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  1. Video of my run getting the trophy, a lot of mistakes on the loop because I was a bit rusty with my routes. You can skip to 12:16 of the video just to see how ridiculous it can get.
  2. oFbvNjo.png


    You're the first son of a bitch to do this. Well done. 

  3. Just got platinum and I have to say, it's not an easy one. Before getting platinum, i had played the game for like 100 hours and also had 100% on the Steam version. The real hardest trophy here is "Master Pilot" which requires beating loop 2, sounds simple right? Psikyo shmups are known for their brutally difficult second loops having very fast bullets and (semi)-random revenge bullets when shooting down enemies. You are not allowed to use continues during the second loop so you basically have to 1cc it and the difficulty must be set to level 4 (Easy) or higher, if you go lower than that you will void the second loop. Fortunately, you are allowed to set your lives at a maximum of 9 and still get the trophies in the game (Except for "Armory") and a run only takes 30 minutes or less (Unlike Raiden IV OverKill which takes 75 minutes huh) But also, unfortunately, the game lacks a training mode so you may want to use an emulator like MAME (since it's a 26-year-old arcade game) so you can use savestates for practice purposes. As for the "Clear the game in the level 3 with x pilot" trophies, you actually have to 1cc while getting all gold medals on the result screen after the first loop to see the pilot's "special outfit" ending, also on level 4 difficulty or above. The "level 7 1cc" only requires the first loop and is not much different from the default level 5 besides enemies taking a bit longer to kill.
  4. Is the PS4 time tracking messed up?  By the time i got USFIV platinum i had 125 hours in-game time but exophase says i have 262 hours...

    1. MidnightDragon


      Don't think it's accurate anyway. :P 

    2. DrBloodmoney


      is the in-game tracker counting time in menus?


      I suspect it is only counting time actually fighting, whereas the PS5 tracker which exophase draws from is counting all time with the game running.


      Also, yeah, the trackers are never terribly accurate anyways.

  5. It took some time to realise that Sine Mora isn't a good shmup at all...

    1. CelestialRequiem


      Should have gotten Sol Cresta. 

    2. ElMauricius


      It was so many years ago though, PS4 didn't have too many shmups to play until now. If you want to play a good horizontal shmup on PS4 check out Rolling Gunner.

      Or Progear on the Capcom Arcade Stadium collection


  6. It's done



    Slowest Achiever, yayyyyyy!


    1. kindajustin


      Holy shit that's really impressive. Congrats

    2. MidnightDragon
  7. Haven't started this game yet but I heard that the game tends to soft-lock randomly at some point with no way to progress without having to close the app, mainly during bosses or after beating a stage. I saw a 1CC video on Plat Hard and it seems that Plat Hard is actually "Level 5" difficulty, so if you start on Plat Hard you "only" need to do 6 loops. But still, that would be about 6 to 7 hours without having the game soft-locked...
  8. My 1CC run on Ultimate (NO PAUSING!), played on Steam version: About 200 hours or less of playtime across PS3 and Steam.
  9. You back? 

    1. ElMauricius


      It's been a while D.


      Technically I'm still there, is just that I am not into trophies at the moment, especially since I got a new computer since buying games on Steam is much cheaper than in consoles (In my country, the US dollar value it's worth 55 pesos now X_X) and I took my time to enjoy shmups (and other games) on there, and also the fact that I'm studying (I'm 20 years old BTW), so have a little less free time.

    2. Vergil


      I understand. Yeah steam has alot more shumps available. Good luck on your studies :)

  10. Don’t worry if you play with two accounts, you will get the trophy If you are using your account as the main player, even if you finish the game with player 2.
  11. You can do this in free play and just play normally, doing this trick, the game will not recognize how many continues you have used at the end. The trophies pops when the continue count at the “Mission All Over” screen is 5 or fewer.
  12. So yeah, I finally beat Level 319 on Cloudberry. Let's see how long it takes Level 320.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Deceptrox


      Well done and good luck!

    3. AJ_Radio


      One of the toughest 100 percent games in existence.


      I don't even think Super Meat Boy would prepare me for Cloudberry Kingdom.


      But if you manage to get that trophy, then huge amount of respect for you.

    4. Maxximum
  13. After a very long break, decided to get back into Cloudberry's Level 319.

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    2. Kittens Are Awesome

      Kittens Are Awesome

      Yea, that's insanity. Good luck.

    3. ElMauricius


      IIRC the best I've gotten was about 45 seconds of the level so it's more a matter of patience and practice. I'm already at the half of the level now.

    4. Deceptrox


      I will attempt that 100% some time, this year I hope. Good luck with it.

  14. Grand Theft Auto V
  15. You know what? screw Gran Turismo 5, I really want to do Hard Corps: Uprising.

    1. Maxximum


      I know that feeling. You could always come back for it later. Just like how I did with Batman Arkham Asylum combat challenges, and eventually got all medals with the 100% gsme completion and platinum.