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  1. The game back in the day was a good game... play a zombie as you search for love trophies look like they are obscured to a degree but doable
  2. To those of us willing to try we will get plat with ease by trying. But most people come to play not create and won't even attempt all the tutorials so answer is yes the public who bought it will be here to try out things on it just like lbp but never truely do anything else with it.
  3. depending on what time or era you lived in one extremist group will try destorying the world through ignorance. The templar try to keep the world the way it is peaceful. The assassin try to keep people liberated from oppression. Both are needed but both are doomed factions to side with if they win.
  4. I have played these and my friends are addicted to play the formal but. I do not see the appeal also the keep making more advantages for the killers only makes no sense. the game play is repetitive too no other things to do or mix it up wth. hopefully 2020 the game will die out as I noticed last time they were playing it that it getting harder to find matches.
  5. Last of Us story is all there is and wanting me to play it over and over again for a platinum with no deviation to I can not change anything I can not explore anything. why do I want to hear a poor story told twice. Call of duty not a fan of military games expect historical and I do not like them telling me to go to foxtrot tango delta charlie I just don't like the jargon.
  6. I know this is an old thing but this is just Hammer 2 Reloaded. it is an asset game meant to be the bare bones of a game your working on so you don't start with nothing. Assets flipping put into VR
  7. the super agent has to be a typo there no way to have a level 40 agent they only go to 20. the game as the devolpers presented it looks like it going to be cake walk to beat but to earn all we be replaying quite a few times with the experience of allowing us to do old missions with all the playable characters it will be interesting to hear all the dialouge lock character had to say in prelock missions.
  8. feel very sad when people are wanting plat on the small time games it the first game of the creators. so maybe the game is to easy to beat who knows. we should never weigh games enjoyment by how many trophies they have. If we did it that way then I would have never played saints row 2. but as the list looks like it might be enjoyable for some.
  9. snow did not bother that much compare to everyone else he was just playing an over used character trait that annoys certain people, the heroic wannabe trope. I wonder why Sazh did not shoot all of them and did himself. just cause a baby chick told him it was not a good idea for suicide or revenge. I liked Sazh at first but then they made him suicidal and I am sorry but comedy relief should not have a case of suicidal. If they were real I might try and convince him to end their 2 dimensional lives out of mercy.
  10. this is the reason trophies and achievement should not be including multiplayer people will still play, if it was good, your multiplayer until it is removed by you.
  11. hello everybody I play the Pc port til level 70 and I can tell you that yes you need to do the final blow.
  12. my opinion is that the game is bad. I am up to chapter 6 still being hand holding by the game took a 3 year or so break just to beat chapter 4. Lightning does not come off as being the main protagonist she sound like the 4th or 6th member who joins the party with a rotten attitude. as SnowxSakura stated Sazh is the most well made character of the bunch. the game is linear to an extreme, most of this game your not even in a city you do not interact with anyone out side of the main characters, the shop is the same as your save point. I am not comparing this game to ff 1-12 just the fact is it not a good rpg in my opinion. this been said I am still going to struggle to play this to see the ending but it hard to play a game were I am always just in a everlasting hallway. The OP most likely already made up their mind this is just people expressing opinions. Also my opinion Final Fantasy IX is the best one.
  13. I can recall before getting rid of all my dlc for the game that anyone I created would have a hard time going through the great khans area as well as new vegas strip as well as during the mission you'll know it when it happens. I am amazed that my level 50 character even made through the dlc unscathed until I beat the major four dlc. I suggest downloading the dlc individually and getting rid of them when your done. I like three of them but just having one will cause the evil lags to show up quickly.
  14. I remember this game. It was really difficult for me back then I barely beat the first real enemy encounter of the game. and then I could never pleaase the shadow king words of inspiration. what made me never be able to play it ever again was my cousin had dog you wrecked I guess it was frustrated too. So I never got to get pass the first boss of the game. But now seeing this is making me want to retry and get the game.
  15. I wish to show mine but not sure how to I made Crono from chrono trigger