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  1. It's happening on True Trophies as well, you can enqueue yourself but it doesn't update to further sync your new trophies, but at least it still shows everything you previously unlocked. Edit: oh no nvm, it was able to sync and update my trophies there as well. Guess its just a issue with the hooks on here
  2. I managed to get it after about an hour or so of attempts but not before I got a time of exactly 19.7. I wanted to cry lol
  3. I know there's a massive queue ahead of me but thanks for doing this, request sent
  4. I got the Aladdin code working but it seems like only the level select works? I start any level with cheats on and nothing is different
  5. Sadly yeah, unless the game is just a continued garbage pile and you get the trophy earlier and I didn't just unlock for me until the end. At least post patch the load times/controls are more responsive and it should speed the last run up for you? idk
  6. The game will basically just give you the trophy when you beat the game, even though it says its for the Mountain puzzle. It also HEAVILY fixes the controls for the rabbit level, its still bad but noticeably improved
  7. Yeah they've done this a lot in the last few years, I think its been happening more and more since the PS4 became the lead platform to develop things on. As a side effect though, it happens to be one of the most commonly glitched achievements. Agreed though, no Borderlands Defender 3? Weeeeeeeak
  8. Both because at their core video games are a novelty and a way to entertain yourself. I laughed my ass off for 40 mins playing MNIM, I was annoyed for hours redoing things in RDR because of meh controls and grinding, but that doesn't mean I hate Red Dead. I can spend 9 hours making Thanksgiving dinner or order and eat a pizza in 15 mins, both are enjoyable, the effort is subjective to the person doing it
  9. It is though, its just a hamfisted way calling people out as "cheaters" because they play easier games to add to their scores. They remove cheaters from the leaderboards already, so don't you just lump people who play Ratalaika games in there too? Let's start marking accounts with ribbons if the player uses a turbo controller or scuf controllers. Then people who use any kind of guide? Didn't beat Dark Souls with Donkey Kong bongo drums, guess your ass gets a ribbon for being a wuss. The whole point is where does it stop? You don't get to keep moving your arbitrary line in the sand in an already arbitrary system
  10. If you're going to treat easier games and trophies like this, why not just make "hardcore" leaderboards that use the trophy unlock percentage as a way to scale the points given for the trophy. If a platinum is worth 180 points normally, but 96% have unlocked it, on the hardcore leaderboard that trophy is only worth 7.2 (let's say 8 for sake of easy math) points. You aren't called out or shamed by people because of silly ribbons on your profile, its just another way of viewing the metrics IF you care about it enough.
  11. Datapads unlock locations on the map, so I suggest finding as many of those as you can since its better than stumbling upon locations. For sure write down the name of a place you find a drone so you don't have to recheck later. Last night I basically went to each map marker on every section of the map and ended up missing 3 and had to recheck a bunch of places and pick up datapads. Turns out one was at an undiscovered location and another was on the last Ark. The only place I NEVER found one was an Authority turret. If you want to break it down into smaller sections, check them by type, so start with Crusher spawns, then Arks, etc, it'll help your sanity a bit.
  12. Yeah would love to tackle this, thanks @guccipant
  13. I remember the Midnight Blue shoots out Playstation symbols when it impacts with enemies, but that's about it. Unless you're someone who needs everything KH, or is doing level 1 runs and wants something different than just the standard Kingdom Key, there's pretty much 0 reason to buy it. Stick it in your wishlist and buy it cheap
  14. I find the more matches/towers you play the slower things pop. I found that if I do anything that unlocks a trophy right after loading the game it is usually at the time of unlock and not minutes later but that may just be circumstantial
  15. I wonder what happens when you put the severed head on the spike after the chest has been opened...