MORE Limited Run Games, plus NNKII Collector's Edition & 25th Ward Limited Edition: A bunch of other games: And Bob's Burgers season 1, and the latest game from the Exploding Kittens crew:
  7. Play-Asia $5 off coupon, for anyone who wants it. Just please be courteous and post a reply here if you've used it.



  8. Not sure if it's anything along your tastes, but one of my favorite tofu dishes that I grew up with was a Japanese-style "Mapo tofu"... basically cubed tofu cooked in a sauce with ground beef or pork that I'd eat (mixed) with white rice.
  9. A little bit of relief, getting the glitchiest, most time-sensitive, and very-soon-to-be permanently unobtainable trophy in a game to pop. :bronze:



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fatty_Fatness


      Thanks @MidnightDragon!! And yes, it's unobtainable to anyone who doesn't have at least 17 community events already under their belt by this point.


      I was a little worried, because I started when there were only 23 events remaining, and I heard some couldn't get it to unlock until their 24th event

    3. Spyro


      Well, all good now. :) 

    4. SarDarniTron
  10. I already have 4 bicycles. I don't need another bike. I don't need another bike. What - free? Okay fine I'll get another bike.

  11. Looks like Cat Quest is getting a physical re-print... :yay:

    1. Phil


      Gotta quest for pussy. Your profile banner is making my tummy growl. I'm hungry. 

    2. Fatty_Fatness


      ... always more satisfying when you can... hold it in your hands.

    3. SarDarniTron


      😨 wat pussy?😂

  12. Thanks for posting! Sad to see prospects for a new game in a series I adore be so slim... ... but still... reading through all those comments... kinda heartwarming to see so much love for the IP still burning strong.
  13. Call me optimistic (I'm looking at you, Project CARS Community Ambassador), but here's my list:
  14. There's definitely a retail disc version of this game in the US - don't know about any other HotD games.