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  1. can the trophies be boosted?
  2. Here is a quick video that I made to show the list of all the spymaster letters that I had when the trophy Burn After Reading popped for me (Hopefully it can help a little bit):
  3. oh yeah i forgot about the trophy that requires the 4 endings. NG+ makes more sense as you mentioned. Thank you!
  4. can the game be platinumed in one playthrough using different saves at different sections of the game??
  5. Ok, I will try that. Thanks
  6. I am playing this game now (at episode 10) and I thought the world would be more connected than this. If each player built one zipline, then the entire map would be connected together. How does it work exactly? Is the world not shared? Is it server based? Would I get different buildings/structures if i hop servers? or maybe not a lot of people play it? Can someone help me understand?!
  7. Is boosting even possible in this game? If yes, then i would like to know how.
  8. yup this is the toughest part. Rest is just grinding. Good job buddy!!
  9. Any tips on this? I am at song 6 now, but it is getting craaaazy
  10. Do you still need to beat the game on hard to unlock extra hard in the ps4 version?
  11. can you give an example of what was lowered from the ps3 version?
  12. FINALLY got it!!! She spawned at 27. I shared the run below and notice the HUGE clutch at 10:30 lol
  13. Thanks buddy!
  14. i am currently struggling with this shit....My max is 22 wins
  15. can the Legend difficulty trophy be unlocked the same way as in Yakuza 6?
  16. Yeah I got the trophy a while back. It is all about practice practice practice. Thanks though!
  17. i am at the last song now and believe it or not but #7 was the easiest one for me lol
  18. i am at #6 now and it is a pain
  19. thanks! i will keep trying
  20. i can also join you guys and we can do the dark zone trophies as well
  21. add me if anyone wants to try this method.
  22. how would you even boost? how would that work?
  23. there is an update coming next week so hopefully they fix it there
  25. i know your pain man. Dont forget to report it to CDPR though