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  1. yup this is the toughest part. Rest is just grinding. Good job buddy!!
  2. Do you still need to beat the game on hard to unlock extra hard in the ps4 version?
  3. can you give an example of what was lowered from the ps3 version?
  4. FINALLY got it!!! She spawned at 27. I shared the run below and notice the HUGE clutch at 10:30 lol
  5. Thanks buddy!
  6. i am currently struggling with this shit....My max is 22 wins
  7. can the Legend difficulty trophy be unlocked the same way as in Yakuza 6?
  8. Yeah I got the trophy a while back. It is all about practice practice practice. Thanks though!
  9. i am at the last song now and believe it or not but #7 was the easiest one for me lol
  10. i am at #6 now and it is a pain
  11. thanks! i will keep trying
  12. Any tips on this? I am at song 6 now, but it is getting craaaazy
  13. i can also join you guys and we can do the dark zone trophies as well
  14. add me if anyone wants to try this method.
  15. how would you even boost? how would that work?