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  1. now since you got the platinum after almost 3 weeks from posting this, i wonder what you discovered that made the game easier for you lol
  2. Finally lol
  3. Any tips on this one? I had no issues with all the songs until i got to this one on hard. Can't get past half the bar. I get a lot of "bad" although i am pretty sure i am hitting the right beat/tap at the right time
  4. the answer i was waiting for. Thanks for being patient and helpful. Cheers!!
  5. oh i am planning to start the ps5 version soon and import my character....What are the glitched trophies if i import?
  6. No new trophies for the new raid boss?
  7. "Players that have completed these requirements should have the trophy awarded next time they play Borderlands 3 after updating“ hopefully not
  8. "sometimes"...does that mean there was a workaround and some people were able to earn them??
  9. keep us posted tomorrow. crossing fingers and toes
  10. well i checked their status website...what other games are impacted by the way? i am just curious
  11. so psn is back up and i am still getting a connection error....anyone else?
  12. I still see that there are issues with PSN on their status website: Hopefully that is the issue...
  13. I started this game today and when trying to access the online mode, I get a connection error. Anyone else experiencing this? I hope that they didn't shut down the servers (couldn't find anything online about that).
  14. can you please share more info on this build? is there a video or something? Thanks