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  1. it is missable. I had to play it three times because each time i would pick a choice in one of the events that wouldn't give a letter or a report. For example, if you decide not to take vengence on the nilfgardians in Mahakam, then you will miss a report that is needed for the trophy.
  2. Here is a quick video that I made to show the list of all the spymaster letters that I had when the trophy Burn After Reading popped for me (Hopefully it can help a little bit):
  3. you can boost almost all the trophies privately with a partner
  4. i contacted customer support, so hopefully they listen
  5. yup this trophy glitched on me too. opened 117 so far with no luck
  6. so have you found a trophy guide yet? i am wondering how many missables are there in the game as well. Thanks!
  7. thanks. it looks great
  8. Thank you!
  9. Anyone knows a website or a forum where people post the latest deck metas? Sorry if this is a repost.
  10. ok i will try. thanks
  11. i have the same problem. Please let me know if they unlock for you later or if u find a solution.
  12. what is the best place to farm the 200 humanoid for the heavyweight trophy? thanks