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  1. i can also join you guys and we can do the dark zone trophies as well
  2. add me if anyone wants to try this method.
  3. Is boosting even possible in this game? If yes, then i would like to know how.
  4. how would you even boost? how would that work?
  5. there is an update coming next week so hopefully they fix it there
  6. https://support.cdprojektred.com/en/gwent/playstation-4/contracts-items
  7. i know your pain man. Dont forget to report it to CDPR though
  8. 167 kegs and still no trophy. hopefully they fix it in the next patch. Please report the issue to CDPR if you haven't already so they know that it is a well spread issue.
  9. working on the platinum now. Add me if anyone wants to join the grind
  10. it is missable. I had to play it three times because each time i would pick a choice in one of the events that wouldn't give a letter or a report. For example, if you decide not to take vengence on the nilfgardians in Mahakam, then you will miss a report that is needed for the trophy.
  11. Here is a quick video that I made to show the list of all the spymaster letters that I had when the trophy Burn After Reading popped for me (Hopefully it can help a little bit):
  12. you can boost almost all the trophies privately with a partner
  13. i contacted customer support, so hopefully they listen
  14. yup this trophy glitched on me too. opened 117 so far with no luck
  15. so have you found a trophy guide yet? i am wondering how many missables are there in the game as well. Thanks!
  16. Anyone knows a website or a forum where people post the latest deck metas? Sorry if this is a repost.
  17. thanks. it looks great
  18. Thank you!
  19. ok i will try. thanks
  20. i have the same problem. Please let me know if they unlock for you later or if u find a solution.
  21. what is the best place to farm the 200 humanoid for the heavyweight trophy? thanks