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  1. totally see where you are coming from. would love to get an xbox 360 to play the previous witchers and a ps4 to play the witcher 3 with DLCs Haha well, it was certainly something more amazing than life at that time but I agree, i played it a few days ago since i went back home and somehow it has lost its magic for me. At the beginning it was greater than life itself, but as time passes, one notices that it is merely a game that is like fish out of water Haha my mistake
  2. I will never and try to never forget it x3 it is a game that is "you gotta experience it to know what people are talking about". For a few days/weeks i felt that skyrim was better than life itself x3 the beauty, the majesty, the freedom, and the purpose. don't want to sound like a cliche but damn, it really did make me think how humanity could be better off if we came together to create a better world x3 haha this was also similar to my first time playing Oblivion tbh. Oblivion made me feel more feels but Skyrim made me ponder what the meaning of life is x3 haha i actually found it kinda odd how it is impossible not to kill someone in both of those games. what was your first time like?
  3. aren't Khajit also supposedly faster than all the races?
  4. I do plan on reading them in the coming future because i want to record me reading them for my gf x3 so far, thanks to youtube haha, I have listened to A dance of fire until vol 5 i think? anyways, that story is quite wonderful x3 plus i read a bit of Wolfqueen and boy was that a good read from what i read so far my new years resolution is to read all the books i have in my home in skyrim x3 was actually thinking of being a spoilt brat and buy myself the physical copies of those books well, written in a series of books, History of Skryim i think it was called x3
  5. haha i prefer stealth ofc but i like joining factions x3 My Khajit by nature is sneaky and so on. I am "roleplaying" the fact that my Khajit is trying to find their true calling that is opposite to their nature I have done the companions guild with much effort joined the Mages and Thieves Guild. idk my style is always sneak but i love being open to factions and stuff x3 so i am defo weak for most of them but that is what makes it fun , trying to do quests tht are obviously are not made for my class. that is why when i do complete them, i feel way more of a badass than i should I want to leave the dark brohood later x3 I would love to get all the trophies but eh, idk, i just love to experience the game as is. A lone Khajit, wandaring Skyrim admist its corruption and war x3 plus Aela is super cool =D haha just realised, as I am emotionally distant, being sneaky and using bow-arrow legit reflects me =D plus i hate confrontations for instance, i remember one quest where there were those Scymitar weidling redgards were constantly killing me but i devised a plan whereby i just ran away until there was a narrow path, and haha killed them, some while i was in sneak and others when i wasn't but either way was challenging x3
  6. Probably being a basic bitch here (I am a guy so not sure what is the guy equivalent haha) I love using axes/daggers and bow-'n-arrow sometimes i cheese enemies by using magic staves i have found while travelling =D haha that is why I chose Khajit, i wanted the stealth goodies but limited strength x3 tho sneak goodies can be overpowering too haha my advice is, choose a character that is weak at heavy but is good at idk, anything that will not make it easy to cheese the game
  7. Well...if i am especially bored, I love glitching out the game that and for some reason lockpicking houses, not for leveling up in particular, but I just love sticking my nose where it does not belong
  8. The companions haha i guess it is a bit of a bias here because I like them for the sole fact that I felt like they genuinely accepted me into their family. Aela is also a plus ;D but the first time you encounter them is so natural and idk i felt like they were the most down to earth people x3 a common folk with ambition type of thing x3 plus training archery is good lol
  9. My Khajit is called Sasha Sneek, purposefully spelt Sneak that way to add a unique element
  10. Khajit. I chose them because I mean, how many times can you play as an awesome cat? plus the fact that they are sneaky, and have great unarm combat make them perfect for those few thieves guild quests. Haha, would LOVE to one day build a PC and mod the shit outta Skyrim to give my Khajit Nekogal-like qualities Idk I love sneaking, stealing, money and lockpicking haha BUT I do play as a dark elf in Oblivion for similar reasons x3 Plus haha it is a fun challenge to make your Khajit be just as good as a Nord and Woodelf once I am back home from university [Hope I pass my university this time x3] I want to level up my magika. idk i find it fun choosing a character that say, has low strength, and leveling up their strength. much like my night elf in Obilivion, I want to level up her sword skill...gosh...i miss Skyrim and Oblivion x3 haha maybe when i get a chance, i should start out as a Breton and level up sneak related skills haha.
  11. ps3 here and want a solid team to have fun with =D
  12. Then how is trust established? Say romantic or friendship? Would it be possible to establish trust in a few mins say to pick up girls/boys or simply trying to be friends with strangers?
  13. Morgana from Persona 5 Bad unreliable deceiving hurting friends or no friends whatsoever
  14. wow...well what can i say, i feel the same way my gf is the best friend i ever had lol...it is because of shitty ass friends and me generally being depressed haha that i am not really happy but i will try and get a life by getting my master's this september x3 yeah...idk when someone gets close to me, it is nice but so long as we have similar hardships; more likely to find similar people online
  15. Then I must've had shitty friends my whole life by in large, from what you folks have said...it makes me believe that i never really had friendship...but when you are looking for scraps...then i guess you have to try your best to get the least damaging friends...metaphorically and litrary I am 22 almost and yeah...feel kinda like a loser that I never had those amazing memories with friends or even had friends. It seems that my only choice is to treat every relationship with an iron fist or be professional at all times...haha when someone asks me a personal question i get caught off guard. what school you went to and do you have a sis type of questions come to mind because i am used to people asking me stuff only for ulterior motives x3 call me paranoid but fuck. also i have this friend that would not be careful with things he handles...we don't talk much but i guess he was good fun when he was...but boy did i want to fuck up his hands with a hammer x3 again, with age and experiences i have learnt to let it go tho i do want to bring it up casually and just see why the fuck was his mannerism so poverty towards me when i was an upstanding friend. don't get me started with the friends that seems sociable but are lazy as fuck when you need to trust them, depend on them and ask a favour from them. sigh...i can't really catch a break. sure, material goods can be replaced but fuck, the attitude is what kills it. trust me, i have tried and tried and the only "friends" are the ones that are there to get your money, i.e. customer service people lol i hate being alone but then otherwise it turns into a Manager sim and it is a game that gets boring fast either you have to be the leader or you are the leader but have to compete with an existing leader within the group. sigh haha keep them comments rolling, i am curious =D cheers, u2mad_Bro