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  1. well i checked their status website...what other games are impacted by the way? i am just curious
  2. so psn is back up and i am still getting a connection error....anyone else?
  3. I still see that there are issues with PSN on their status website: Hopefully that is the issue...
  4. I started this game today and when trying to access the online mode, I get a connection error. Anyone else experiencing this? I hope that they didn't shut down the servers (couldn't find anything online about that).
  5. can you please share more info on this build? is there a video or something? Thanks
  6. I guess you couldn't get a chance to make a guide for this game, so any pointers or hints because i am planning to start it soon? Thanks
  7. Thanks for this info! Can you transfer the PS4 save to the PS5 SE version?
  8. i agree especially after CDPR promised refunds which put sony in a tight spot
  9. i tried for a while but the lack of game sessions make this difficult to do...
  10. hopefully these things get ironed out soon...i just got the game
  11. so the trophies for killing bosses a certain way are probably missable
  12. i see that you got the platinum, so any missable trophies?
  13. Please update us if this ever gets a patch.