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  1. on the fizz ones its better to drive slower and be on track, you dont need insane speed for it to fill just good speed also use breaks for turns instead of drift so that you keep urself in track
  2. for the toilet trophy u can replay episode 1 (i did the drift 1) and got it even after getting gold on it, while on season 2 ep1 i got it and the trophy didnt pop up
  3. i just beated Anubis on normal and didnt get the trophy, any1 knows if u have to get to the helly for it to pop coz i died right before
  4. back in the day when i tried to 100%, one of the stores i didnt rob up to the last dollar, thats probably the problem
  5. Hello i just started the game and as soon as i started it says that my savefile is corrupted and i need to overrite it, im like ok its probably coz it cant find one, i beat a couple of levels quit to main menu and the same mensage appear and the game forces me to restart the campaign, i already tried to delete the patch any idea on how to fix this? the only way i found to fix was to delete all save data and update
  6. alse be carefull i heard about this bug and when i saw the shield going down i just shoot a lil on his head and killed it in 3 secs and i was shocked since i did it for the lols since i handt got the skeleton trophy now i have to play this shit again, at least the skills carry over....
  7. its exacly like the ps2 version it has a delay loading things and even has the same bugs in missions that the ps2 version had, (like 1 of the woozie mission that would "freeze" if you went with a car)
  8. This is pretty pointless, people who pirate those games on the majority dont care about buying it, for years when i was in school i had to pirate games since i couldnt afford them and only bought a few here and there and only cheap ones, now that im a working man i have all my games original and i dont even bother with that, while some of my friends would rather wait half an year then to pay for them or guess what? play other game
  9. Be sure that you robbed all the stores, it happened to me back in the day
  10. On my playthrough the 2 guys in the middle were dead when i started and i didnt even entered the tunnel when i ended the mission BTW back in the day i played it on PC and my PC wasnt the best so this mission, the 1 to save the girl from the fire house and the 1 on the airport when you have to get on a plane on a bike were kinda bugged, the train was very hard to keep up with, the fire 1 had an huge slowdown (had to do the fireworker missions) and the last 1 was litteraly impossible and had to go to a friends PC to beat it
  11. Tales of Abyss Persona 3 Fes Omnimusha series God Hand Final Fantasy XII Disagaea Need for Speed Most Wanted and Underground True Crime Streets of LA Fatal Frame series Max Payne series since they are doing this with ps2 i dont think it would be bad for them to do this for some ps1 games: All crash and spyro games from ps1 era Medieval Metal gear solid solid snake Gran Turismo 2 (im dead serious) Digimon world 2003
  12. Shadow Warrior is pretty epic, i just couldn't stop playing it until i finished it and also a guilty pleasure of mine Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, the amount of extra content will make this game worth even if you already beated it (i got it to 100% on PC and cant stop playing it now) also Infamous Second Son is pretty awesome to bad its short
  13. Devil May Cry 3 taunted me until i got the HD version and plat it
  14. i went with Lisbon but stopped playing not long after the plat
  15. Action: Devil May Cry Shooter: Counter-Strike Action-adventure: Uncharted Platforming: Sonic The Hedgehog RPG: Persona Action-RPG: Tales Of Strategy: Command and Conquer Sports: FIFA Puzzle: Portal Stealth: Metal Gear Solid Music: Hatsune Miku Horror: Silent Hill MMO: i dont play these Open World: GTA Racing: Gran Turismo for realistic and Need For Speed for arcade Fighting: Blazblue Visual Novel: Danganronpa