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  1. @mati11120 Thanks for the tip. Got my plat. I will say that you don't need to close the game though. On PS5 with the latest patch I just pressed start immediately after selecting "move on" then pressed triangle to quit to main menu. Then selected continue on that save. Thanks again everyone.
  2. I decided to do one more run, PS5 disc version 1.0 followed everyone's advice, picked up all cards except Justice and Hierophant cards. Moved on every chapter and no trophy. After 8 full play throughs I'm done playing this game.
  3. They patched the Barricade exploit which made the ladder matches playable. This mode still sucks. I couldn't believe 4/7 matches were multi-man ladder matches in Chapter 4, part 1 of Proving Ground.
  4. I thought Sony and Microsoft had a rule that you have to be able to complete all trophies and achievements (get platinum) with only the base game. How did 2K get away with forcing users to either pre-order (on a prayer, after how bad 2K20 was) or buy separate DLC? This company is scum.
  5. The 8-man Pin only match is driving me bananas. This match and the ladder matches ruined this already lame game mode for me. This is a great breakdown though and will use some of these tips. Thank you
  6. Took about 20 minutes. I was watching Judge Judy on Youtube while I did it. haha.
  7. This worked for me. Playing on PS5 with the disc PS4 version. Kept crashing during the final cutscene at the same spot. Thanks. Can't believe 4 months later it's still an issue. Got my platinum
  8. Does this auto pop trophies?
  9. Will give this a shot, but unfortunately that means starting the entire game over again since for whatever reason saves don't transfer between modes.
  10. I completed the single-player the other night and went back yesterday to do the final girl and they all die, and I could only go back to the beginning of the part where a character shows signs of infection and I had to prep for destroying the tomb with explosives. Like a solid 30+ minutes before getting to the final part. I hope this is a bug and if it is gets fixed, because after watching them all die I wanted to reload the final part and go for the final girl only to once again be forced to start back from the prep room for the explosives. I gave up.
  11. They are not required for the platinum
  12. Damn wish I saw this before I spent all my money on the costumes. Thanks, I'll use this for the remaining hats and skills.
  13. This method wasn't working, loading the save would still have an empty machine. I just got it after posting. I had to rinse and repeat my method for a complete 30 purchases in 1 sitting for it to unlock. Really strange as I was periodically buying items my entire playthrough. Got the plat.
  14. I beat the whole game, with a save near the end. And I still don't have the merchant trophy. It's my last one. I buy 3 items, go to the next machine, buy 3 items. Use the magic lamp to return to the city, rinse and repeat. What am I doing wrong?
  15. I considered saving the trilogy save on a USB, then saving right before the end of my ME3 run. Get the platinum from upgrading my weapon, and put my trilogy save back and then beat the last mission again, and see if that stacks it correctly.