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  1. It's £3.19 for me. I'm a PSPlus Member by the way.
  2. Wow Doc, you've impressed me with your skills. The idea is pretty neat, regardless of whether the person has a hundred games or not.
  3. Hey there. I'd assume its to do with the amount of memory you have left, as the system needs to have enough space to store the installation files for the game (what you downloaded) and have enough space to actually install the game too 1.9GB. Its because once the game gets installed, thats when the installation files get deleted. Hope this makes sense, just free up some more space.
  4. Hey there DanGreen95. I personally didn't have this issue, but I think all my friend requests didn't get accepted, only a couple did. Still, I sent more than 1 friend request, so my advice would be to keep on sending friend requests till it pops. Good Luck!
  5. Yes you do, as each DLC has 3 online trophies from the looks of it, therefore there's 6 trophies achievable online over the 2 DLC's. Good Luck! Edit: It seems the servers for Bulletstorm aren't closing on the 31st of May, rather they're closing on the 30th of June. So you still have a bit more time!
  6. Great list Killer, keep dem Platinums coming! Awesome work on Puppeteer!
  7. Hey there Precision, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop out of The League for this season. Sorry for the trouble guys.
  8. Hey there Precision, add me up mate, this seems like a pretty interesting concept.
  9. An excellent suggestion, one that I would certainly like to see implemented as well Illya. As BlindMango has already said, that does seem to be the ideal place for this.
  10. Great list man, looking forward to seeing all dem new plats man! Not to mention a Fall of Cybertron and Battlefield Bad Company 1 plats too!
  11. That sounds like a very interesting movie, I'll keep an eye out for this. Thank you for the review Doc That sounds like a very interesting movie, I'll keep an eye out for this. Thank you for the review Doc.
  12. That's only if you access the desktop version of the site from your mobile STFUxDxD. Khriz134 I totally agree with you man, that's would be a great function.
  13. Congratulations Allen for reaching 205 Platinum's! You're really outdoing yourself every time you get another platinum (like literally ). Gone through your long list, and my oh my is that one heck of a beauty. Keep up the good work!
  14. 1. Mobile Suit Gundam (my favourite is Mobile Suit Gundam Wings, but they are all pretty good) 2. Dragon Ball Z 3. Digimon HM: Hajime no Ippo
  15. GOW, Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper collection, as well as Journey. While it's not really a PS3 game, I would really like to play Bully on my PSVita.
  16. Great indepth review mate, now I really want to play the Collection badly! You've done a mighty fine job!