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  1. There's not really any I have off the top of my head... except for this one, which I adore:
  2. Forgot to include in my last post a pic of the blurays and books I've also picked up...
  3. Purchases since my last post in this thread... First, some collector's/limited editions etc.: (Hitman 2 collector's edition is in the factory shipping box) and then a few games: (not pictured: Salt and Sanctuary for Switch)
  4. Been a little while since I last posted (ignoring the post with the 500 Million LE PS4Pro), so here's everything I'ved picked-up since... Limited Run games: One more LRG release, along with some other misc collector's editions: Octopath Traveler CE, along with some other CE guides, etc.: A slew of PS4 games: Some non-PS4 games: And finally some misc blurays, and a microSD card: Postscript: feels kinda neat to now have all (console) versions of 428...
  5. So poor (but... happy, I think?) right now, because of this: i.e. one of these:
  6. Never judge a game by it's... book?
  7. Since my last post in this thread... Some CEs and a guidebook: LRG releases: And everything else:
  8. I've been having a blast with Rayman Legends... and having it now be a PS+ game will mean doing well in the challenges will be easier, not to mention it will pretty much guarantee pushing the (easy, yet grindy) plat into UR territory.
  9. Shenmue 1&2 on PS4... cool now I get to see what all the fuss is about! :awesome:

    1. LightningCharm


      Two classic games.  You'll have a great time.

  10. I'm sold.
  11. Stuff I've picked up since my last post here (in mid-December)... Even still, I really need to seriously re-evaluate my life/priorities... as my gaming expenses lately have been rather out. of. control. Limited Run Games: EVEN MORE Limited Run Games, plus NNKII Collector's Edition & 25th Ward Limited Edition: A bunch of other games: And Bob's Burgers season 1, and the latest game from the Exploding Kittens crew:
  12. Play-Asia $5 off coupon, for anyone who wants it. Just please be courteous and post a reply here if you've used it.



  13. Not sure if it's anything along your tastes, but one of my favorite tofu dishes that I grew up with was a Japanese-style "Mapo tofu"... basically cubed tofu cooked in a sauce with ground beef or pork that I'd eat (mixed) with white rice.
  14. A little bit of relief, getting the glitchiest, most time-sensitive, and very-soon-to-be permanently unobtainable trophy in a game to pop. :bronze:



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    2. Fatty_Fatness


      Thanks @MidnightDragon!! And yes, it's unobtainable to anyone who doesn't have at least 17 community events already under their belt by this point.


      I was a little worried, because I started when there were only 23 events remaining, and I heard some couldn't get it to unlock until their 24th event

    3. MidnightDragon


      Well, all good now. :) 

    4. SarDarniTron