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  1. Nope prinny, i mean, wdjat?
  2. . *Poof* Noooope (Saved you how?) Chemicle_Pulse?
  3. Nope. Revvie Kujikawa?
  4. Katamari Damacy.
  5. The first good news i read this morning.Thanks
  6. Zack Fair Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII
  7. At y'all get to PLAY the game :/ It's banned here (Singapore) "First-World" country my ass.Though i am importing the US version.
  8. DAMN.Is that still possible in the HD remaster?I thought it would have been fixed
  9. Exactly i did the same thing i saw it and was like "hey that game looks alright and has THQ on the the cover"
  10. Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13
  11. I usually wake up around 0800-0830 because i need to take a piss then i just can't go back to sleep.Doesn't matter what time i go to sleep the night(morning) before i sleep.
  12. Last thing i ate before posting? hmmmmm, I ate out my girlfriend. Naww,I had some fried rice with some fermented soy beans like 4 hours ago for lunch.
  13. Welcome to PsnP.Enjoy yourself and don't forget to Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be, as a friend.
  14. First console bought for me : Sega Saturn First console i bought for myself : Ps2